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Logistics Mobile App Development

Logistics play an important role in the development of various sectors such as transport and infrastructure. With time, the utilization of logistics support by different industries has changed. Earlier it used to involve a lot of manpower and effort. But now, most of the efforts and manpower have been removed. The task has now been digitalized. With the development of various mobile applications and web pages, it is now easy to seek these facilities. It would be quite interesting to see how technology has helped to cater to this task with logistic applications.

Need For The Development Of Logistics Application.

Development Of Logistics Application

We have come a long way, from waiting in long lines to getting the parcel at our home. At the same time, managing the same workload with just a help of a click. Without a doubt, we have come a far way ahead of what anyone would have imagined. Looking from the operator’s end, these logistics apps have changed the way they used to manage their tasks. It has all happened by the fast-paced development of technology and research tasks in this field.

Since the management of logistics is a tedious task and requires more manpower and monitoring. It is quite obvious that humans try to escape this workload and develop some methods to reduce the efforts. As a result of this, we have these well-equipped logistics applications with tools that help to assess this task. More prominent reasons for setting up the logistics apps are:

1. Lesser To No Paperwork

One can reach all of the logistics-related data of a company easily on the logistics apps as they are compiled and stored in a single place and easily accessible. This goes on to solve the biggest problem in the logistics sector. The problem is the huge manpower and effort required to collect the data and then store it on paper.

2. Reduces Delivery Time And Cost

The cost of delivery and the time of delivery are the two issues that reduce the margins in the logistics business. Hence this problem needed to be counter with an efficient system. No doubt, with the development of these Logistics applications, it has become quite easy as they reduce the cost of finding the client or customer, as well as mediators involved between the customer and service providers, are also reduced.

3. control Over Vehicle Tracking

Earlier, one who was running a logistics company faced the tough task of keeping the check on the vehicle. Problems used to arise on the part of communicating with both the client and the drivers. But when the logistics apps development services took place, and more and more apps with amazing features were developed, the problem was countered easily.

Procedure For Development Of Logistics Application

Before we get into the procedures of Logistics app development, we must understand the types of applications available. Without having this knowledge, the one who needs such apps might not know what they want. Also, they might not know the estimated cost of the app if they are not aware of the knowledge of various types of transport and logistics apps available. In addition to this, one must be aware of the development phases of app-building.

Selection Of Application Type

Since the business of logistics has various branches, the first step includes understanding what your particular business model is and, according to it, what type of app you are going to need. One can select from the following types of apps

  • Applications For Management Of Fleet

With this type of app, you can go on keeping a check on your fleet without really needing to contact the driver or physically checking the status of the vehicle. Owners can check the maintenance status of the vehicle, distance traveled fuel consumption concerning the distance traveled, and a few other essential metrics which help the owners to manage their fleet properly. Few features that align with these apps are barcode scanning, submitting the orders completed, issue reporting systems, and many more.

  • On-Demand application In The Logistics And Transport Industry

The vehicles of a logistics company are not always fully loaded. Sometimes they have this extra space in their loaders where they can carry the extra load. Make this information available to the ones in need. With this, the information can prove to be revolutionary for both the company owner as well as the client.

These apps connect the drivers of the vehicle of company to the ones who are willing to ship their cargo from one place to another. This greatly reduces the advertising cost of the company and also makes work easier for the shippers. Some of the essential features of these apps are GPS tracking, i.e., this comes under the logistics tracking software. These apps can also post the job articles under a section of their apps, further helping the job seekers. These apps also provide an interactive way of communication between the client and the company.

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Talk To Our Experts

Contacting Logistics Application Developers

There are many good app developers, and reaching out to the app developer might not be a hefty task once you know your needs. What’s important is how you explain your ideas to these developers and how you discuss them with your team well before in advance. Now the question arises where one can find good app developers

  • Platforms where clients post their reviews, like CLUTCH and Good firms, are good options for anyone looking for a Logistics app developer.
  • Social sites Linkedin are a good way to approach these developers

We at Concetto Labs are well-known application developers who can provide the best services for your business. You can check out our ratings over Clutch and check out our LinkedIn page for more details.

Signing Of A Non-Disclosure Agreement And Explaining The Business Model.

Once you have contacted the developer, it’s time to contact the sales manager, whose job is to send you an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), which you will sign, and then he might move to a business analyst with your idea. This analyst will examine your idea and the type of application you will require and will give you the estimated cost of your app, and then they will hire logistics app developer.

Examining The Rough Estimate

The rough estimate is the approximate cost that the business has incurred in the development of the application you need. There is no doubt it could be higher than your expectation or lower. Still, it is a ridiculous idea to choose a company that agrees to complete your task at an extremely lower cost. This is because there are still various details that have been left to encounter, which will further raise the cost. But, we at Concetto Labs provide you with complete detail of all the expenses. This estimate includes all the expenses which might incur during the development process.

Launching The Inception Phase

This phase can last for a period of one to the period of three months. During this phase, your development team comes up with the concerning questions about the different aspects of the application, such as,

  • The business model it would work on
  • Features present in it
  • The process of making it interactive

During this phase, launch the prototype of the app, which shows several screens which will reflect the initial designs of your app.

Building Your Apps MVP

Before launching the application, the development team would look to create a version of the app. This prototype includes only the important features whose job will be to examine and check the functionality of your business model. Concetto Labs create the best MVPs for your business, so get yours today.

Launching The Application

The last step is launching the application over an application store. We at Concetto Labs would help you deploy your application to your desired app store. We have already published several applications over iStore and Google Play. Get in touch with us today to launch your application.

The process of developing and managing the online transport and logistics app is not a cakewalk as it involves a lot of examining and proper execution of plans as per one’s business model. Complete this essential task to make managing and looking after your business a cakewalk.


Now you would have understood how the application development takes place. Get in touch with us at Concetto Labs, as it would take off a lot of pressure from your head of things which earlier would tense you a lot. People always ask how to make money in the logistics business. They look at the efforts involved in this work are quite high, and the results are not. However, if people get aware of how they can use technology to reduce these efforts, it is a matter of time before the sector floods up. This was the same case with the IT industry. We at Concetto Labs will help you create some of the best logistic applications at the best prices. Get in touch with us today and allow us to give wings to your business.

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