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Build Mobile Mapping Apps in a Blink

The ArcGIS is changing the GIS app uprising. Appstudio for ArcGIS is a handy and sophisticated tool. Without any developer skills, you can build the maps into user-friendly apps, aesthetic in look, steady for Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows. Also, you can take it on all the preferred app stores making them as your brand. Companies on the ArcGIS, now with the use of Appstudio, can make cross-platform apps running natively in a blink.

Features of Appstudio for ArcGIS

  1. Economize on the development cost: There is no possible reason needed now to hire a specialized developer who charges extravagantly. With the advent of AppStudio, you can now create user-friendly apps without the outside developers which reduce the cost of development. Also, you can reach us, as we are a hybrid mobile app development company.
  2. Reach all the popular app stores: You will be able to reach yourself to Google Play, Microsoft and Apple play stores with this platform. Also, the apps would be a brand of yours and thus it would be an advantage too.
  3. Build one app and publish it to all: You just need to build the app once and for all. It would be an instant to go for Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows.
  4. Advance a level higher on your current maps: Go ahead and change your current GIS apps into worth-seeing, user-friendly apps.
  5. That’s it – No coding required: Wizards and templates will do all the hard work for you. You can just go for it without any developer skills. If you need any help, we provide hybrid mobile app development services.
  6. Share it all in your company: You will be able to share and effectively manage your apps in your company with this new tool.

Some apps made from Appstudio for ArcGIS


Evacu8 – an app that helps you to find the location, check it and register in advance into evac centers before you arrive in case of a disaster event.

Nashville Map Tour – use it for navigating around the city of Nashville, you can find historic information, locate great food, find live music shows and much other GIS-based information.

If you wish to learn furthermore, we at Concetto Labs are a hybrid app development company and can help you gain a lot of insight into the new tool on the ArcGIS platform.