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The purpose of the launch of Android 10 is to focus on making everyday life easier with new technologies like 5G and Foldables.

The aim is to make life easier with features that are powered by on-device machine learning. Android 10 gives greater protection, control over the data, and transparency with more than 50 changes related to privacy and security.

On top of our ongoing commitment, we provide industry-leading privacy protections and security on Android builds. So, today we will discuss the new things about Android 10 that should be known to all the android lovers.

The one more good news is that some of the new tools also built that empower people of all abilities and help them to find the right balance with technology.

Let’s Have A Look On Top 10 Things, Digital Wellbeing, Centered On Innovation And Security & Privacy

Top 10 Things, Digital Wellbeing, Centered On Innovation And Security & Privacy

1. Now Smart Reply Suggest Actions

This means when someone sends a message with an address, then the user can open and navigate in Google Maps – no copying and pasting required. The good thing is that Smart Reply now works across all the favorite messaging apps.

2. The Dark Theme

Here comes the dark side with the Dark Theme which means users are now enabling the dark theme for the entire phone or some of the specifically selected apps. The major benefit of the dark mode is on your phone battery as well as on human’s eyes too.

3. All New Gesture Navigation

With the new gesture navigation, take advantage of larger, edge-to-edge screens. The swipe options help to go backward, fluidly move between tasks and pull up the home screen. Once you switch you won’t want to go back to visible buttons.

4. Live Caption

Using a single tap, a live caption will auto caption videos, audio, and podcasts messages across any app and the stuff that you have recorded yourself. With this fall, Live caption will become available starting with a pixel.

5. New Privacy & Security

Now, while using maps or anything related to location, you can select only share location data with apps. Users will also receive reminders if they are not actively using the app or not accessing the location. This means that users can decide either to share the location or not.

6. Security Features

Under settings in the new privacy section, users will find important controls like App activity, web activity, and Ad settings in one place.

7. Privacy Feature

Google play system updates, major and important privacy, and security features that are usable on your phone from Google Play, the same way as apps update. So, as soon as they are available users get these fixes even without having to wait for a full OS update.

8. The Right Balance

The greater control over where and when the notification should alert you. As per the choice, the user will get alerted whenever the user wants to be. This way users can manage a balance between.

9. A balance between Technology and Family

The all-new Family Link is the part of all devices running Android 10, can find right in settings under Digital WellBeing. Parents now can use these tools to set the digital ground rules like device bedtime and daily screen time limits on specific apps.

10. Focus Mode

Now, the Digital WellBeing brings users on Focus Mode, and using these focus mode can select the apps that are distracting like Email and News and can easily silence them until you come out to focus mode.
Including a new enterprise feature, there are a lot more things in Android 10 which let you use various keyboards for different categories like work profile, personal profile, app timers for specific websites.

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