7 Main Reasons To Boost Your E-Commerce With A Mobile App In 2023

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7 Main Reasons To Boost Your E-Commerce With A Mobile App In 2021

If you own an e-commerce business, you are already aware of the mobile-first strategies adopted around the world. Mobile applications have gained popularity in recent years. Mobile-first strategies owe it to the traction towards mobile apps.

Mobile applications have unique features that make e-commerce experience more enhanced. In recent years, mobile commerce has gained attention. In the US, there will be more than 187.5 million mobile users that will buy through their smartphones. This number will stay at 167.77 million at the end of 2020. There are 60.9% of mobile buyers in the US from their total population.

It is quite clear that M-commerce or mobile commerce can lift your e-commerce business. Let’s discover some more such reasons to go for a mobile application to enhance your e-commerce business.

Below are some of the points to be considered to boost your eCommerce site

Below are some of the points to be considered to boost your ecommerce site

1. App-First Monopoly

Mobile apps are preferred over web browsing on a smartphone. There are several reasons behind it. Especially, in the e-commerce industry, product descriptions, product galleries need extensive layouts. While websites need to be responsive to meet the mobile screen’s viewing requirements, apps have them in-built.

With 90% of the time spent on mobile apps on a smartphone, ignoring the apps is not an option. Mobile applications certainly hold a monopoly with such usage time on any smartphone.

2. Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is one of the most profitable channels for marketers. Last, year marketers all over the world spent more than $190 billion on mobile ads. It is one of the best channels for marketing your e-commerce products.

It is such a huge platform that Facebook’s 92% of ad revenues came from mobile in 2019. There is a myriad of mobile app ads used by marketers. Mobile ads are mostly used for in-app purchases or even in games.

3. Bolstering Value

Mobile apps can increase bolster values among consumers. Consumer support can infuse value in consumers and boost association. Customers will recommend your products and services better with good consumer support. Mobile apps can help e-commerce companies create better feedback and consumer support systems.

One of the innovations that mobile app development has integrated into e-commerce is the use of chatbots. There will be more than 2.14 billion digital buyers by the end of 2023. It is a huge number and catering to after-sales support needs extensive technologies.

Chatbot integrations into mobile apps can help e-commerce achieve better consumer retention. Almost 90% of companies believe that chatbots can resolve consumer problems faster. Mobile apps can integrate chatbots in the app architecture to create potential interactive features for consumers.

4. Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a huge problem in e-commerce. It refers to the problem of consumers leaving the cart after adding products they like. Cart abandonment rate can be calculated with the below-given formula.

On average there is more than 60% of cart abandonment rate among e-commerce giants. The rate can be reduced by effective cart checkout process integration into the e-commerce websites. Though through mobile applications it can be easily integrated.

With mobile apps, push notifications can be leveraged to remarket the products. It can easily remind users of the items in the cart. This can certainly help reduce the cart abandonment issues to a certain extent.

5. Responsive Approach

Websites are often slow on loading and this is where mobile applications can change the approach. Whether an e-commerce business goes for an android app or an iOS app, responsiveness is higher in mobile apps. Websites that are opened on mobile need to be highly responsive as the screen orientations demand it.

But, technological barriers can’t let any e-commerce business hamper the revenues. Surveys suggest that 90% of consumers never return to a slow website. So, hiring an android app development company for the e-commerce android app is not a bad idea.

6. Convenience Factor

Integrations of different convenient features like location, camera, and others to help consumers get better to hold on local products is essential. Most mobile applications provide access to a user’s camera, GPS, and other important data to the e-commerce business.

It is quite important for firms for offering location-based services. It also helps them to gauge the preferences of users based on their demographics. E-commerce apps can access such data, analyze them, and offer recommendations with innovative technologies.

Integrations with the Internet of Things and other Artificial Intelligence technologies can help create better products and services

7. Conversions

The most important bottom line in business is revenues and sales. In e-commerce, Revenues largely depend on conversions. Many corporates are now looking towards India as a potential e-commerce market. Many companies are looking to hire android developers India for e-commerce apps.

Converting a potential lead into sales can be a tad difficult but, not with mobile apps. Mobile applications can help e-commerce firms achieve relevant data from consumers. They can use this data to offer products and services with better strategies.

Mobile applications have an excellent way of showcasing e-commerce products. Through product videos, zoomed image features, and others help consumers understand products well.

While effective cart integrations and faster checkouts keep consumers engaged. With more advanced online payment integrations, e-commerce platforms are getting more exposure through apps.

Mobile applications are not only good convertors of sales, but they are also good traffic generators. In the current scenario, mobile apps have the potential to generate more traffic than websites. E-commerce platforms should utilize such apps to create more leads and convert them to grow higher.


There are over 7.7 billion internet users today. So, the number of digital buyers is going higher and higher. As an e-commerce platform, if you are not leveraging mobile apps to convert these buyers into potential consumers then its a mistake.

So, plan your mobile app development for e-commerce mobile apps and create better opportunities. Unleash the technological advancement of mobile technologies onto e-commerce platforms and see better conversions. Reduce your cart abandonment rates and achieve more revenues to stay afloat amidst a crisis in the market.


7 Main Reasons To Boost Your E-Commerce With A Mobile App In 2023

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