React JS, Node JS & Angular JS: Which One is The Best For Web Development?

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React JS, Node JS & Angular JS: Which one is the best for web development?

Developing a web application can turn out to be a tricky business. When selecting the right technologies, matching your requirements with the features, usability, and dependability of the web development framework helps you make the right decision. The top JavaScript frameworks that are considered nowadays are Angular js vs Node js vs React js. 

In this article, we will discuss all that you need to know about Angularjs, ReactJs, and NodeJS frameworks to make an informed decision for your web development project. We have gathered the latest knowledge from our expert JavaScript developers to bring out a crisp comparison of all three frameworks. 

Let’s start with the basics and ponder the difference between angular JS React JS Node JS.

What is Angular JS?

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is an open-source front-end framework maintained by Google. In 2009, Google launched it. The Angular JS model involves HTML web pages as an additional HTML attribute embedded in them. It’s a structural framework that’s built using dynamic web apps. Hire AngularJS developers to work on applications built around a single page.

What is Angular JS?

What are AngularJS’s advantages and disadvantages?

What are AngularJS advantages and disadvantages?


  • HTML-based User Interface

HTML is used for the layout and UI entries of the forms filled. HTML is easy to understand and comes in the form of JavaScript with full support of HTML controls and attributes.

  • MVC Architecture 

AngularJs has a better MVC architecture for developing web applications. In other frameworks, one needs to split the three components, namely model, view, and controller, and then connect them by writing more code. 

However, with AngularJs, you need to split the code, and the framework will manage to connect them. 

  • Routing

Routing is an Angular JS that helps to create single-page applications. It enables us to create different URLs for a variety of content available in the application. It allows showing multiple contents based on a given route

  • Template Structuring

As the version of JavaScript is based on HTML, the template design qualities are strong visible and presentable.

  • POJO Model

POJO i.e. Plain Old JavaScript Objects which is not bound by any rules except Java Language Specification. Developers get designed objects and logic in this model, and they can generate the best functions by creating loops of predefined properties. 

  • Two-way Binding

With this feature of Angular Js, one can easily bind data to HTML controls with simple code and view the changes made in the data. This saves developers a lot of effort and time.

  • Reusable Code 

Angular Js codes are designed to be reused to create different web development functionalities. There is no need to write different codes every time which makes the coding effective.

  • Copy-paste Components 

Components used in one application can be used in the other one with a simple copy-paste method. This makes Angular Js, a plug-and-play web development framework. 

  • Faster Development 

With Angular Js’s regulated MVC architecture and other features that reduce coding time, the app development process moves quickly. 

  • Great SPA (Single-Page Application)  Support

Being a genius in supporting single-page application development, Angular Js boosts the loading time and performance of SPAs with the utmost user-friendliness and smooth experience. 

  • Flexible Filtering and usage of Directives

Filters define an expression for the user’s display. One can define templates, controllers, or services. Angular JS comprises a set of inbuilt filters.


  • Inexperience with MVC

Since Angular is MVC-based, developers who haven’t worked with MVC patterns might find Angular time-consuming. For speedy and effective Angular JS development, you need to hire AngularJs developers who have experience with MVC architecture.

  • Difficult learning

Angular has scarce learning material, so a large part of learning depends on practical application, making it difficult to adapt.

  • JavaScript support mandatory

If a system doesn’t support Java or has turned off JavaScript access, Angular Js applications won’t work on such systems. This brings a minor drawback to the web framework.

  • Performance issues with data

AngularJs cannot handle high traffic or data flow, it might crash or you can face some performance glitches in such cases. Hence, if your business processes loads of data, Angular development can turn out to be a liability

What is React JS?

What is React JS?

React JS is used for building interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and the developer community across the globe. It is used to develop single-page or mobile applications. It’s the newest of all three and was released in 2013. It’s open-source and uses a simple framework. ReactJS is built for a specific purpose and is associated with resolving problems in rendering large datasets. One can Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers from our expert team for creating simple, fast, and reliable solutions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of React?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of React?


  • Effective Optimization
    It is one of the unique features of the JavaScript version available in the Data Object model. It’s based on virtual factors and can help detect them easily by running on various search engines.
  • Next Level Efficiency
    The ReactJS operations are involved in the data object model. Using React JS can eliminate the cost. This is done by using a virtual version of the Data object model.
  • Enable Customization
    In React JS, users can easily use variations for web-based applications. It encompasses polymers and uses another version of JavaScript and the Data Object model of shadow.
  • Component-based JavaScript
    Here, the component is based on the structure. It comes with simple configuration, and explicit directives and promotes best practices.
  • SEO-friendly
    React JS renders applications much faster than other frameworks, such as Angular or Node JS. This speed is a plus point for Google Core Web Vitals, which ultimately helps in the SEO of the web application.
  • Active Community Support
    A technology having a strong community network is a factor for preference. As React is maintained by Meta, it has a significant community network and presence, which is advantageous for developers.


  • Constant improvement in development
    Though, constantly evolving and improving is a positive sign, it somehow might irritate the developers as they need to relearn the new updates continuously.
  • Poor Documentation
    Referring to the above point, React JS libraries are great to work with, but due to constant changes and updates in the technology, it is difficult to document everything properly. This creates a lack of resources for new developers to learn React JS.
  • Backend
    React JS only works with the UI parts of an application. Hence, to develop the backend, other technologies need to be used, which makes React an incomplete development set.
  • JSX
    The learning curve becomes difficult for React Js, as one has to learn both HTML and Javascript to understand JSX.

What is Node JS?

What is Node JS?

Node JS is a cross-platform, open-source, runtime-based environment that executes JavaScript outside the scope of a web browser. JavaScript is mainly used by developers who write command-line tools for server-side scripting and is used to produce dynamic web pages. Node JS represents JavaScript everywhere. It unifies web development over a single programming language rather than different languages on the server and client sides.

What is Node JS?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Node JS?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Node JS?


  • Full-stack development
    When comparing React Vs Node Js, this point is highlighted, that Node.Js serves client-side as well as server-side applications, hence Nodejs is considered as Full-stack JS. You also do not need to hire Developers separately for frontend and backend.
  • Scalability
    The user finds node JS scalable in both directions, whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Easy to Learn
    It’s an easy programming language, and developers involved in the front end are relatively more comfortable using it and can work on any project.
  • High Performance
    Node JS is known for its high performance. It incorporates Google’s V8 JavaScript engine and directly compiles JavaScript code into machine code.
  • Large support for input-output methods
    There’s a framework available for particular JavaScript that supports input and output methods. Before moving ahead in mind while comparing React JS vs Node JS vs Angular JS

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  • Incompetent Library Support
    As JS does not have a robust library system, a lot of data processing, data operations, Object-relational Mapping, etc. becomes tricky with Node JS Development
  • Unstable API
    APIs in Node JS keep on changing frequently which makes it hard for developers to maintain the application.
  • Asynchronous programming model
    Though it can be looked at as a positive side of Node.JS programming, the asynchronous programming model can be more difficult to handle rather than Linear Model.

Our expert team of Node Js developers has been working for an adequate time with this technology and has aced at solving all the issues related to Node.Js Development. So, if you are looking to Hire Dedicated NodeJs developers, we have just the right experience and resources.

Comparison of AngularJs, React Js and NodeJs

Be it Angular or Node or React, all three technologies come with their set of good and bad sides. What matters here is comparing the top features of all the frameworks to have a clear look at the decision-making. This comparison table will help to solve the question of which is best for web development? React JS Node JS & AngularJs

So, we have prepared a point comparison table of AngularJs Vs ReactJs Vs Node JS for you.

Technology  Angular Js  React JS  Node Js 
Author  Misko Hevery Jordan Walke Ryan Dahl
Type  MVC framework with all features Open Source JS library JavaScript Library
Language  JavaScript, HTML JSX JavaScript
Learning Curve  Low High High
Architecture  Based on MVC Flux combined  MVC/MVMM
Packaging Weak Strong JXcore and source files encryption
Rendering  Client Server Server
Data Binding  Bi-directional Uni-directional Bi-directional
Latest version Angular 14 React v18.0 Node.js 18
Companies Using Technology  Apple, Upwork, Samsung, Microsoft, PayPal Dropbox, Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart, Skype Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, Nasa, eBay
Size Heavy Lightweight Lightweight

Which is better React or Angular or Node JS?

The question of React JS Node JS & AngularJS: Which one is best for web development?  never the right question. It should be which is better for you. Now, this depends on what kind of application you want to build, what will be the size of your application and other factors.

We have mentioned the answer to all your questions in this article. If you are still confused and would like a one-on-one consultation on your web application project, our dedicated developers are here to help you.

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Wrapping up

Choosing the right framework depends on your requirements and desired outcomes. There are three frameworks we have discussed and checked the difference between Angular JS React JS Node JS in brief. Among them, Angular JS is a fully-featured framework and has the largest user community. ReactJS is the newest and creates fast and scalable networking applications.

networking applications.

If you’re confused about making a decision and looking for assistance, then we are here for you. We have a team of the best JavaScript developers who have helped many clients to resolve their complications. Connect with us and deliver exceptional results for your client across the globe.

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1. Which backend is used with ReactJS?

The most used backend to use with ReactJs is ExpressJs combined with NodeJs. Besides these, the few best backend that you can use with ReactJS are Firebase, Heroku, Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.

2. Which is faster to develop? React or Angular?

React is much faster than Angular since it offers virtual DOM and one-way data binding while Angular has two-way dating binding. Besides, React has a smaller bundle size.

3. Why Angular is less popular than React?

React tops the race of being more popular than Angular as it offers better optimization, SEO friendliness, and reusable UI components and can be easily migrated to different versions which makes development convenient and faster for developers.

4. Can React Js run without Node?

No, React doesn't need Node to run or in fact, any particular browser. ReactJS is a UI framework, hence it can be used for any UI interface of a device.

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