Why Use React For Your Business in 2024?

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Since the day Facebook launched React, it has reserved its place in the technology field. It’s getting more popular day by day. In fact, ReactJS is a JavaScript open-source library. It helps developers to build exceptional user interfaces that are high-performing.

As per Stack Overflow, 74.5% of developers recommend using ReactJS for web development.

In this competitive world, there are many tools available in the market which help in web and app development. But among all only a few tools are utilized and preferred by enterprises due to their features. And Facebook’s ReactJS is one of them. Having a plethora of frameworks available these days, it’s not that easy to find a framework that could ultimately not become outdated soon. So, the question that comes to mind is, is there any scalable platform or framework which always strives to remain the best in the world of technology?

Well, after going through some research, as a renowned web and mobile app development company, at Concetto Labs, we have concluded that ReactJS would be the perfect solution for all your needs for now and future.

Why React?

React is like a huge archive with so many boilerplate codes and UI components for your projects. The development becomes rapid. There are many reasons to choose to react, but, often the confusion is when to reach out.

The confusion does persist, but we are going to clear the air a little.

The first doubt: The State Of A Component

There are two parts to any web or web app, and one of those is business logic. While the other is representations. In other words, we all know that the majority of apps work on Model-View-Controller or MVC-type architecture.

We use views to represent the data. The state of any component depends on the data variations in the model. Let’s take an example of a social media web app, what are the states that a developer must think of?

  • User comments that you need to update the app.
  • A Gif or an emoji in response to a post.
  • An image posted by a friend of the user.
  • Many likes pour in for those posts.

All these actions on an app or say web app can affect the state of a component. When you are thinking of retaining the state of all the elements of your web app, React is the best choice. It helps developers with JSON files. React.Js can handle the state of components very well if the HTML is constructed based on state.

The Scattered Code:

If you are a new developer on the project, figuring out the business logic and getting the states to fit the functionality can get difficult. Here, a React.Js development company can simply use another state container in the Javascript universe- Redux.Js, and if you are still adamant on using React, then here is what you can do.

  • You need to change the state on the master DOM only.
  • Keep the React module as the building blocks of your components.
  • These modules can handle the business logic
  • Keep the rerendering and presentation part to React.

Note: The modules can represent different aspects of your websites or web-apps. Take an example of a shipping cost estimator in an eCommerce website. The code for the calculator can be at any place in the React library. So, the rendering can go out of hand exposing the parts of the app that are not yet executed.

The Content Injection:

If your project is content-driven, then you should go with React. Ask a developer that has to manage the DOM and he will tell you how difficult it gets.

  • You need to change the view for each content injections.
  • Change the state of the DOM
  • Redefine dependencies.
  • HTML injections
  • Event binding, and whatnot!

What React.Js does?

React simply uses the virtual DOM prowess. It allows the React.Js development services to easily maintain the master DOM, making the changes in a virtual one. So, the whole DOM management gets down to managing smaller virtual DOMs.

You get to maintain only those parts that are changing and not the whole DOM. It renders the changes by comparing the original and virtual DOM.

So, if your project is all about dynamic content or depends on user-generated content, React is your best partner.

The Headless CMS:

Ever heard of SPAs? They are single-page applications or say clock-and get it all types of sites. If your project includes a SPA built top of a headless CMS, then React is your best bet.

A headless CMS is like an archive without a custodian. It means that you will have only an admin interface between the view and the backend. This admin is accessible to all the content contributors.

Take an example of a guest blogging forum, where the guest contributors get access to the CMS. They have the right to post their blogs, edit snippets, descriptions, and metadata, add images, and even view of the final published article.

There is no front end, and that is why it is called headless. If your project is based on such logic, React can help you cover the view part. It is not a front-end framework and more of a JS library.

Whoa! We got some air cleared by now on when to tap into React for your project! But, many questions need answers. So, let’s get down to some of them.

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Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Your Project in 2024

Here, we are going to explain some reasons why some big giants like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are relying on ReactJS. Many organizations are choosing ReactJs to build interactive, unique, creative, and user-friendly apps. It’s the most suitable for startups, small and large enterprises.

1. Easy Learning Curve

When we talk about ReactJS, it’s easy to grasp for any JavaScript developer. It’s a very simpler and more effective framework. It’s a lightweight JavaScript library and deals only with the view layer.

In fact, it’s the major reason why React gained so much popularity in no time. It helps businesses quickly build their projects without having any troubles. Since it’s easy to learn and understand, it will not take much time for a developer to understand the development process. Hence, it’s the human tendency to adopt that technology that is easy to use and learn and avoid things that are difficult to learn.

Moreover, when we compare React with Angular and Vue, React is much easier to learn and especially in the documentation. As a business owner, you can develop applications quickly.

2. Rich User Interface

While developing an app, every organization focuses on developing rich user interfaces. It has become an important part of app development. If the user interface is designed poorly, then there are high chance of an application to get failed. Moreover, customers always expect more from your website. Hence, it’s also important to meet their expectations without making them wait and affecting other factors. Therefore, it’s become necessary for every business to survive and thrive in the market.

ReactJS allows developers to build an application with user interfaces that can promise an exceptional user experience. So if you develop an app using ReactJS, then there are better chances that your users will stay on your app and love to use it. You can easily build amazing and intuitive UI using declarative components.

3. Faster Development

With the help of React, a developer can develop high-quality user interface applications in very little time. Since it has reusable components and other development tools, it allows developers to develop an app at a very faster time. However, you will find readily available React developers tools like a browser extension. This makes coding much better than ever before.

So, if you are planning to develop an amazing website with a seamless user experience, but have no time, ReactJS is the perfect solution for you. Moreover, due to its reusability feature, you can save a lot of money as well. This will be your pocket-friendly project.

As a renowned ReactJS development company, our ReactJS developers develop and deliver a web app in no time. So that you can start serving your customers.

4. Fast Rendering

Fast Rendering

When you develop a complex, high-load app, it becomes essential to define the structure of the app in the beginning. As it can slow down the performance of the app.

When you use ReactJS, it has its own DOM. Virtual DOM is the representation of DOM that allows testing all changes to the virtual DOM first to calculate the risks with each modification. It’s tree-structured which helps to maintain high app performance and guarantees a better user experience.

In this way, ReactJS avoids costly DOM operations and does updates in an efficient manner.

5. SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization opens the door to success for any online business. But many of the JavaScript frameworks are not search engine friendly.

As per Moz, the lower the page load time and the faster the rendering speed. This will help an app to rank on search engines.

But surprisingly, ReactJS stands out among other frameworks. Due to its virtual DOM, it will reduce the page load time, which adheres to the Google algorithm. This secures its first position on Google Search Engine Result Page.

6. Useful Developer Toolset

Leveraging emerging technologies and implementing them in projects can be beneficial, but only if used correctly.

Facebook has understood the concept and added React dev tools and Chrome dev tools in their ReactJS framework. ReactJS comes up with many benefits from a developer’s perspective. The React tools basically help developers discover child and parent components. It also observes component hierarchies and inspects their present state and props.

7. Strong Community Support

It’s the place where you never feel that you are left alone. Because the React community is very huge and extremely helpful when you get stuck with any problems. It’s the main reason that Reacts documentation is getting better day by day. Every issue or bug you report will be solved immediately.

Being an open-source library, ReactJS has formed a strong community to support budding ReactJS developers. You will find plenty of tutorials, articles, blogs, and many other useful resources on the internet.

Apart from this, React experts keep helping the community by clearing other’s doubts, solving queries, and answering questions on groups, QA Platforms like Stack Overflow, Reddit, and Quora.

What is the benefit of a React.Js web development company over a freelancer?

It is true! We are all tempted towards a freelancer. They are cheap, often remote, and don’t need to be hired full-time. So, why choose a React.Js web development company then? Honestly, freelancers are great, but they often are hard to manage. Productivity and Time-To-Market are the essential factors that set both apart. A development firm commits to a definite period and delivers it on time. You can’t expect the same with every other freelancer.

What is the cost-effective benefit of React.Js?

React.Js is highly cost-effective, and there is no doubt about it. But, your doubts are not at all wrong. React is an open-source library, and so there are infrastructure costs that become redundant. It reduces the need for separate developers for front-end and back-end development. Because it is based on the JS, other backend frameworks like Node.Js work hand in hand with React.


So, with this, we hope, we have made your mind clear that why ReactJS would be the next choice for your project. Moreover, it comes with a bonus mobile application development platform called React native. And with it, you can build top-class cross-platform applications.

Definitely, React is a high-quality framework and is worthy of your attention. So what are you still waiting for?

Hire ReactJS developers from Concetto Labs and develop a high-quality app for your project. As an experienced ReactJS development Company, Concetto Labs helps organizations to deliver quality and flexible ReactJS development services across the world.

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