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It is a fact that people are using more and more duration of time on hand-held devices. The app stores are thriving with tons of new apps daily spread into various sorts. Such facts create an opportunity. To seize it in the best conceivable aspect, App Store Optimization services are a must. It minimizes the impact of the cut-throat competition in the mobile app domain.

It’s not wrong to say that the app industry is at a high time now. Pricing and development costs are at a constant growing pace. People should use ASO to their advantage at this time.

But it is said that anything popular engulfs it-self with myths and beliefs and ASO is not exempted. Such myths keep business owners away from employing strong improvising methods. Whereas applying these would increase their reach and also the number of downloads.

Here are five Myths about App Store Optimization (ASO) BUSTED.

1. Leverage search results by changing the title more often.

Fact: Always stick to one.

Well, the title is important, period. It’s not at all helping by changing it on a daily, weekly or monthly timeframe. Changing keywords often does more harm than good.

A title should be:

1. Not excess of 25 characters.
2. Distinct and Innovative.
3. Articulate and Unique.
4. The title should have a Keyword.

2. Keywords are of no value.

Fact: Actually they are of value. But stuffing doesn’t help.

It’s a flak belief that keywords are only useful for SEO and App Store Optimization is only for superiority in rankings. Yes, we understand that ASO is different from SEO.

Keywords matter at most for your title and description. App titles have more luck at higher ranking with the use of keywords than those without it. App stores use conventional methods for ranking together with keywords.

3. Rating is all that works.

Fact: It’s important, but it’s not all-inclusive.

Rating is vital as it has a direct impact on the user’s chances to tap-tap and downloads the app. To clarify, various most popular apps in different categories are not rated great. A number of recreational and innovative apps have one or two stars with a Top Listing.

The rating affects the user mindset but is only a factor for determining rankings.

4. Who reads the Description? It’s not important.

Fact: The description is ultra-important.

On a tech note, the Google Play algorithm considers your description for mapping rankings. Smart descriptions create an urge for users to download the app. Importance-wise Title comes first and then comes description. Suggestion – Add trendy and expressive keywords.

5. If it’s in the app store, it will come to light by itself.

Fact: The number of downloads gives your app visibility.

Millions of apps in the world are struggling to enhance their visibility. It’s not at all assured that people will find your app for such a huge stack of apps. Your app should be unique and cognitive enough to gain higher rankings. You need to have a lot of organic downloads to establish your app. More downloads mean more visibility and higher rankings.



Google Play announced that it will now consider user engagement also with downloads.

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