5 Essentials to Consider For Mobile App Development Cost Management.

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5 Essentaials to Consider For Mobile App Development Cost Management.

The process of developing an application is both complex and interesting. If you have no idea about how much it costs to develop an app, then this blog will properly brief you about the cost of developing any kind of mobile app.

Someone cannot provide you with an accurate estimate without knowing your business, your objectives, your app’s features, your user flow, and your budget.

A lack of a clear plan will not increase your chances of achieving your development goals.

The focus of this post will be on app development costs and strategies for reducing them.

Ways to Estimate an App Development Cost?

The price of developing a mobile app can significantly vary depending on a variety of criteria. The average cost of developing an app is $60000, whereas an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) may be built for between $10,000 and $20,000, according to Clutch.
Several factors play a role in the substantial variation in app development costs. These factors include the complexity of the product, the density of features, the vendor’s location, the operating system, and the platform.

To decide how the app development cost comes together, we will take into account each criterion in more depth.

App Type
Estimate Cost
Simple App Development $40,000 to $60,000 2-3 Months
Basic App Development  $60,000 to $150,000 3-6 Months
Complex App Development From $3000,000 9+

There are various ways to find out the cost of your app development cost. The best option is to get in touch with the programmers.

The cost will probably be quite approximate if you ask the development studio to estimate the average cost range of developing a custom app without providing adequate documentation and terms of reference.

On the other hand, the right and accurate cost calculator needs to take into account a variety of mobile app development services and the necessary amount of time:

  • Screen count and complexity of design;
  • Growth procedure;
  • Quality control stage;
  • Number of characteristics and functions;
  • The features’ complexity;
  • The difficulty of the database;
  • The quantity and complexity of integrations with 3rd parties; the use of security procedures like HIPAA or GDPR;
  • Dimensions and expertise of the developing crew.

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List of the Factors that Help to Decide the Final Cost of Developing Application and Types of application

List of the Factors that Help to Decide the Final Cost of Developing Application and Types of application

To determine the average cost of various application categories, let’s examine them one by one.

1. Simple app

Simple applications like clocks, calculators, and games are the most affordable to create.

These are solutions that take approximately a month to complete and don’t need backend development or a network connection. These applications are unique in today’s market.

  • Cost of developing a basic app: $12,000 to $22,000

2. A data-driven app

Calendars, maps, weather apps, etc. are examples of data-driven apps because they receive a lot of information, evaluate it, and share it with users. In recent years, the value of these applications, which are usually released as by-products, has declined. A data-processing app costs how much?

  • Cost of developing a data-driven app: $20,000–$30,000

3. Applications with user authentication and individualized information

A loyalty app is an illustration of an authentication app since users must log in to access the features. The program transfers information between devices and stores user data. In this more complex and expensive project, user management is essential.

  • Development of an authentication app costs: $50,000- $65000

4. Social Media Apps

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., have self-explanatory apps. In addition to managing millions of discussions and exchanges, they must facilitate the sharing of user information. All of this requires a strong backend infrastructure and a high investment.

  • Social Media app development cost: $70,000- $4,00000

5. E-Commerce Application

Marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and others have eCommerce apps. They need a long list of attributes, including user registration, social interactions, catalogs, product pages and descriptions, payment methods, etc. The price quote we offer is for a little e-commerce application.

  • Simple E-Commerce Application Development Cost: $70000- $5,00000

6. App for On-Demand Services

Customer needs can be met by on-demand services such as Uber and Grubhub. These kinds of apps, which demand a lot of financing, combine aspects of e-commerce applications and social network services. What is the price of developing an app for on-demand services?

  • Cost to construct an on-demand service app: $90,000 to $200,000.

7. Market application

Applications like TripAdvisor are referred to as marketplace platforms since they combine the features of on-demand apps with eCommerce. Marketplace solutions, as opposed to eCommerce apps, offer a variety of services and give users instant access to the service providers of their choosing.

  • Cost of creating an app like a marketplace: between $2,50,000 and $450,000.

List of Applications with Development Cost 

List of Applications with Development Cost 

Here are examples of applications, their costs, and the time it took to develop them. We are simply providing a general sense of the cost involved with developing an app, not the actual price.

1. Tinder | Dating, Make Friends & Meet New People

Tinder is among the most liked apps. It raised $585,000 in the seed in 2012, the year it debuted on the market.

Users find Tinder’s functionality to be quite straightforward. To like or dislike someone, simply swipe right or left. The application provides a match if the person you liked reciprocates.

A similar application might cost as much as $80,000 and take 1,000 hours to complete.

To calculate the price of a dating app like Tinder you must consider various features like:

  • Push notifications
  • Communication
  • User profile
  • Settings
  • GPS location
  • Authorization
  • Third-party integration.

2. Ikea

The Ikea app was developed using augmented reality. All the furniture models in Ikea catalogs are 3D models

These programs increased the rate of an application but delivered various functionalities, features, and integrations. A similar application may cost $55,000 and take 1,005 hours to complete.

The mobile application designs include the below features:

  • 3D product visualization
  • Social media sharing compatibility
  • A 360-degree view of the products
  • Real-time dashboard and analytics
  • CRM connectivity

3. Uber – Request a ride

An example of a successful ride-hailing app includes Uber. However, a platform like Uber includes three applications: the admin panel, two mobile applications for the passenger and driver, and two mobile applications for the former.

As a result, the budget for creating apps should cover the costs of developing three different apps.

It can take roughly 1,300 hours to complete such an application, and the price can start at $60,000.

Mobile app feature includes:

  • Integration of payments
  • Geolocation
  • Routing
  • Sophisticated route optimization
  • Integration of SMS and push alerts

4. TikTok

TikTok is a famous social app for sharing videos.

The average cost of building a like TikTok depends on the number of features and functionalities of an application.

A similar application might cost as much as $70,000 and take 1,200 hours to complete.

Features of the app include:

  • Online messaging
  • Video calls
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Sharing of photographs and videos
  • User connection
  • Other features

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is one example of a booming marketplace app. A marketplace typically combines an on-demand app and an online store. This will increase the price and length of the mobile app development process.

Such an application can cost as much as $75,000 and take up to 1,000 hours to complete.

It will have a few cutting-edge features, such as:

  • Find available apartments and make last-minute reservations,
  • List of favorite residences and locations,
  • Co-trip planning, a method for referrals,
  • The advanced booking process with date, check-in, and further information,
  • Additionally, in-app chat.

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Which are the Factors that Affect the App Development Cost?

Which are the Factors that Affect the App Development Cost?

Before developing a mobile app, you must know how to build an app. One must know to select a coding base and monitor a target audience along with business objective analysis. The price is influenced by the following elements of this functionality.

Read the factor determining app development cost.

  • The level of application complexity
  • Design and Organization
  • The OS that the application will utilize

1. The complexity of an application

You will consume less time to develop a small and simple application You must choose the size of the approaching task when it comes to the timing of the application development. The complexity level of an application depends on the features and integrations and methods utilized to develop the application.

Simple apps

Simple Applications include all the necessary functions, low-tech displays, and UI solutions; however, they are not designed with any additional advantages.

The key factors of an application include:

  • Login \Signup
  • creating and modifying profiles
  • Search \Notifications \Messages
  • A dashboard or admin panel
  • The price will be set for various features made available by the app.

Examples: Calculator, a timer, a note-taking app, and social media.

Mid-level apps

Mid-level Applications have more complex features to provide, including real-time messaging, more screens, bespoke UI, and API interfaces.

Some new feature includes:

  • Payment gateways for in-app purchases
  • Social media integration
  • Geo-location
  • Better Security
  • Location Tracking

There is more access and utilization of good infrastructure along with the above features. The size of the consumer platform will assist you in defining the rates and price of creating an application.Therefore, the cost of the program will rise as complexity and feature count increase.

Complex apps

They are multifunctional applications that provide complex capabilities like real-time synchronization, message bots, media processing, User Interface animation, and other things.

The below point shows how this type of app’s development costs varies:

  • Syncing data across more than two devices
  • innate qualities
  • Web-based streaming
  • Video Chats, Messaging, and In-App Calls

Such applications not only necessitate developers, but also deep research and preparation for the estimate.

Various infrastructure components are required for the dashboard development and visualizations, as the complexity of developing the platform, the servers, and the databases. The requirement for redundancy and high availability is not defined.

These need adjustments; the majority of the functionalities are coded by the developers. It is tough to estimate the cost of an app project, before holding effective meetings.

2. The Difficulty of UX/UI Design

The whole software development industry has moved its attention to the requirements and experiences of the users. Customers have the option to select and go with a solution that has a clear design, easy navigation, and great performance thanks to the plethora of apps.

This is why budgeting well for architectural design is an essential step in estimating the cost of developing an app. The price of developing a custom app includes the UI/UX design, which consists of buttons, icons, typefaces, logos, and other components. Although UI/UX designers are pricey, skilled designers will provide your software with a beautiful appearance and an excellent user experience.

3. App Maintenance and Support

The cost of developing an app doesn’t cease with its release. If you stop using the app as soon as it’s released and doesn’t monitor it, you can end up with out-of-date software. Without ongoing upkeep, bug fixes, and feature additions, your clients will get disinterested and choose a more cutting-edge product available on the market. A project’s total app development budget should account for 15% to 20% of the average cost of app maintenance.

To determine how much it costs to create a successful app, add the following expenses:

  • External integration fees for functional charges. A few examples include geolocation, SMS or push notifications, and payment gateways.
  • For instance, the fees of a content manager.
  • The expense of infrastructure will include the charge of the server, integration fees, and CDN, for Redis.
  • Support obligations: These are extra charges for app updates that include bug fixes, or future upgrades.

What can you Do to Lower the Price of Developing Apps?

What can you Do to Lower the Price of Developing Apps?

It could feel a little overwhelming to keep track of everything, especially for your first assignment. There are, nevertheless, some important pointers that might help you stay within your budget when developing mobile applications.

1. Communication

Team members must make sure to communicate effectively and regularly. This idea is simpler to understand and put into practice thanks to agile methods.

2. Testing

Do not believe that you can put yourself to the test. It is an essential but challenging step in the process that needs to be completed by a distinct group of QA experts. Ensure that members attend regular team meetings and remain on the same page as everyone else.

3. Feedback

Start gathering feedback as soon as you can. You may learn from customer feedback what people need and value, what they are willing to pay for, and which features they think should be eliminated. You won’t get an unbiased assessment of your product without appropriate regular input, which will prevent you from developing and improving.

4. Flexibility

Our emphasis on adhering to scope and budget may seem contradictory. However, software development must allow for some flexibility, particularly in the volatile IT industry of today. If you obtain client feedback that compels you to alter your original plan, study it and try to put the suggested adjustments into practice.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best method for picking a company also has a significant impact on how much an app will cost to develop. A software development company with years of experience is Concetto Labs. We are aware of the app developer hiring cost as well as risk reduction and opportunity exploitation strategies. We also present a number of models for cooperation.

You can hire iPhone developer or hire android developer where you temporarily hire our top specialists, such as developers, QA experts, project managers, etc., for the duration of the project, or you can outsource your project to our team, in which case we will take care of the entire process.

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