How To Develop A Logistics & Transportation Mobile App?

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Logistics & Transportation Mobile App

Developing a transportation & logistics mobile app? Hire Logistics App Developer company! With the surge in popularity of the on-demand economy, now more than ever, it’s important to build an efficient and effective transportation & logistics strategy that keeps your business competitive and provides stellar customer service.

Apps can be one of the best tools to help you do this, and technology companies worldwide are working to develop the best logistics apps and management systems that will help your business go ahead of the curve.

Suppose you’re in the transportation and logistics industry. In that case, it’s essential to have a mobile app that can help your customers with their freight planning and management needs and allow you to communicate with your customers instantly through a dedicated platform.

Main Reasons to Build a Transportation App Development

As apps continue to dominate technology and business, a transportation and logistics app is one of the most important ones for businesses. In today’s day and age, on-the-go consumers instantly want whatever they are looking for.

Smartphones provide a new level of connectivity that offers consumers quick access to just about everything they need at their fingertips, but it also provides incredible convenience.

The ability to have instant gratification while shopping has caused quite a shift in consumer behavior when it comes to loyalty programs and mobile commerce; however, shipping needs have remained a difficult task for businesses.

So we thought of creating a list of main reasons why you should build a transportation and logistics mobile app for your business:

  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Streamline Business Processes

Develop a transport and logistics app step-by-step

Develop a transport and logistics app step-by-step

The first step toward developing a transport and logistics app is identifying your target customers.

Step 1. Choose the Logistics App Type

Trucking logistics app, transport app development, or logistics app development services is an important first step. Suppose you plan to create new transportation and logistics mobile application for tracking. In that case, it’s essential to select whether you need a trucking app, delivery truck app, or freight management tools for your business.

Unless you plan to move heavy goods over long distances and require complex solutions, it’s good to look for transport or delivery apps.

Step 2. Quote from logistic mobile app developers

If you’re considering creating a logistics and transport mobile app, it is always best to work with logistics mobile app developers who possess extensive experience crafting such apps. Your transport and logistics mobile app must carry out different functions for your business, specifically if you are running an e-commerce site.

Step 3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and explain your business idea

When you contact a company for mobile app development, it is highly recommended to develop an NDA contract first. An NDA ensures that any confidential information you share with your developer will remain private and won’t be used against you later.

If you have no idea what an NDA is, don’t worry – talk to a lawyer and get one. These days there are plenty of ways to hire an NDA writer.

Step 4. Get a rough app estimate

With so many app development companies competing for business, you’ll get many different quotes, but some standard costs can help you get a rough estimate. Mobile app development falls into two categories: native and mobile web apps. The differences between these two apps are significant and can significantly affect your project cost.

Step 5. Start the discovery phase

The next step is to start finding potential candidates for your future partner and Hire Logistics App Developer. If you don’t have any experience in the transportation and logistics field, you should ask someone who knows about it and knows how to operate within it.

Step 6. Build and run the MVP

Before beginning development on a fully-fledged application, the team will make an MVP. An MVP is a minimally-functional version of an application that can prove your business idea to yourself.

Step 7. Empower logistics app with advanced features

A transportation logistics app is a must-have in today’s business world, and it provides businesses with an easy way to streamline their processes. It can also help business growth by improving efficiency and communication between clients, vendors, suppliers, and staff. Creating an app that helps your business grow day by day is worth it.

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Features to Include in Your Transportation Mobile App

Features Of User App Panel

  • Register & Create a Profile
  • Multiple payment options
  • View Invoice via Email & SMS
  • View Driver Details
  • Share transportation details
  • Order Delivery Address/Location
  • View Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)
  • Schedule/Manage Trip
  • Driver in-app calling
  • Push Notifications for delivery and arrival of goods
  • Services for Rate and Review
  • Cancel Service/Booking
  • See nearby vehicles available for transportation
  • Select a vehicle type
  • View Fare Estimation
  • Book a Vehicle
  • View the History of Bookings

Features Of Trucker/Driver App Panel

  • Log in to manage your profile
  • Upload documents for ID verification
  • Accept/Reject Pickup Requests
  • Customers can make in-app calls
  • Push Notifications
  • Multilingual Support
  • View User & Consignment Details
  • View the Rate Card based on distance and weight
  • View the Revenue Breakdown and earnings report
  • Cancel Trip
  • Choose Vehicle Type Driver is operating
  • Check for availability

Features of the Admin & Dispatcher Panel

  • Manage Users/Drives/Fleet
  • Manage user complaints
  • Manage Invoice & Billing
  • Assign sub-Admins
  • Create multi-stop routes
  • Manage Rate Card
  • Get Discounts

Wrapping it Up

There is no doubt that transportation and logistics mobile apps are important to business owners. Hiring a professional logistics app development company is recommended to get high-quality services at lower costs.

By engaging experienced developers, you can build an enterprise-level app in weeks or months instead of years; moreover, by leveraging tested code modules, you will not have to start from scratch when developing an app.

In addition, developers who specialize in building business logistics apps will know what it takes to build a user-friendly, simple yet powerful logistics mobile application.

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