Know about Microsoft Power Platform Solution for Healthcare Emergency Response?

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Microsoft power platform

The tragic effects of Coronavirus have left a void between customers and the services; users are looking for. And out of all, one of the most affected service areas is healthcare. It is not just the threat of pandemic but other vulnerable healthcare conditions, which need to be tracked and traced. To fight this issue, Microsoft has come up with an exciting platform; a Microsoft Power Platform solution for managing communications across an organization.

A quick overview of Microsoft platform

There are different needs every healthcare service provider facing today that can be anything ranging from tracking to gaining visibility over critical resources. So, we need to keep a check on the multiple aspects to run the healthcare operations smoothly.

The number of patients is increasing globally, and there needs to be an efficient method to trace the needs hospitals are going through. To address the emergency like COVID-19, hospitals need to have sufficient availability of beds, and medical supplies such as ventilators and masks. But it is hard to keep a check manually in such unprecedented times. Here, the Microsoft PowerApps Development will work as an emergency response solution.

How will it work?

The medical staff; registered nurse, captures the required information on the mobile phone. Then, this information fed into a decision support system, which is used by the emergency managers. It allows them to make quick and informed decisions in near real-time, and address the demand in rare situations.

This platform is designed with Swedish Health Services and will be the first of its kind to be used at the Seattle hospital. Also, it will soon be available to Providence St. Joseph Health System, affiliated with Swedish.

The report suggests that thousands of customers have started to use this solution, since its launch. And many others have reached out to ask for additional help to combat the global pandemic. It suggests that different components are existing in this platform. Keep reading to know more.

Mobile apps for frontline staff

A team of PowerApps developer has created this platform to track some notable data points among the frontline staff and helps them further to communicate their needs. Within this platform, there are multiple modules included used for their specific actions, such as:

  • To report the current status of RN staff
  • Inform the number of types of equipment in use
  • Requesting for additional support for a specific department, or any role, and urgency
  • Counting positive cases for COVID-19

Decision support dashboard

As the name speaks, this particular dashboard is for emergency managers and helps them to keep a check on the aggregate data across the health system. With the help of technical advancement, this platform stays updated with mobile apps and highlights the most critical places, where beds, equipment, and staffing, are required.

Administrative view

This platform is for the administrators, to check the details, and quickly configure the mobile apps. It lets the platform to accept the changing conditions. The platform can be updated with the new location online or adapting the capacity of an existing location. And this can be done with the admin app portal, with just a few clicks made on the app.

Backend components behind the Microsoft power platform

The Common Data Service backs every single feature and components on the Microsoft power platform. Due to its multiple functions, it can be used by any enterprise, as it lets businesses to handle high volume data and sensitive information without any issue. Also, if required, enterprises can customize every element from the apps, and even the underlying data model as well. It can help them to practice the low code tools and fit the demands.

What more enterprises can expect?

As there is a surge of using such types of tools, to fight the pandemic, Microsoft has made it possible for them to use the full power app for Healthcare, government, Non-profit, and Education sectors for a 6-month free period.

It is done in the light of Covid-19 emergency, as above mentioned organizations are in need to use it to fight the crisis. To take the full benefits out of it, organizations need to contact Microsoft account representative for details.

What to expect in the future?

Microsoft an efficient PowerApp development company has released this platform, and there will be more such services. The experts are already working on multiple other hospital systems as well. It will help to beat the pandemic with improved solutions, which would come shortly.

Get in touch with your Microsoft representative today and take the benefits from the trial period. And hire PowerApps developer to create a difference to your business.

Know Microsoft Power Platform Solution for Healthcare Emergency?

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