which kind of Educational Apps Can Startups Develop?

What kind of Educational Apps Can Startups Develop?

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What kind of Educational Apps Can Startups Develop

Nowadays, learning is not just done in a classroom. Anyone, regardless of age, can learn and acquire knowledge at any time and place. The use of technology in education has completely changed how pupils learn. Mobile educational applications are an example of a technical breakthrough that enables real-time communication between students and teachers and improves student engagement in the classroom.

Educational applications have altered how students learn, from identifying typical classroom problems to communicating with instructors, understanding material through quizzes and games, and completing assignments online. At the moment, educational applications significantly impact both students’ and teachers’ lives.

The creation of educational applications that would enable real-time communication between teachers and students is currently attracting the interest of several schools, universities, organizations, and institutions. You cannot afford to overlook these simple and lucrative educational app ideas, whether you are an educational institution owner or considering starting a business by developing an educational app.

These suggestions are helpful because they give students and teachers extra resources and make acquiring information easier. Here, we’ve tried to narrow down a group of the top educational apps we develop that can significantly benefit the education sector.

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The various kinds of educational apps are:

1. Language Learning app

2. AR-based education app

3.Application for Handicapped Kids

4. Apps for Questions and Answers

5.Education games and quizzes

6. School bus app

7. Task Maintenance app

8. Career Guidance app

9. Preschool app

10. Storytelling Application

1. Language Learning app

Language Learning app

Students can maintain an advantage over the competition by using a language learning program.

Benefits of Language Learning App

  • Benefits to students wishing to pursue an international education
  • Also helps teachers by teaching them a new language.
  • Students can learn German and Spanish or improve their English vocabulary and grammar.
  • Students can study a foreign vocabulary daily by setting aside just 20 minutes.
  • There is a feature that will help student to assess their strength and weakness.

For instance, the fantastic application Duolingo aids students in learning many languages online.

Features of Duolingo App

  • It offers a wide range of aptitude tests.
  • Features vocab lessons to help you match different words with appropriate images
  • Features like crowdsourced discussion threads, hover text, explanation prompts are included in Duolingo
  • Provided incentive points and rewards to promote mobile e-learning.

2. AR-based education app

AR-based education app

An AR-based application is the most entertaining application. Students can learn concepts quickly with the help of a learning application with augmented reality capabilities.

Benefits of Using AR-Based Education App

  • Provides a three-dimensional image that makes learning enjoyable.
  • AR-based learning tools enable teachers to teach kids new ideas.
  • Students can learn about many advancements thanks to 3D vision.
  • Teachers can also use this program to help students comprehend various ideas utilizing models and real-world objects.

Quiver app is the best example of AR-based education app for children and teachers. The Quiver app aims to provide users a magical experience by providing them with tangible coloring materials and cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

Features of Quiver App

  • Users can view animation from various perspectives.
  • Screen touch allows you to play games and interact with animated creatures.
  • Includes instructional sites and quizzes that assess user’s knowledge.
  • Includes zoom features to add real-time images of their coloring masterpieces.

3. Application for Handicapped Kids

Application for Handicapped Kids

A mobile application for children with disabilities is the second concept that one can consider. Children with disabilities can learn and study from the convenience of their own homes with a mobile.

The app will close the learning gap between teachers and children with disabilities by providing them with a stable learning environment. Therefore, using this original concept to create an app will help you stand out from the competition.

Teachers using such apps would already be familiar with their learners, allowing them to make the best decisions regarding how to help them learn and comprehend ideas. You can think about developing such an app if you want to launch a successful ed-tech startup. You may also create a unique education app for autistic kids that allows teachers to pick from various straightforward teaching techniques to help the students learn and comprehend.

4. Apps for Questions and Answers

Apps for Questions and Answers

Student research and preparation of questions and answers for each chapter might be challenging. A Question-and-Answer App is created so that students may search and prepare their answers, using their textbook as a guide.

Applications like BYJU and Udemy also offer user Q&A features. Students use a test preparation application to learn all the modules and chapters. These educational applications also contain self-assessment tests that aid students in learning and in understanding a subject. When learners attempt a question in a QA application, they always receive thorough responses.

Udemy App Features

  • By providing a variety of speed options, it allows you to set your own pace.
  • Live Q&A sessions let you speak with lecturers.
  • The lesson is available for offline viewing by downloading.
  • It provides you with the most recent information in that specific sector.

To help students prepare more effectively, you can add one more module to this program that includes some additional questions and answers. Additionally, a test series is created for the students to aid in their self-evaluation.

5. Education games and quizzes

Education games and quizzes

Another intriguing app concept is to create an educational app with various tests and games. Students of all ages can participate in educational activities and quizzes with this program.

It is one of the most inventive concepts for educational apps that can assist parents in learning how to handle and treat children with autism. Such parents may find this software to be a great help in raising their kids.

Benefits of Education Games and Quizz App:

  • App includes grammar, math, and general knowledge problems.
  • Students may learn and test on the same platform.
  • Games and Tests are dependent on students preferences, including the level of difficulty, age group, and category.

6. School bus app

School bus app

Parents and school administrators can follow the school bus driver in real-time using a new app concept.

Features that are included in School Bus Application:

  • Access to real-time location and speed tracking.
  • Real-time notification to parents
  • Tracking Bus driver’s live location
  • Monitoring bus speed
  • Setting reminders to pick up and drop off children on time

This app can be created by schools for parents to provide greater convenience and security.

7. Task Maintenance app

Task Maintenance app

This app can serve as a daily reminder for students and teachers regarding tasks like the deadline for submitting assignments, test dates, homework, and more. To be reminded of certain events, they can set a reminder. This software is only available to students.

Features of Task Maintenance Apps:

  • Allows to create to-do list
  • Easy Communication
  • Time management
  • Reminder for work module
  • Chat facility for inter-communication

8. Career Guidance app

Career Guidance app

Most students struggle to pick the proper subjects to finally develop the profession they want due to a lack of proper guidance and mentoring. You can assist them in making the proper decision by creating a career counseling app. The app can be differentiated by including a section with expert advice where students can speak with career specialists or a feature that allows students to receive recommendations on additional courses to help them pursue their dream careers.

This app idea for college students is a career guidance tool that can save their lives. Students who use these applications can connect with career counsellors who can give them the assistance they need to reach their career objectives.

9. Preschool app

Preschool app

You can create a preschool app for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. It assists youngsters in learning things like numbers, animals, alphabet, colors, fruits, flowers, and other things that make it easier for them to pass school entrance interviews.

Children who are about to start school or have just begun are the target audience for this app.

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10. Storytelling Application

Storytelling Application

In nuclear families, children often lack the comfort of grandma’s stories. A digital storytelling application might replace this idea. Interactive storytelling software allows students to choose from a selection of stories.

Kids enjoy reading stories, so what if you created an app with various stories and animated movies? This undoubtedly improves the likelihood of learning in additional people.

Benefits of Storytelling Application

  • Audio, video facility for story available
  • Students can play anytime, pause or resume the content.
  • School Admins can schedule the storytelling events.

Final Thoughts

Technology can be applied in many ways to improve education and progress for supported aid. The development of educational apps benefits society in many ways. By using an instructional app of the sort previously discussed, students can use the chance fully.

Teachers, students, and parents benefit from free internet resources, specialized learning tools, and opportunities for advanced study. School districts may view new technology as a sensible investment in their student’s future education. After all, technology is a valuable tool in today’s classrooms and is here to stay.

To fulfill your ambition of education apps for elementary, you can hire educational mobile app developers with expertise in developing AR education apps, AI applications, or other technologies.

You can contact a reputable educational app development company to make one of the seven ideas presented here a reality after making your choice. Since we have already created over 55 education apps with various features and functionalities, if you like any of these app ideas and have decided to make an educational app, you can contact Concetto Labs for any mobile app development services.

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