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With PowerApps, Microsoft enters into the world of the low-code app development platform. It allows non-professional developers to create business solution apps through an interface that minimizes the overall amount of actual coding. Developers make use of this framework to churn out apps more quickly with less coding and complexity as compared to the traditional approach.

So, if you aren’t using PowerApps to build web and mobile applications, you’re surely missing out on some amazing benefits. Let’s find out what PowerApps has to offer to businesses.

What does PowerApps do?

PowerApps development offers drag and drop interface that aid developers with a range of customization process to build a mobile app. You can add multiple icons, images, videos, or forms as you want in the app development process. Once you’ve developed your app, you need to store data inside the app and connect it with a data source. Once you’re satisfied with the development process, you can choose to share it with your organization or launch it from the platform.

Developer’s Insight on Low-code development platform

Developers find this low-code platform very easy and fascinating to use since its drag and drop interface reduces the development time and efforts. Below is why developer’s find low-code development as one of the best inventions in software development:

  • Low code apps are less expensive.
  • Development is faster and thus reduces app-to-market time.
  • It requires less bandwidth to download and run apps.
  • Since the app consists of fewer codes, developers would not have to worry about bugs and errors.

Earlier, creating custom apps would take up few months but with PowerApps development, it would end up in few hours. It will allow easy software integration including ERP, WMS, and more. Now all your routine tasks will be promoted which will boost the productivity of your departments.

How PowerApps can benefit your business?

Below is how PowerApps can benefit your business:

How PowerApps can benefit your business

  • Boost up software development

Now it becomes easy for .net developers to generate and launch numerous apps within few days with the help of PowerApps. Any individual that lacks technical expertise can easily get adapted to the platform and seamlessly build the apps across devices OS with PowerApps.

Developing apps with PowerApps doesn’t require any coding skills since it follows a low-code development ideology. It thus boosts the software development process and fastens your market deployment.

  • Reduced App Development Cost

If you decide to build your apps with PowerApps, it will definitely reduce the overall app development cost by 60%. PowerApps development not only eliminates the need to hire big-budget developers but also reduced maintenance cost and debugging which promotes the development cycle.

  • Office 365 Integration

Well, retrieving data from an app as per the user request and queries is awesome! But, where does this data is actually stored? Thanks to the PowerApps integration with office 365, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Flow that makes it easy to get data in and out of the Excel, SharePoint, or other 365 apps on which your business depends.

  • Mobile Ready

As long as users are sitting in front of the laptop, they can access exactly what they need. However, if the same user is out on the road, the same information can seem to be difficult to be accessed on a mobile device. The cluttered interface that works best on a laptop can be worthless for Android and iOS devices.

With PowerApps, you can develop the same app for the phone from the same interface. So that you can be assured that the app you’re building will work for mobile users. A big thanks to the easy-to-use interface and the common connectors that allow sharing the same data across the device to build a mobile-friendly version.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Flow

PowerApps comes integrated with Microsoft flow. This integration allows applications to change or update the data without the need to check for the update and run the app. Various PowerApps subscription comes along with a different number of flows which can be run each month and if needed, the number can be increased too.

  • Easy Standard Connectors

One of the hardest parts of app development for non-professional developers is connecting the data controller with the view. Through this easy-to-use drag and drop, the interface will definitely make the front-end easy.  It won’t still be fruitful for app developers if they’re still juggling to build SQL queries at the backend.

Developing apps with Microsoft PowerApps connectors make it easy for developers to connect with standard data storage services that are easy to use. The additional drag and drop templates and selection make it easy to access data from the cloud services or common Microsoft applications easy.

  • Streamlined Development

PowerApps makes it easy to develop and distribute the app in a group that needs them. So, whether the app is to be built by the company’s developer or a novice team member, a little bit of research and sorting through various connectors and functions will be enough to build an app from scratch.

All you need to do is just drag and drop elements together to build an app. The process is quite streamlined and quick.

  • Reinvestment of Savings

During the initial business years, the majority of the organizations need to skyrocket their savings so as to expand the business processes. PowerApps prove to be a great option for businesses to cut down costs by eliminating third-party apps that demand huge maintenance along with streamlining the existing business process.

Are you ready to get started with PowerApps development?

Microsoft PowerApps is a great way to create and use a business level app for your company. So, if you’re ready to kickstart with Microsoft PowerApps, just know that Concetto Labs is here to help you. We house a pool of experienced Microsoft Powerapps developers who have developed multiple projects serving domains like education, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, and more with PowerApps and Office 365 productivity tools. All you need to do is just drop us details and we’ll get back to you in 24 business hours.

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Why Business Should Checkout PowerApps For App Development?

If you aren’t using PowerApps to build web and mobile applications, you’re surely missing out on some amazing benefits. Let’s find out what PowerApps has to offer to businesses.

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