10 AI Apps That Are Redefining the Android Experience

10 AI Apps That Are Redefining the Android Experience in 2023

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AI is more than just innovation. It is the peak of computer intelligence that has transformed digital evolution. When mobile applications started integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the world changed. Everything was just a word away from your mouth. Yes, revolutionary speech-to-text just made us kings of the digital world, and these apps a genie out of the bottle.

In 2017, Google announced that it will be an AI-first company. It changed the whole approach of mobile app development for Android devices. The dream of Artificial Intelligence on Android was not new, but, it certainly changed the way companies had support from the platform.

According to Technavio, the Artificial Intelligence mobile app market will see an incremental growth of $13.26 billion by the end of 2024 It will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29% and year over the year growth rate of 28.22%. It is the sole reason there has been traction towards the usage of Artificial intelligence for android apps.

So, let’s see some of the best AI apps on the Android platform.

  • Databot:

Do you want a virtual friend? How about a robot that answers all your questions and provides relative information! Here, Databot aces the android AI app with a robot-like an interface. It has a unique way of bot representation. When you use the android app you will see a robot interface talking to you.

The interface has several apps and AI modules that understand user requests and provide data. These data can be in text format, images, and even in other multimedia presentations. It is developed by Microsoft and gives an overwhelming experience!

  • Google Assistant:

It is Google’s version of a virtual assistant like the Databot we saw earlier. But, some things make it different from most virtual assistants. Google has been developing it for quite a while, even before anyone would have thought of AI in apps. It replaced Google Now in operating systems developed by the tech giant.

Google Assistant has the privilege of Google’s search engine as its main source. So, you can get accurate data with voice search. It uses voice recognition and speech to text technologies to convert your voice commands into user requests. But, it is not limited to voice search and further extended the use of Android Ai to visual search. It is next on our list of AI apps.

  • Google Lens:

How about searching for a product with a look?Seems like a science-fiction? Well not anymore, Google has enhanced its virtual assistants with Google Lens. It’s one of the first of its king Android app with Artificial Intelligence integration.

It allows the users to search for data and information on any object captured through their camera. It has enterprise-grade usage and you can just scan a business card and get information about everything related to the cardholder. You can even search for data on products by scanning the bar code.

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  • FaceApp:

Artificial Intelligence apps are not always for business. Some are for fun too. FaceApp was one such artificial intelligent app on the Android platform that attracted huge traffic. The reason was the ability of the app to predict how well you look in your old age!

It offered several different frames for your face images to create effects like aging, gender change, childhood look, and others. It was really popular among Android users and aggregated huge downloads.

  • Grammarly:

English is often referred to as the global business language. No firm will like to lose their clients because of a language. Grammarly is an Artificial Intelligence-based Android app that can help you master your writing. It is not just a grammar-rectifier,

it provides you with suggestions to make your writing more engaging and helps find efficacy in vocabulary. The app comes in free and paid plans with better writing suggestions.

  • Spotify:

How about an app that suggests music according to mood? Spotify redefines music with the use of Artificial Intelligence. The Android music streaming app is also available on iOS. It uses a user’s listening patterns to understand what will be the best playlist to offer!

Every week the app algorithm creates a new playlist for you based on your listening pattern. It has a huge library of songs with mood-based playlists.

  • MyFitnessPal:

The fitness app from the Under Armor brand is another great example of AI in Android. It tracks calories based on the inputs of the user. It tracks all fitness-related activities daily. But, the most interesting thing about the app is its ability to suggest workouts and diet plans based on eating, sleeping, and workout patterns.

Want to know what to binge this weekend? Netflix has something great for you! The biggest Over The Top(OTT) platform in the world is the perfect example of how can you create a unique app with Artificial Intelligence!

It has a huge library of video titles across TV shows, movies, docu-series, and official documentaries. It recommends suitable titles to your profile by analyzing your streaming patterns.

  • Walnut:

This is an amazing app on the Android platform with Artificial Intelligence integration. It helps users track expenditure and money savings. It’s helps you organize your finances. It analyzes your spending patterns and provides you with different financial products that you can invest in.

  • Replika:

It is an artificial intelligence app that makes up for a real friend. It helps the app used to create a virtual companion with whom they can talk. So, you don’t need a shrink for your mental wellness. Rather than that just use this app on your Android device and be mentally healthy.


The world of Android AI apps is getting broader. There are several different applications of such technology today. Corporates and businesses are integrating advanced innovations into these apps.

We have already seen the rise in usage of Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality in Android apps. Many apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are using such innovation with AI to provide a great user experience.

So, what are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Matters In iOS apps?

Feel free to share with us in the below-given comments section.

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