How to Make a Medical App in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Make a Medical App in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

With the digital revolution and remote work culture adaptation happening around the need for building a health app becomes a necessity. Today with the limited number of doctors and never-ending patients every day need for a healthcare app arises. A healthcare app will not only reduce the queues in hospitals but also save a lot of time of visiting the hospital. Minor checkups and consultations from a doctor can occur possibly from anywhere and everywhere with the help of a healthcare app.

Since you have decided to develop a healthcare app, let us ease out the app creation process for you in this article.

The market of Healthcare Apps in the Year 2023

We all were in the pandemic in the year 2020. With it came social distancing and the indoor being of every individual for health and safety. Confirming the need for more medicine app development in the market. The telemedicine market got a boost of 300% in the year 2020 itself. In the year 2021, these projections of the rise in remote healthcare are much more. Healthcare apps have reached a new financial dimension due to various contributing factors like telemedicine, artificial intelligence, psychological health, digital therapy sessions, etc. Still, healthcare apps are continuing to improve in the sectors of telemedicine, patient portals, and much more.

There are about 1,00,000 health apps to choose from falling under different categories of healthcare from fitness, calorie tracker, on-time medication, periods tracker, and whatnot. Analysis of the various categories of health care apps solutions shows that falling into the category of fitness and medication will help you reach more audiences and eventually generate more revenue. Just make sure your app is taking care of patient’s needs and is up with the market trends.

Different Categories of Medical Apps:

There are various types of medical apps today, but the potential ones fall into the categories that focus on three audience types, i.e., medical personnel, patients, and administration. Let us study what all these three categories of individuals expect from a medical app.

Medical App for Patients

  • Appointment scheduling and tracking.
  • Easy login and logout process.
  • User-friendly portal.
  • Health record tracking.
  • Telemedicine and telehealth.
  • Wellness and fitness.

Medical Apps for Medical Staff

  • Management of patient appointments.
  • Easy app interface.
  • Billing and payment gateway.
  • Doctors and medical staff marketing.
  • Medical Apps for Providers
  • Remote monitoring of patients.
  • Ailment diagnosis.
  • Reference of medicine.
  • Clinical communication.
  • Telemedicine.
  • Clinical communication.
  • Management of appointments.

Apart from these, you can choose to develop a medical app for any platform you want, ios or Android.

Top 5 Medical Apps that are a huge success

Top 5 Medical Apps that are a huge success

Any list declaring a medical app to be at the top position might seem like a mere arbitration. But some factors definitely count to the top positioning of the apps, which are as follows: Cost of the app, i.e., free medical health apps or paid, trending, use, ranking in Google Play and Apple store.

1. Kry – See a Doctor by Video


KRY is a 5-star rating app on app stores, having treated 80,000 plus patients treated, with doctors available in 25 languages, 24*7 availability of physicians. KRY helps in solving various health issues with expert help.

Download: KRY Android Apps Now!!

2. CareZone:



CareZone helps patients manage medicines and doctor’s prescriptions. Helps you take medicines timely with in-app reminders, organizing patient’s health records. Acts as a great health partner for aging parents, friends, and family members.

Download: CareZone Android | iOS Apps Now!!

3. Headspace:



Great meditation app. Guided workout sessions and personal training in the moment of stress. Helps you stay happy, stress-free, and take proper sleep—a smarter way to stay productive, healthy, and mindful.

Download: Headspace Android  Apps Now!!

4. PatientsLikeMe:



A way to social networking for people with any ailments. With people suffering from the same ailments, everyone else gets an understanding to tackle theirs. People help one another deal with their ailments by suggesting what worked for them.

Download: PatientsLikeMe Android Apps Now!!

5. Hinge Health:

Hinge Health


A medical app that helps users with live feedback when performing exercises and workouts. Helps you with personalized exercise sessions. It is quite famous for helping patients with different joint pains.

Download: Hinge Health Android  Apps Now!!

Necessary Features that should be there on a medical app

A medical app should have features that engage users and offers them multiple health benefits. The features may change with the purpose you are building a healthcare app. For now, let us go through the necessary features in a healthcare app.

  • App Integration with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Healthkit

The services offered by Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Healthkit helps in providing the necessary data of the patient to the app.

  • Organized profiles of doctors and patients

Profiles of both doctors and patients should remain organized with editing features so that data is easily edited whenever necessary. Doctors’ info section should describe their professional qualifications helping patients reach them.

  • Telemedicine Options

Connectivity with patients in this remote world helps bring them closer to the medical app. These options build customer relations and trust.

  • Notification pop-ups and reminders

Notifications help the patient in taking medicines timely. Moreover, it also keeps you updated with the doctor’s prescription, not letting you forget any medicine intake.

The Next- Generation Features that should be there on a medical app to stand firm against the test of time

We all live in a technology-driven world, so staying updated with the recent technology is a good choice. It will not help you feel connected with your audience, but you will gain a better customer base and revenue eventually. Let us go through these features of health app development.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Both these features are very useful in medical apps that aid the app in the easy diagnosis of the patient and help in keeping the proper record of patients’ data.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain technology provides patients with easy medicine tracking, and decentralized portals of patients help them access their respective data.

3. IoT or Internet of Things

IoT serves the patients beyond just data tracking and accessing. It helps in inventory management, assisting during surgeries, and the management of pharmacy.

4. Big Data

Healthcare has a lot of data, so it requires a mechanism to process it. To process the information big data as technology comes as a savior to healthcare departments.

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Learn the Latest Trends of Medical App in 2023

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The Five-Step Guild To build a medical app

Step 1: Know the audience you are targeting

By shaping your app according to your target audience, you will be able to build the perfect digital health app. Know your choice of platforms in which you are to release the apps. Have a comparative analysis of the apps that are already doing well in the market. Study them and take your first step to design your app. New ideas are always welcomed. See if something is missing in the existing apps. Make the missing point of these apps your highlight.

Step 2: Build the prototype

The second step is building a prototype. It helps you know the user experience, feasibility, and verification of the app you are to release in the market. This way, you test the app without actually releasing it in the market. Once you are sure of the app, then you can take the next step.

Step 3: Key Points to Consider before designing the actual app

Since now you have the prototype, you know what features you are going to highlight in your app. Now there are key things that you need to have in your app. If you want your app to make an everlasting impact, make security and compliance a priority. Moreover, make sure the app offers easy integration with other services. It can give continuous delivery of service.

Step 4: Things to do after the app development

Now your app is ready next step is releasing it on all possible platforms. Collect the usage metrics over time, study them and see what changes can happen. Most importantly be open to user feedback. Make sure that your app updates keep the initial picture of the app alive.

Step 5: Building an ecosystem around the app

Now having released the app, done with the updates take a step back often called get into the maintenance mode. At this point, you will be able to study how and where your app is exactly doing good. If the app needs more platforms or maybe a desktop browser other than just being a mobile health app. Moreover, see the opportunities and work on them. This way you will be able to grow your app exponentially and also build an ecosystem of possibilities around your app.


This was all you need to know about building a healthcare app in 2023. The cost of healthcare app development is also a factor to consider. However, it is adjustable according to your needs and wants; see to it before hiring professionals required to build medical apps.

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