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Angular Development

There are nearly 876 million sites all over the internet. So what will make your web page stand out?

Is it a fast loading page?
Using this, we ensure top-class scalability and extension ability.
Or an eye-catching format with well-organized tabs?
Maybe following all SEO rules?

And the list may go on. We, at Concettolabs, understand the importance of all these and what it does to your business. So, we have put together a team of experts in AngularJS development and deliver you that particular website which is sure to tick all the right boxes. We access every layer of this framework and come with the best possible site for you.

Some of Our Angular Development

  • Mozbet

    Mozbet (sports betting website)

    Angular JS, Payment API Integration, Live Streaming score, Sports Api

  • AppStartIndia

    AppStartIndia (show your app to desired target audience)

    Angular JS, WEB API

  • Change globe

    Change globe (manage all your social media account from one place)

    AngularJS, Social Media APIs, Facebook API

Why AngularJS?

  • MVC architecture with folder-binding feature.
  • Declarative coding structure.
  • Deep linking facility.
  • Two-way data binding etc.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that has gained quite some fame since its 2009 inception. AngularJS programmers require no extra plugins or frameworks for web development and testing. It can easily be extended to HTML and lets you create your own set of templates.

Concettolabs AngularJS development services

We use AngularJS to frame RICH Internet Applications. Using its developer options feature, we create an efficient client-side application with a clear MVC structure. Your site will handle browser specific JavaScript Code automatically and will be the easiest to maintain.

Apart from these, our AngularJS Development Company also ensures a website with:

  • Automatic model and view components synchronization.
  • Efficient scopes between view and controller.
  • An array of filters to enhance performance.
  • High-level of Routing.

Concettolabs also uses the deep-linking feature of this framework efficiently restoring any page of your website when a particular URL is typed in. We know how significant quick response of your website and we leave no stones unturned while coding it.

Hire expert AngularJS/Angular 2 Developer - Concettolabs

We boast our skills in both. We come with over 3 years of successful website designing and have already delivered 200+ high-quality projects. When you decide to contact Concettolabs AngularJS developers, be sure to receive:

  • Reliable websites with high-end performance.
  • Premium levels of security.
  • Websites built with optimum use of AngularJS components.

So, if you are looking to hire AngularJS developers in India or abroad, Concettolabs must be your first choice. Our dedicated team is efficient enough to deliver you a website within the prescribed time without compromising on quality. Choose Concettolabs to host your business online and expand your clientele and market footprint. You tell us what you want and we will obligingly give you something even better.

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