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Whenever the word migration comes in terms of migrating a website, the number of questions arises as to what to do, which platform to select, & how it impacts SEO. Not need to worry as in today’s article we’re gonna help you with all these terms and guidelines.

In this article, we will focus specifically on eCommerce migration but before starting have a look at some things we need to take care of before starting.

The List Of Things To Focus On Before Migrations With Ecommerce Website

List Of Things To Focus On Before Migrations With Ecommerce Website

1. Select Partner With Experience

To select a partner with experience means someone who has the same background on which the company works and also with a platform and your kind of store.

Once the partner gets selected, don’t forget to pull all data together of your store so that you can discuss it like the number of visitors the store is getting, daily, weekly and monthly transactions, average cart value, and predictable traffic peaks the store contains.

All these details are required so that we get the idea if they have done eCommerce migrations for stores like yours.

2. The Next Big Thing That Matters Content & SEO

After the migration, the change that everyone faces is a drop in traffic or transactions. This happens as the backlinks disappear, people get routed to the pages that do not exist, and other sorts of SEO challenges.

To create a content inventory of products, pages, and post help to make sure that they all mapped to your migrated site. Every item needs to be mapped. For your better understanding, we have created some helpful external resource list as below.

  • Tools for Content Audits
  • How to do a content audit
  • Need to audit your content

3. Performance That Is Everything

With every migration the aim is to improve and increase performance as in every case there is room for performance improvement. As just by changing the platform from 20 seconds to 02 seconds performance gets changed quickly.

Tools list that allows seeing where a store is slow

  • Find blocking Javascript calls
  • Evaluate poor-performing plugins
  • Look for slow running queries
  • Make sure to compress images

4. Iteration For Order & Customer Data

Users need to bring overall data, not on one-and-done kind of thing but to bring over all the data a user can by making a backup or export or bringing it to the new site. All these things make an eCommerce migration tricky.

To do a lot of SEO and performance tweaks with a subset of the migrated data is quite helpful as the continuous testing that includes scripts, URL paths, etc is a key to a good eCommerce website migration.

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