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The above words of Benjamin Franklin hold very true when we go about evaluating the plethora of technologies, to enhance the ROI of our business. However, after much evaluation of varied options, we have come up with the conclusion that ASP.Net is a software framework best of all. This framework provides the business with the much-needed pace to survive in this highly competitive, rapid and dynamic modern world. Also, it contributes impeccable support to web designing by scraping out all the complications, incompatibility, and muddled programming issues thus enabling the user to come to deal with standardized web design.

Apart from its exclusive set of benefits, the .Net framework is also in vogue because of the perks glued to it by way of outsourcing. Now when we talk about outsourcing .Net, one also needs to evaluate a series of points related to the rational implementation of the plan; over and above its self-centered positive attributes.

Top 10 assets of ASP.Net development software framework:

  1. ASP.NET comes as a package with testing tools and licenses, which helps to save a lot of money otherwise lost during the development process.
  2. Through the clarity of the services being delivered.
  3. Trust and satisfaction with quality service.
  4. While using .Net there is a whole team of experts and experienced software professionals who ensure the right match between the user and the company.
  5. The buyer is updated with the linked work in progress at every step.
  6. ASP.Net guarantees a speedy development process.
  7. A hassle-free process.
  8. It ensures the speed of application development.
  9. The applications developed by .Net are reliable and secure.
  10. When one makes use of .Net software, he has access to .Net library

Assets attached to the outsourcing of ASP.NET

  1. The economy of use and freedom to exercise control over services.
  2. Enjoy the savings on the financial front, which otherwise would drain out in training special staff.
  3. Time management.
  4. Outsourcing ensures impartial problem-solving service to customers.
  5. This boosts globalization and thereby provides multiple employment opportunities.

Significant consideration before outsourcing ASP.Net for project development


1. Evaluation based on age:

Often the number of experiences the firm has had in the market speaks a million about its credibility. Perform an analysis of the company’s previous client’s satisfaction level, the number of experienced employees, its resources, and developmental methodologies, its communication credibility, and other online reviews. Don’t be lured by the low cost being offered by any company, as the cost is not the only base on which one can trust this entire firm for getting the services outsourced.

2. Evaluation based on experience:

One can trust and expect good on return on investment from firms which are much praised by its previous clients. More weight on the experience side, adds more weight age to the credibility of the company. This also saves the hassle which otherwise erupts when the outsourcing is done from a new firm.

3. Evaluation on the basis based on infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the firm has lots of impact on the business certainty of the firm during the process of development. A proper infrastructure means sufficient availability of resources, means of communication, workplace essentials and business operations.

4. Evaluation based on recognition:

If the offshore firm is accredited with more number of medals, one can trust it thoroughly for the generation of the business ROI. Recognized firms can easily be searched on the internet. One can look into the firm’s testimonials and work details on the website before initiating the investment move. The presence of established brands on the offshore firm’s web page gives you those extra reasons to invest.

5. Evaluation based on a few other parameters:

Basis Parameters

Few other parameters which can and should never be ignored are

  • Security and control of the firm
  • “Acceptable Use” policy
  • Policy related to a betrayal of information
  • Proper consideration of all other business-related policies

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