Website Maintenance Cost in 2020 - 7 Easy Steps!

Website Maintenance Cost in 2024 – 7 Easy Steps!

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Website Maintenance Cost

A quick website maintenance breakdown for businesses in 2024!

According to researchers, around 80% of online customers began their buying journey by exploring the website of the respective company.

That’s the reason for maintaining a website and understanding monthly website maintenance packages is crucial as a business owner. To give an estimation, regardless of the business size, complexity, and functionality, businesses end up paying $35 to $5000 per month or $400 to $60,000 per year for website maintenance.

Many businesses have the question of how much it costs to maintain a website monthly. It assists businesses to stay ahead of competitors in the agile market. If you want accurate estimates on the 2024 website maintenance pricing, then here we share a breakdown of costs step by step:

1. The domain name ($5 to $10/MO)

A domain name plays a vital role as it gives a unique name to your website, which reflects on the URL. Without a domain name, finding your business online is impossible, which is why you pay to renew your domain name each year. If you don’t pay for it, someone else will purchase it and enforce you to purchase another domain for your business. On average, companies spend $0.08 to $1 per month or $2 to $20 per year to renew their domain. It is the inevitable website maintenance feature.

2. Web hosting ($10 to $400 /MO)

Similar to the domain name, even web hosting is essential to your website. Without web hosting providers, customers cannot access your website. That’s the reason you need to include web hosting in your website maintenance rate. Here are a few options that you can choose from for web hosting along with costs:

  • Shared host: A shared host costs approx. $24 to $120 per year, which is the lowest of all as your website will be hosted with several other sites.
  • Website builder: A website builder hosting service, for instance, WordPress or Wix, costs $60 to $180. It provides an excellent option for small businesses and bloggers.
  • Virtual private server (VPS): VPS will cost you $240 to $600 per year, in which your share server provides complete access to your server’s resources because the provider divides the server into multiple virtual servers.
  • Dedicated server: As the name suggests, a dedicated server costs $1200 to $24,000 per year. It is the most expensive web hosting option.

3. SSL Certificate ($10 to $125/MO):

An SSL certificate stands for secure sockets layers that protect your company and your visitors. This certificate works by allowing your site to transfer, receive, and safeguard sensitive data provided by users or your business. It updates your website URL from “Http” to “https,” which gives a surety to users that your website is secure.

4. General website updates ($50 to $300/MO):

It is the basic cost of website maintenance that helps you to update your website and make it appear fresh, modern, as well as secure. On average, businesses spend around $15 to $115 per month. General website updates include:

  • Content
  • Media
  • Webpages
  • Navigation
  • Files
  • Links
  • Forms
  • Background images
  • Colors

5. Tech Support ($800 to $2400 /MO):

A website goes through a wide range of issues, from broken contact forms to server errors. That’s why WordPress website maintenance cost includes technical support. This enables your team to forward any technical issue on the website straight to the provider to fix things. Therefore, many businesses invest around $1500 to $300 per month in fixing technical issues of the website.

6. CMS Updates ($100 to $2400/Mo):

As we know that content marketing is a common phenomenon these days, enhancing conversion rates of the website. Many businesses have their own content marketing strategy, and the core part of this strategy is the content management system (CMS). A CMS allows the owners to manage, publish, and upload website content. That’s why businesses should consider this factor when it comes to website maintenance costs in India and spend a little amount of $0 to $3500.

7. Website Analytics Reports ($50 to $100/MO):

Undoubtedly, many website maintenance service companies providers include monthly analytics reports to provide you the detailed insights into your website’s performance. It also provides you the insights regarding the SEO activities of your website, which include:

  • Average time on site
  • Number of unique website visitors
  • Average bounce rate

Mostly, website analytics reports add up to $5 to $15 per month.

Last but not least: How much does WordPress website maintenance cost?

How much does WordPress website maintenance cost

Well, it’s quite hard to estimate the WordPress maintenance cost since every business has its own set of requirements. However, the basic cost to update and maintain the WordPress website ranges from $ 1000 – to $5000 annually.

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Bottom line

Website maintenance is an imperative part of web development; you can either opt for website maintenance cost India or choose a DIY approach. The DIY approach would obviously consume valuable time, which is why outsourcing is the best option. Web development companies provide end-to-end assistance to businesses that include website maintenance as well.

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