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Kotlin is a general-purpose language and nowadays industry is interested in using it. It is one kind of new language that evolved by JetBrains in 2015. Kotlin and all its features are working with JVM and it is fully able to exchange and make use of information with JAVA 6. Therefore, it is a great tool for Android development.

People at JetBrains come up with a great solution to Java limitation and they had made Kotlin more and more attractive for the developers. Now, the project itself becomes dead easy for Android developers. Here, is one misconception that if developers want to use Kotlin then they need to scour those entire current libraries which are in use. But, this is not true. Kotlin provides interoperability with JAVA so that we can use all those libraries that are written in Java.

Let’s take a look at the Merits of using Kotlin and Android Development:

1. Flexible: It can run a server-side application, front end code and Android apps in the browser

2. Safe: It can solve a lot of problems that we are facing with the classes of error like a NULL pointer exception. Thus, Kotlin is safe from all those errors.

3. Interoperable:  It can hold all the existing Frameworks and Libraries of JVM with 100% interoperability


It can drastically reduce the overlapping code, use for the programming

If we talk about IDE for language then It is essential to have IDE support and we have it in Kotlin. We know that Android studio is built with IntelliJ IDEA, an IDE is built by JetBrains. So, the JetBrains worked for many years to make an assurance that Kotlin works significantly with IntelliJ IDEA. Therefore, we believe that Kotlin and Android is an outstanding fit for Android.

Kotlin has the support of the community as well since it is rapidly receiving by the developers.  You can find many different Kotlin libraries on the Github repository and every day a lot of new tools are going to be added over there. One can easily find the frameworks for popular things like Data binding, dependency injection, RX and so on. Moreover, while we add Kotlin into our existing language, our existing language is dilating. In Android 3.0, Java 8 library’s feature is directly supported by the Java C compiler. Therefore, due to the addition of a new language – the existing language will obviously go to expand.


Altogether, Kotlin is an appreciable tool in the improvisation of your project. To learn something new is always adventurous. It doesn’t matter if you are using an existing language or a new one. Interoperability with JAVA makes it effortless for developers. It reduces the code for programming too. However, It always takes time to learn a new thing but not more- just a few days for the full switch. All the features make development easier, faster and more delightful.

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