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In today’s cut-throat competition, providing services is no big deal but how are these services imparted to the clients and to what level of customization is what matters the most and distinguishes one service provider from another. In this combat to stand out with ones’ personalized offerings; the software and technologies which can add personalized experience to services are much in demand. One such technology has been labeled as DADI.

Content management system or CMS as we call it, is inclusive of the web content modification in the context of images, videos, news, information, work documents, and more and DADI, on the other hand, is a gateway to multiple online business opportunities in the context of CMS. DADI is the new-gen content management system to pilot digital data for small and big enterprises. DADI is preferably used to manage the content of websites that undergo frequent up gradation and changes. With the help of DADI, one can perform almost any task related to online web content.

DADI is a software tool that narrows down the gap between the concepts of CMS, CRM, and Data Management Platform, thus simplifying the overall technological aspect. With DADI as a tool, businesses of all sizes can very well decipher the information on their websites, to their customers in a unique and personalized manner thus improving upon the level of engagement and revenue at a very competitive price.

Since DADI is built on Mongo DB and NODE J.S, it can run independently as a complete structure. It ensures a complete data-driven experience for its users. Its a unique level of customization can very well be viewed in its individualistic approach with the real-time concept, personalized level interests, and provision for multiple action-driven data points.

DADI has been proven to be a secure platform that can stand strong against multiple vulnerabilities. Its security feature has been tried and tested to match the best of standards.

Furthermore, DADI provides a beautiful screen interface, to ensure the eyes of viewers are glued to screen


DADI connects varied applications that can be used about one another. Like:

  • PUBLISH- Ductile interfaces crafted to optimize the editorial workflow.
  • API- Designed to be plugged into a mobile application, a template layer, or to be used with any other data consumer.
  • CDN- On-time asset manipulation and delivery layer crafted for a modern, globalized content distribution solution.
  • WEB- A schema-less template layer that can function as a sole platform or in a company with API as a full-stack web application.
  • TRACK- Provides accurate metrics at the individual and product level because of its real-time attribute. Drives DADI Identity.
  • VISUALIZE- Data visualization interface for taking the data feed from any and every virtual source.
  • IDENTITY-Ensures unique identification to individuals and ensures segmentation for general and specific users.
  • MATCH- Taxonomic framework for automatic content categorization through machine learning.
  • PREDICT- The layer of the machine which predicts the individual behavior based on past interaction.



1. API-first and COPE

Narrows down the scope of operation by ensuring a single point of control for all the work.

2. Open-source

No hassle of combating the pricey license fees and other enterprise formalities.

3. Microservices technology

The small and independent process, providing flexibility and high performance.

4. Data-driven experiences

Customized experience across multiple touchpoints.

5. Speed to live

DADI technology ensures the products get delivered in days and weeks, but not weeks and months.


Dadi- A Persomalised Approach To Content Management System

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