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“Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.”

Arnold Glasow

And also ideas are of no worth until they are out of our head and examined for their potential. So if you have sleepless nights and every time you check your smartphone, you feel the absence of some icon on the home screen, then you need assistance. Your brain cells are busy combating amongst themselves to put forward the splendid app idea they have come up with.

But simply owning an idea regarding app development is not an art of mastery. The precision lies in the fact of how this idea is converted into an application that justifies its core purpose of coming to life. Today when the app economy is booming beyond expectation, the challenges and hurdles for you as a budding app entrepreneur has also multiplied. All said I am not attempting to demoralize your desire and dream. Instead, I am trying to educate you that if you have all plans and guides adhered to in a strategized manner, success is sure to kiss the face of your app on every target smartphone.

The guidelines or inputs from my end to provide a spine to your idea have been discussed here below.

Question yourself: What kind of app do you want to build?

Take time to dig the answer to the query; what kind of app do you want to build? How are you going to make people use your app? What technologies need you to know to turn your idea into action? At this stage, you should be well brushed with answers as to why a specific user will download and open your app and integrate it into his/her routine life? What are you offering them that others are not? Your idea need not always be the out of box idea. It can be similar to some existing apps. But then you can learn from your pre-existing competitors in the market and come up with a much-refined version.

Pen down: the features, objectives, complexities and time

Figure out the objective of your app. What is the problem in which you desire to solve a specific set of time? What are all features required to be winged to your app to give it the needed flight? The more the number of features more will be the level of complexity.

Decision time: A freelancer, an agency or self

With a great app idea at your disposal, it becomes really hard to conclude on any one choice, when you have to decide who will carry out the function of transforming the idea app into a real app. Will it be a freelancer, an agency, or you yourself? Every option has its own set of plus and minus signs. A freelancer might be economical on part of recruitment and maintenance but you need to have a sharp eye to be able to distinguish a fake freelancer from a sincere one and also time factor is involved. An offshore agency will undoubtedly provide you security and expertise of service but it does become a little heavy on the pockets. You yourself if know how to do the coding it’s good. And if not you will be ending up with wasted time and money.

Market research

Market research will help you pin down the needs of the market, the trend of the market, and the existing competition. You can also gather reviews, feedback, and ratings of your competitive apps and update your feature list accordingly.

Who is your target audience?

Who will be using your app? Do they belong to which age group, gender, industry, region, income group, profession, etc? Having thorough know-how of the target audience helps you to strategize your app and its feature in a better fashion. You may conduct focus group studies to know what are the likes and dislikes of your target group. After all, this audience is the final judge of your final product.

Monetization strategy

The subscription fee, user data, sponsorship, in-app purchase, in-app ads are the varied forms that can bring in money through the app. So you need to shortlist which monetization model works best for your app. In-app purchases, for example, can be a solution to a free app. Select any one or two strategies that are the most feasible option for your app.

Wireframe or rough sketch is needed

A wireframe or rough sketch gives your idea a concept form and also refines it in terms of its features, and its launch. For a sketch, you need pen and paper whereas wireframe requires online tools.

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Once your rough sketch is done apart from other homework from our end, you should get the costing from the vendors to finalize anyone.

Create the UI/UX of the app

Whichever vendor is selected from your end, you should ask them to create the UI/UX of your app to get the visual look and design of your app. At this stage, your app look will be very much similar to the final product. Also if any changes are desired, the same can be communicated at this point.

App Development

App development and testing

Have control over the quality, time, and cost related to your app development by asking the developer to share each phase of your Mobile app development on a preferably a daily or weekly basis.

Launch the app and market it

Google Play Store and Apple store are the marketplaces where your app is destined to be. Carry out the app marketing and modern technology-oriented promotional moves to gather audience even before the app is actually launched in the market.

Gather the feedback

Once your app development is out in the market, you will be able to gather the actual response from an audience. A response might positive or negative or a mix of both. This is an essential stage because it is at this point that you will make the needed changes, development in the app, and re-launch it before people stop downloading it.


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