Top 15 Best Car Rental Apps To Be Considered In 2024

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Top 15 Best Car Rental Apps to be Considered in 2024

Renting a car can simplify vehicle ownership and maintenance. You avoid the high cost of buying a car and ongoing upkeep expenses. Android car rental apps make it easy to find cost-effective options. Here’s a list of the best car rental apps:

Best 15 Car Rental Apps in 2024

Best 15 Car Rental Apps

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 1. Enterprise Car Rental:

2. Hertz Car Rental:

3. Turo:

4. Skyscanner:

5. Alamo:

6. SIXT:


8. CARNGO Car Rental:

9. Zipcar:

10. Europcar:

11. Getaround:

12. Expedia:

13. Priceline:

14. Enterprise Car Rental (again):


1. Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental

Compared to the other businesses, Enterprise does not provide the cheapest costs, but it does have the best track record for customer satisfaction. According to the 2023 North America Rental Car App Satisfaction Study, Enterprise maintained its top spot for overall customer satisfaction for a record three years running. To win the crown, the business defeated National, Alamo, and Hertz.

While Enterprise does not provide a price-match promise, it does periodically run promotions in its newsletter and online. Additionally, you can earn one point for each dollar you spend on a rental base fee by enrolling in the Enterprise Plus reward program for free. There are additional reward points available for rentals done through the National brand of Enterprise. Members still have to pay taxes and usual fees, but they can use their points to redeem for free rental days. Although there are no cutoff periods, points do expire if an account is inactive for three months.

Additionally, if a renter is within 10 miles of a local office, Enterprise will pick them up and transport them to their rental car at no additional cost. Make a request for this service by getting in touch with the relevant branch.

Download: Enterprise Android | iOS Apps!

2. Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental

Hertz is one of the most recognizable brands in the vehicle rental business. Many Hertz outlets across the United States and even other nations, make it simple to get a rental car app whenever and wherever you need it, and is one of the best car rental apps for iPhone. SpotHero allows you to pick up and drop off from various places, and you can even receive assistance locating parking.

It’s straightforward to set up a new rental and manage your current rentals with Hertz’s car rental mobile app, whether you need to alter the date and time of your pick-up or the location of your drop-off.

In addition, if you are a member of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you may manage and redeem your points straight via the application. Members of the rewards program may avail of car-sharing reviews, by logging in to the app using a face or touch ID to see a customized profile on the home screen if they have a rewards account.

Download: Hertz Android | iOS Apps New!

3. Turo Better Than Car Rental

Turo - Better Than Car Rental

Turo is not a rental car firm but instead, a car-sharing marketplace in which automobile owners post their vehicles for rent. Practical automobiles like SUVs and compact sedans are among the available models; nevertheless, specialized cars like Lamborghini and immaculate vintage cars are also available. Even properties that are specifically pet-friendly exist.

Without registering, you can peruse cars on the Turo website or smartphone application. On the other hand, renting a car requires identity verification, much like using an Uber or other ride-sharing service. During the process, you will need to supply your driver’s license number, a picture of yourself, and a means of payment.

You will need to again upload identity images to the app and record the vehicle’s condition to check in and retrieve your car. While some hosts meet renters in person, many offer pick-up via the Turo app, where you pick up the car at a prearranged location where the keys are waiting for you.

Download: Turo Android | iOS Apps Now!

4. Skyscanner cheap flights, hotels, and car rental


A well-known worldwide travel search engine, Skyscanner assists customers in locating the most affordable flights, lodging, and vehicle rental offers. Since its founding in 2003, Skyscanner has grown to be one of the most reputable and well-liked travel websites globally.

One well-executed example of a car rental app is Skyscanner. This is a highly robust app for finding cheap rental cars. It compares costs for hotels, airlines, and rental cars in addition to auto rental apps. The user can also search for travel options according to their budget, dates, and destination.

Skyscanner will also offer a list of the possibilities that are available from other airlines and travel companies. The user can then make a direct reservation on the provider’s website for their selected option.

Download Skyscanner Android | iOS Apps Now!

5. Alamo Car Rental

Alamo - Car Rental

Alamo is a highly dependable vehicle rental app, and it is unquestionably one of the finest available. Finding the appropriate kind of vehicle for your needs, whether a small car or a bigger family-sized SUV, is simple with the app’s intuitive navigation. The Android car rental app will provide the mileage information connected with the vehicle the number of people it can accommodate and the approximate number of bags it can carry.

You may save time while picking up your rental by entering your driver’s license number, date of birth, and other information into the app ahead of time before you arrive. You can simply hop in your vehicle and drive away.

Download: Alamo Android | iOS Apps Now!

6. SIXT Car rental, Carsharing & Taxi

SIXT: Car rental, Carsharing & Taxi

Sixt is an excellent app on hand if you often need vehicle rentals, car sharing, or taxi trips. It is free to download. If you need a limo, you may arrange for one via SIXT.

The app is available in over 100 countries. The combination of vehicle rentals, ride-sharing from independent drivers, and taxis make it a valuable tool to have on hand at all times. Furthermore, the filtering procedure could not be more straightforward. You may narrow down your search by vehicle type, the number of seats, and other factors.

Download SIXT Android | iOS Apps Now!

7. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Car Rental

KAYAK - Flights, Hotels & Car Rental

Kayak works by scanning hundreds of travel websites on your behalf, saving you the time and effort of conducting the same research on your own. When you use the app, you may save money on flights, hotel accommodations, and rental vehicles by taking advantage of exclusive offers and mobile-only prices. It is not only a hire car app but a trip-planning app that can be used anytime.

It is entirely free to use the Kayak Trips tool, which helps you arrange your trip plans by providing flight status updates, security wait times, and airport terminal maps.

Download: KAYAK Android | iOS Apps Now!

8. CARNGO Car Rental

CARNGO Car Rental

CARNGO acts as a middleman, coordinating with hundreds of international and local car rental businesses to evaluate costs and choose the most suitable vehicle for your next trip. It is the best android car app. You may enter your present (or desired) location, compare vehicle rental prices from several providers, and then pick the most advantageous offer. There are alternatives for modifying or canceling a vehicle reservation available in the app.

Download: CARNGO Android | iOS Apps Now!

9. Zipcar Cars On-demand

Zipcar: cars on-demand

Zipcar is a great choice if you need to borrow a car fast and for a short time. It is simple to rent and return because the company provides rental cars app in marked lots and parking spaces in major cities and a few other sites. Furthermore, Zipcars are always open: you can reserve and pick up a car day or night.

Another unique feature of Zipcar is that its prices include fuel. Verify the car’s specifications to find out how much gas it has left when you make your choice. With the prepaid Zipcar fuel card that is inside the car, you can add extra.

Zipcar asks you to give the next renter at least a quarter of a tank of gas when you return the car. Every Zipcar also comes with roadside support.

Not only that, but every Zipcar comes with liability insurance, so you don’t even need it to drive one. But, when making a reservation, you have the option to buy damage protection or Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) if you’d want further coverage.

Download: ZipCar Android | iOS Apps Now!

10. Europcar international cars & vans rental services

Europcar international cars & vans rental services

Are you searching for a vehicle rental app to help you rent a car or a van to travel with your friends? Look no further. Don’t be concerned! Europcar will be able to assist you with this. Not only can you create a reservation, but you can also change or cancel it at any time of the day. 

Bringing a kid onboard gives you the option of selecting from among the various child seats. With roadside help available 24 hours a day, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle breaking down.

Download: ZipCar Android | iOS Apps Now!

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11. Getaround Instant Car Rental

Getaround - Instant Car Rental

Getaround’s cutting-edge car-sharing platform is revolutionizing the transportation industry. Drivers looking for the ideal car can quickly and easily search and reserve vehicles from private car owners who are prepared to share their rides for a charge through the company’s website.

It is an affordable car rental app, with a low starting price of $5 per hour. Through Getaround, people may lend out their cars to neighbors. Moreover, it covers insurance for the period of the rental and accepts car owners with renters. It operates in several cities in Europe and the US. In addition, caregivers have the authority to decide how much to charge for the rent and to accept or reject the proposal.

The greatest feature of the Getaround car rental application is that it encourages “Sustainable transportation options” by allowing users to pool resources and lessen their requirement for cars.

Download: Getaround’s Android | iOS Apps Now!

12. Expedia Hotels, Flights & Cars

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Cars

Expedia is a well-known app for the travel industry. The Expedia app can assist you in not only finding a rental car but also in making reservations for hotels, flights, and holiday rentals. When it can, it also helps you save money with exclusive offers, some of which are only available on mobile devices.

For frequent travelers, Expedia also offers a reward points system that can be quite helpful. It is very simple to accrue these reward points if you travel across the nation frequently and occasionally receive a complimentary hotel room or similar thing.

Download:  Expedia Android | iOS Apps Now!

13. Priceline Hotel, Flight & Car

Priceline: Hotel, Flight & Car

Priceline’s user-friendly search engine makes it incredibly simple to use. The software has capabilities for booking hotels and flights in addition to the ability to arrange full tips. You can choose from 290 car rental brands at more than 28,000 locations when you use Priceline.

Using Priceline, you can check various vehicle rental companies and reservation websites simultaneously, providing you with compiled results. With various choices, you can quickly sort and filter according to the most important policies.

To save even more money, you can reserve your vehicle rental in conjunction with your hotel or flight using their special offers and package options.

Download:  Priceline’s Android | iOS Apps Now!

14. Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental

The American corporation Enterprise car rental company takes pride in its foundation of honesty, ethics, and community involvement. With more than 8000 locations worldwide, it is currently the biggest automobile rental company, providing car rental, sharing, sales, and other services.

In addition, this car rental application allows users to search for rental cars, check their availability book them, and retrieve data like invoices and car agreements. The fact that you can download this automobile rental app for free on both iOS and Android is its biggest feature.

It boasts more than 1 million downloads and more than 9500 vehicle rental locations worldwide.

Download:  Enterprise Android | iOS Apps Now!

15. Car rental App Car rental App is an app that will make your life easier by renting cheap cars. Using this car rental application, it is possible to compare 900 vehicle rental companies, many of which are among the largest, like Alamo and Enterprise. It is simple to use while traveling because this software allows you to rent a car in 160 different countries.

This application is unique because it has a user-friendly UI. It provides you with the finest local vehicle rental offers and does not charge any additional costs. Additionally, there are never any administrative fees if you need to modify any aspect of your reservation.

Download: Android | iOS Apps Now!


An ideal taxi booking application can assist you in finding a rental vehicle that meets both your aesthetic and financial requirements. A lot of these applications help you find the most excellent bargain possible and ensure that you are getting the best ride possible for your money. Furthermore, using any car rental app to book a rented vehicle is far more convenient than speaking with someone over the phone or in-person to make the arrangements.

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