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In 2020, Microsoft power automate invested heavily in robotic process automation (RPA) by introducing developers with Power automate desktop. Microsoft witnessed the tremendous growth of power automation at Microsoft ignite in 2019. And so, the company announced a power automate desktop app for windows 10 users, at no additional cost. Now, windows 10 users can harness the power of low-code RPA from March onwards with Power Automate desktop download.

Automate your day-to-day task & be available for high-value work

With the increasing velocity of the business, everyone is looking out for ways to be more productive and move faster with time to derive more value out of the business strategically and innovatively.

In such a situation, Power automate desktop comes to the rescue. Its low-code RPA allows businesses to spare more time for high-value work by automating the “busy work”. The robotic process automation makes it possible to automate workflows across modern applications right on your desktop by recording the actions performed by mouse and keyboards. It works exactly like macros with your favorite Microsoft office app like SharePoint, Excel, and other third-party applications and websites that let you replay the automation as and when needed.

If we consider a common scenario, we need to scale the large-scale monthly annual reporting. In such cases, the Power Automate desktop helps you to automate the consolidation of the data across various sources like Webpages, PDFs, Excel files, and more so that you can auto-generate the report as per your need.

With such huge success, a new update of power automate desktop has been announced in April 2021 has been released with new features like:

New Power Automate Desktop Features 2023

New Power Automate Desktop Features 2023


  • Availability of the “Refresh” button in the console

Good news for the licensed organization users! A refresh button has been added in the power automate desktop that allows users to update all the flows under “My flows” and “Shared with me” lists. With these updated lists, users can easily recognize changes in the sharing permission or either from the portal such as renaming or deleting flows.

  • “Save as new flow” – A new functionality added inflow designer

Now users can save the latest changes made in the desktop flow under the head “New flow” and thus leaving the original one unaltered.

  • Improvements in copying actions

Now the copy and paste actions between the two flow designers also copy-paste their associated images and UI elements. This new mechanism not only copy actions from one flow designer to another but you can even use a text editor as an intermediate since the clipboard holds all the necessary information in the text.

  • Support to image-based recording

The desktop recorder in power automates desktop now comes with a new mode that allows all users with an option to record with image recognition. With this, users can send clicks on images as well as optical character recognition to extract text relative to the specified image.

  • Improved java-based app interaction.

To leverage greater visibility over UI elements, the existing mechanism enhanced its functionality to support the java application needed to automate and interact with these applications.

Want to create your own automation story?

If yes, then integrate RPA to windows 10 users to allow everyone across the organization to focus on work to make a difference. Download the Microsoft desktop Automate app and start your desktop automation journey today. If you’re still looking for more assistance with the Power Automate desktop, you can hire power automate developer from concetto labs and get expert consultation at affordable rates.


Want To Learn New Power Automate Desktop Features 2023?

If yes, then integrate RPA to windows 10 users to allow everyone across the organization to focus on work to make a difference. Download the Microsoft desktop Automate app and start your desktop automation journey today.

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