What is ios Development And How To Hire An ios App Developer

What Is Ios Development And How To Hire An Ios Developer

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What Is Ios Development And How To Hire An Ios Developer

Basically, iOS is one type of mobile operating system that is created by Apple Inc. like the Android operating system but altogether in a different way. You can see it in various forms in all the flagship mobile devices of Apple like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This is what you know about iOS but here we will work on the process of how to find an app developer who can set your expectations on a priority basis for your application development.

However, finding and hiring a skillful iOS developer is not an easy task. Most of the users who use iPhone devices spend a large amount of money while working with apps and their premium features. Therefore, the app should be unblemished and perfect. In this article, we will explain how one can hire an iOS developer who can work as per their expectations.

Why does any company need to hire iOS developers?

Every company that is selling its services needs to hire iPhone application developers who can create an app for them. Because, if they don’t create one, they won’t be able to sell their services to the rich Apple users market. With every new year, the number of people using Apple devices is getting increase. To reach those users, one must have to create an iOS app to sell their services.

Most iOS developers can create cross-platform applications rather than native iOS application development. Therefore, they can create an application that works on both Android and iOS devices. iPhone’s applications created by iOS programmers can improve customer experience and help in business growth.

What Should You Look for While Hiring an iOS Developer?

What Should You Look for While Hiring an iOS Developer?

Businesses have started to look for modern technology integration with their businesses and take advantage of the creative solutions it offers. But, before you hire an iOS app developer, you need to understand what qualities an iOS developer has and how it makes them unique from others.

1. iOS Developer Hard Skills

The decision to Hire iOS Application Developer depends on multiple things. Such as their expertise, their grade, relevant experience, etc. You should evaluate a candidate based on their skills that match your requirements before hiring the correct one.
In addition to that, there are different hard skills that every iOS engineer must have. These skills help them to deal with basic issues and manage those issues effectively. Here are some must-have hard skills that you should look for

  • Standard knowledge of UI/UX
  • Xcode experience
  • Hands-on experience with Realm or Core data
  • Knowledge of OpenGL and Metal
  • An understanding of API integration
  • Language knowledge – Swift iOS/Objective C
  • Expertise in advanced code versioning instruments
  • Knowledge about Apple Human interface guidelines

2. iOS Developer Soft Skills

Apart from experience and hard skills, you should look for other factors like cultural values, professional attitude, background, etc. These factors also help in finding out that the project will be successful in some way. Many developers have good technical skills, but they are not suitable for teamwork. They perform well while working alone. Gathering such people and trying to fit them into one team can create chaos. Therefore, before you hire dedicated iPhone developer, you should look for the following skills

  • Team coordination skill
  • Leadership
  • Stick to deadlines
  • Critical thinking power
  • Negotiation skills
  • Self-presentation
  • Persistency

3. Experience

When you want to hire an iPhone app programmer, finding one with the correct experience can create a win-win situation for both. You will find three main levels of experience for iOS developers.

  • Junior iOS developers: These are the least experienced and entry-level developers. Many of these programmers have a primary level of understanding. They can not handle the entire project. They can work with any senior-level developer. It is not advisable to hire an entry-level iOS developer for a project with a minimal deadline. However, they can fit best if you are planning to create your in-house team, as they can learn and grow with other team members.
  • Mid-level iOS developers: A mid-level developer must have working experience of 2–4 years. So, they can handle a project from scratch to end. You can hire Mid-level programmer as they can deal with the project alone with their expertise.
  • Senior iOS developers: A senior-level programmer must have more than 5 years of experience. They must have handled a lot of projects and completed the deployment process. They can test, debug, and review the code. However, the cost of hiring senior-level person also increase based on their expertise.

Depending on your requirements, you should choose one.

4. Portfolio

You must look for the candidate’s portfolio. It gives you a chance to take a more in-depth look at their skill set. It also helps you to structure your interview questions based on their recent work. The portfolio also helps you to know about the preferred style of work and their achievements.

How to Hire an iOS Programmer?

You can follow some basic steps that will help you find an iOS developer who matches your business requirements

1. Know Your Exact Requirement

The very first question that would come to your mind is, ”Do I know my exact requirement?”. If yes then it would become easier for you to make a perfect choice. If you remain unclear about your requirement then you will not be able to explain it to others as well. So, before taking a start to your approach, just validate that you have a proper scope of the project with you so that you can explain it to other people in a better way.

2. Evaluate The Candidates

Let’s say you have posted your requirement in any of the mediums. This is where you can make an advertisement for your project and can get the response of hundreds of developers. Now, how would you move forward, Who will you communicate with first if you are not aware of the technologies they have listed in their proposal? In that case, you should match your requirements with the proposal. Depending on the work you want to do, different hiring options will be available to you when you want to hire an iPhone application developer. You could either deal with the agency, outsource, engage with a freelancer, or hire a dedicated iOS app developer to build your in-house team. In that case, you should match your requirements with the proposal.

3. Conduct Interviews

Prepare the interview with a candidate when you want to hire an iOS developer. It is not important for the developer only but for the interviewer also. Ask the right questions during the interview. It will help you manage the interview process and also help you find the best iOS developer for your requirements. Some developers are high performers, some are deep thinkers, and few are all-rounders. You will be able to uncover those aspects individually.

4. Finalize the Candidate and Sign the Agreement

Your iOS app development service contract will add how your project should be delivered to you and what will you get on project completion. It also includes what should be done in case of any disputes.

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We hope this article will help you find and hire the right person who fits your requirements. You can follow all these steps or requisites to Hire IOS Developer to get your project done with your best efforts. Because making the perfect choice for the perfect requirement is the best way to create something extraordinary.


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