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kotlin programming language

“The overall point is that new technology will not necessarily replace old technology, but it will date it. By definition. Eventually, it will replace it. But it’s like people who had black-and-white TVs when color came out. They eventually decided whether or not the new technology was worth the investment.”

 –Steve Jobs

So here is another anecdote of a novel technological evolution that is there in the arena to challenge the period champion of its niche. When there comes a topic about the Android app development programming language; JAVA is sure to be the first jargon in the mind and mouth of many. But is this reaction rational?

I believe no! Because there are so many other languages that can write Android Apps and simultaneously comply with JVM (Java Virtual Machine).  And talking about today, JAVA is obsolete. It has been over-throned by Kotlin.

Kotlin programming language is the future platform on which several Android Apps will be designed to perfection. In fact, many developers have already titled it as the premium class language for writing the Android Apps.

Peter Ducker once quoted,

“For a new technology to replace old, it has to have at least ten times the benefit.”

So here I will cater you with ten significant attributes of Kotlin which stand manifestation to the Kotlin being adopted as the new official programming language for Android Apps. Also, these differences will suffice the answer to your query as to why Kotlin has won a standing ovation from the audience in spite of so many other counterparts on the ramp.

  1. Kotlin is a simpler language

Each and every update of Java resulted in a newer version which was inclusive of the previous features over and above the multiple add-ons. This resulted in a highly complex Java language. Whereas Kotlin has been developed from scratch and hence is free from the complexity of multiple toppings.

  1. Lesser issues

Apart from the NullPointerExeption issue which is currently irrevocable, Kotlin has lesser issues on record as compared to Java.

  1. Fewer bugs, lesser time-consuming process

Since Kotlin has less number of bugs to be fixed, the entire time consumed in the entire coding process is less. Often the cost of coding in Kotlin language is calculated on the basis of the number of hours involved in the entire process.

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  1. Ease of interchangeability

The shift from Java to Kotlin is a smooth swift. In fact, one can have Kotlin and Java both alongside each other in the same project. No dramatic change takes place in making a move from Java to Kotlin even in the case of a project which was initially working on Java.

Ease of interchangeability

  1. Best of procedural and functional programming

Unlike several other programming languages, Kotlin has a balanced blend of both procedural and functional programming.

  1. A brainchild of premium class

Since Kotlin’s is developed by JetBrains, the company that designed Android Studio based IDE, it receives complete support from Android Studio. After making a few changes in the menu, when the Android Studio configures Kotlin, the individual can smoothly convert a Java file into a Kotlin file.

Brain child of premium class

  1. Extension functions

The presence of extension functions in Kotlin ensures a cleaner Android App Interface and many more other benefits.

  1. The Anko library

The Anko library is the Kotlin source file to ease out the XML related complexity of programming language.

  1. Type safety language

In Kotlin there are optional safety types and also every class is a function; which overall results in more safety check-ups.

  1. Null in its type system

Since Kotlin could not get rid of Null Point Exception completely it came up with an alternate solution to it (since the presence of NPE can kill the app). Kotlin came up with null in its type system so that none of the developers can otherwise work around.

Kotlin programming

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