Beauty Salon Mobile App Development Cost?

How Much Does Beauty Salon Mobile App Development Cost? A Complete Guide

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How Much Does Beauty Salon Mobile App Development Cost

If you own a beauty or hair salon, you might wonder if there’s an effective way to connect with your customers. Not surprisingly, there are many ways to do this, and one of the most effective strategies is beauty salon app development targeted toward salon clients and prospects. Fortunately, creating this type of application doesn’t have to be difficult, though it does require some specialized knowledge and expertise. To help with that process, read through this ultimate guide to salon app development to learn more about what you need to make your beauty app in today’s digital world.

Why is Salon App important?

In today’s world, mobile applications are getting immensely popular. Nowadays, no professional business person does not have an app of his own on his smartphone. The same can be said about a salon app as well as most of us would agree that one of our biggest challenges in business is getting enough traffic and managing it right. A mobile app has emerged as a brilliant solution for many businesses.

Why do you need the Beauty & Hair Salon app for Grow’s business?

There is a trend for on-demand mobile app solutions for providers of beauty and hair salon services to have quicker expansion.

Salon app development company Grow’s salon apps also allow you a highly effective way to connect with your loyal and existing customers by giving them special coupons, discounts, and other incentives.

1. Save Customer’s Time

The salon app development company takes care of your time by creating apps that are easy to use. With a mobile app, customers can get their booking done faster and efficiently communicate with them. Customers will love using these apps when they visit a salon as it is an innovative way of booking appointments and a communication medium between both parties.

2. Manage all Customers List on one screen

If you’re looking for a more straightforward and efficient way to manage all of your customer data, consider our Salon CRM App that integrates directly with your iOS and Android apps. With our Salon CRM app, you can get real-time updates on appointments, allowing you to easily stay in touch with your customers no matter where they are.

3. Automatically Send Reminders to Customers

With push notifications, you will be able to automatically send notifications to customers and trigger messages specific to them by utilizing geofencing technology.

Top Features to Include in Salon App

Features to Include in Salon App

While there are many features your app can offer, you should understand that customers do not value different features equally. You need to prioritize them and focus on getting only those features done first.

1. Payments made through Contactless Technology

In light of the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic, it’s more beneficial to use the online payment method to avoid the risk. Cashless, and be a part of a completely computerized world by giving your customers the option to pay using credit or e-wallets as well as platinum cards.

2. Profile Viewing

The users should be provided the option of having a page where they can see the profiles of the salon’s beauticians and make a reservation with the beauty therapist according to their preferences and who they’d like to receive their beauty services. Then, the customers can evaluate the beauty therapist based on their experience.

3. Booking of the Schedule for Customer

The best salon scheduling app needs to come with a built-in calendar so that customers can book an appointment with convenience according to their preferences.

People usually visit salons and spas on weekends or free time. Salons tend to be packed in the mornings and later in the evenings.

If the customer pre-booked the booking, he doesn’t have to wait around for his turn, saving him lots of time.

4. Online Business Store

Clients may occasionally run out of products like shampoo, face wash, and other cosmetics. Your salon app should provide customers with a place to purchase the essential medicinal services they require and products for beauty.

In addition, you can add doorstep delivery to ensure the safety of your clients. It can make your application more well-known and bring in an amount of income.

5. Visualizing Salon Catalogue

With so many salon service styles and types, it can be challenging to keep track of them. For example, hair salons offer cuts, blowouts, weaves, updos and perms. So mobile app for beauty salons Should offer Salon Catalogue for better customer engagement.

6. Read And Give a Review

Reviews from other users work similarly to word of mouth for you and your partner, the brand. Positive reviews help promote your business, While negative ones bring your attention to areas that need improvement.

If you want to make a beauty and salon mobile app that includes all the above features and extra features as per your requirements, Hire Beauty Salon App Developer or Salon App Development Company.

How Much Does Beauty Salon Mobile App Development Cost?

Let’s discuss the development cost of your Spa & best Salon Appointment App, and it will cost you roughly $10k to $15k. But first, consider a few factors which will affect how much it will cost you. Here’s the reason: these skills can prevent you from damaging your wallet:

Additionally, the number of features, the complexity of the app’s design, and the location of the company that develops mobile apps can affect the development costs.


Understanding The basics of how a mobile app for salon development can help you save a lot of time and money by hiring dedicated salon app developers. It will also help you understand that it is very easy and simple to develop salon apps from scratch. So, if you have decided that you want your salon app, do not think twice about it! Instead, start with having some well-planned steps so that your dream will come true sooner than expected.

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1. How long will it take for an app to create an on-demand beauty salon?

It depends on the number and availability of developers. It is challenging to develop an app on demand. Creating an application with less than 100 features typically takes at least three months. ABC company can provide you with time and cost estimates.

2. How Can Salons Increase Their Revenue?

Automating the workflow of a beauty salon can help increase revenue.
  • Gift vouchers or gift cards can be offered
  • Make a reference program
  • You can implement a program called "frequent Flyer".
  • Transform services into subscriptions
  • Set up a reservation system
  • System for credit card payments

3. Is it possible to create a customized salon app according to my business requirements?

Our salon app developers can assist you with any solution. We offer customized business solutions that meet your needs at the right moment with unique features.

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