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In today’s fast and hectic life everyone forgets about taking care of themselves. Though we have different hospitals and health care centers, we might not get immediate treatment. That is why advanced technology should be introduced. Yes, it is totally true! Nowadays mobile application is the best way to facilitate amazing service to the patients, doctors, practitioners and all others who are connected with healthcare industry directly OR indirectly.

If we talk about healthcare professionals then Mobile and tablets provide better opportunity to arrange learning and teaching programme for training and professional development. The mobile application provides easy learning with regular updates. Thus, we can say that from learning and teaching prospect, it is more flexible and easy.

Let’s have a look at few statistics related to healthcare mobile application.

1. According to the latest statistic, in 2018 user base healthcare mobile application will grow up to 96 million which was only 14 million in 2015.
2. Among all the mobile applications related to health care, more than half of the population has rated each app according to the different diseases. If we will count in approx figure than 73% market share with diabetes, 40% with obesity, 29% from hypertension, and 16% for coronary heart disease.
3. Research shows that during 2020 market share of the mobile applications will reach $58.8 billion which is recorded as $25.39 billion in 2017.

This entire statistic shows that mobile applications related to the healthcare industry will rise in the coming years as it is growing continuously. If you want to provide better facilities and want to get success in your business than the mobile application is a crucial factor. Healthcare related applications are generally divided into the following part.

  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Apps for clinic and medical centers
  • Health care industries

Patients can easily connect with the top doctors for their problems. The application helps them to find out closest health care center which saves their time and money both. Before entering the hospital they can find each and every facility, staff member, doctor history everything. Same way, Doctors can easily provide suggestions to patients. They can learn about the latest news and healthcare services to treat their patient in an effective way. During surgery and critical issue they can easily get information about their patients.

If we talk about industries then it became essential for any healthcare industry to have their own mobile application. Without healthcare mobile application they cannot reach the target audience. It is the best way to deliver the best service. Many organizations have their own mobile applications for their staff members, surgeons, physician etc. That is why the demand for Mobile healthcare is rising day by day.

healthcare mobile application

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