Have You Heard About Super Apps? Learn Everything About

Have You Heard About Super Apps? Learn Everything About Them!

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What exactly is a super app, and why is it becoming so popular in 2021? This may be the hot topic all over app developer news in the last few months. It’s simpler describing what all super apps share in common these days. For one, in a single move, they have managed to bring the commercial experience of people even closer. After all, it gets tiring maintaining multiple unique passwords and browsing through a heap of apps (that take up too much space and updating). Super apps have shelved that and brought users a single one that can get all the tasks done at the click of a button. This is the reason many companies are considering making their own super app as they look to pull more customers towards their brand. Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about super apps and what makes them so super!

So, what do we mean by the term Super App?

A super app refers to a platform created by a brand performing several services under one roof. For instance, WeChat, which had launched itself as a messenger app, has now extended into cabs, payments, shopping, and food delivery, turning it into a super app.

Retail space for all kinds of brands and stores across industrial verticals will be available on the super app. This is very similar to the physical world analogy of shopping malls.

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Who Creates these Super Apps?

Technically, brands possessing a stream of multiple products and services available are leaning towards putting all their offerings into a single app.

The idea of a super app first started up in Southeast Asia and China, where the internet service providers such as GoJek, WeChat, and Grab took advantage of the customer traffic they already received on their platforms that originally were launched as communication or social media apps. They have customers added services under one umbrella to improve their revenue income.

Which Organizations in India are Getting their Super Apps?

The Tata Group from India will be one of the significant entrants from India’s already congested super app universe. Presently, Reliance Industries, with the name of Jio, has combined multiple services and experiences like online shopping, grocery delivery, content streaming, digital payments, ticket booking, cloud storage services, and more, which is an impressive feat.

Additionally, Paytm, the Alibaba Group investee has also raked in offerings like payments, gaming, stocks and portfolios, online shopping,  ticket bookings, banking, etc., into a single app. Alternatively, the Flipkart Group-owned PhonePe has also banded together with companies like Uber, Ola, Grofers, Swiggy, AJio, Delhi Metro, Decathlon, Booking.com, and more, providing their services from its native app.

At present, India is super app-ready because the large population has a substantial smartphone user base instead of desktop. Also, the ecosystem of apps has been altered to fit localized demands, which is a work in progress. The country is now a market where the majority of the population already knows how to use smartphones or is quickly adapting to using them for several purposes. This is one of the major factors contributing to the reason why Indian brands are turning towards creating super apps.

The consolidation of their offerings at one center will provide the companies with large volumes of customer data that will aid in studying consumer behavior apart from garnering an enhanced revenue.

What are the key components of super apps?

Super apps can only maintain their mantle if they perform extremely efficiently. Companies need to adapt to the traits and trends that consumers demand in the market each day. Hence, it is necessary to keep the following points in mind:

  • Promote Inclusiveness: Super apps have to be great for all their users all the time. This means that brands have to bring the physical-world inclusivity factor to the digital ecosystem and the other way around. Eliminating blockages to inclusivity will help curate a platform that is for everyone.
  • Social consciousness: Many brands and digital platforms have the chance to make the world a better place. The super app can do the same by aggregating services that are mindful of their effect on the earth. Social consciousness and lending a hand to improve the environment, especially when it comes to data silos, ethical branding, manufacturing, and logistical practices, are things to pay attention to.
  • Right to privacy: Certain locations like the US, Europe, and Canada are highly protective of the private information of the users. As data is the building block of the super app concept, developers and companies will have to create strong user data privacy policies to safeguard their consumers’ interests.

Whether it’s Walmart expanding their massive presence onto the digitized ecosystem, digital brands extending their offerings with partnerships on various digital platforms, or hybrid users; there exist core aspects that make the majority of elements for achieving success in the super app universe.

To make sure that every part of a super app fits together, software testing will play a pivotal role, more essential than ever. The need to cater to native user expectations regarding the design and functionality of all the apps within a super app can become a hub of bugs, must be mitigated for a smooth user experience.

What are the people saying about super apps?

Companies can ethically use information collected by the master super app to train artificially intelligent machines to predict customer behavior with greater accuracy. These apps can help piece together the market research environment even better than ever before when used correctly. Brands can get to know their consumers better, thereby giving them more curated experiences and better customer service.


Creating a super app has multiple benefits, especially keeping up with the changes in the digital world. If you want to consolidate your services and cater to customers just like the big brands, you can get your own super app made easily. Concetto Labs has an expert team of developers ready to create your app and help you every step along the way. For more information, Contact Concetto Labs today!

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