6 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And IOS

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Best Live streaming apps

For many organizations aiming to grow their audience and attract new clients, video is becoming a significant component of a broader content strategy. And the center of it all is Live-streaming.

You need the best live-streaming mobile app that enables you to effortlessly share and promote your material, as well as record and store it for later use, to provide your visitors the greatest experience possible while viewing your well-planned live-streaming content.

Your video content plan should also include some high-quality Live-streaming content, such as press conferences, business announcements, live events, and more, to be more targeted with the audience. To provide your audience with the greatest experience possible while watching your Live-streaming material, you need a strong and focused Live-streaming app. This makes it possible for you to instantly distribute and advertise your streaming video, as well as to record and save it for later use.

The 12 finest Live-streaming apps for gaming and other purposes that you can test for mobile broadcasting in 2022 are highlighted in this blog. However, it’s crucial to understand what live-streaming applications are in detail before moving on to the best Live-streaming free app platforms.

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Defining Live-streaming App 

An application for Live-streaming is essentially a broadcasting program that is used to record, transmit, and distribute video information while it is in motion. The functionality and complexity of these applications differ from platform to platform in terms of both. In contrast to complicated and advanced video hosting platforms, which feature enhanced recording capabilities, promotional activities, and search tools, basic platforms just allow users to broadcast videos.

Some events use a mobile device to record and share content with an app for streaming. Others combine with sophisticated computer software components. However, this varies based on the needs and objectives of the individual’s firm.

Benefits of Live-streaming App 

  • Helps to reach the target audience easily
  • Free Live-streaming apps are available in the digital world.
  • Easy installation with one internet enables device is required
  • Helps to boost visibility by reaching a broader audience. 
  • Can record and archive Live-streaming videos and use them for marketing purposes. 

Overview of Live-streaming Apps 


App Name



Download Platform 

1 Twitch
  • Observe gamers competing in esports events and playing video games.
  • During any gaming, esports, or real-world broadcast, engage in live chat.
  • transmit your videogame content
4,461,376 Reviews
  • App Store 
  • Google play store 
2 Go Live 
  • Available in various languages
  • Simple UI 
  • App Store 
  • Google play store
3 Instagram Live
  • Relate to other users
  • Send comments and responses
  • capture livestreams to upload later
12,31,10,480 Reviews
  • App Store 
  • Google play store
4 Facebook Live
  • Pick the viewers of your videos.
  • Commentary interaction with the audience
11,98,49,892 Reviews
  • App Store 
  • Google play store
5 Periscope
  • No time limits
  • Moderators’ choice

1.1 million


  • App Store 
  • Google play store
6 Live Stream
  • Discover live events from international 
  • broadcasters.
  • Receive notifications when the accounts you follow and your friends open.
  • Integrated chat to interact with viewers
70,303 Reviews
  • App Store 
  • Google play store
7 Youtube Live
  • Edit live streamsprivacy to attract a particular audience
  • YouTube preview before going live
12,07,46,457 Reviews
  • App Store 
  • Google play store

Top 10 Live-streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Numerous live-streaming apps are available to meet your streaming needs, and the demand for live streams is increasing. However, we have compiled a list of the best Apps To Stream Video Live for Android and iOS users to make it as simple as possible for you to locate good apps that will fulfill your demands.

1. Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch is a free live-streaming app for android that mostly focuses on gaming and the IT industry. You can connect with millions of gamers and tech enthusiasts worldwide through the app and speak with them. It is also regarded as one of the top Android and iOS Live-streaming gaming apps. Nearly 10 million gamers utilize Twitch to stream, watch, and debate about the games and essential strategies.

Emotes, channel memberships, bits, partnerships, advertisements, and other revenue-generating options are integrated into the platform to help you monetize your Live-streaming content. You can watch your preferred cartoon online on Twitch TV. However, it features three tiers of membership plans starting at a $4.99 monthly subscription and is also available for free.


  • A flexible streaming platform that offers desktop and mobile viewing.
  • Use the dark mode function to play games at night.
  • Reputable and frequently used platform globally.


  • Promote and Profit
  • Create your neighborhood
  • Play games to get money.
  • Real-time conversation with the players
  • Finding the content is made simple and intuitive.
  • Animated live performances


  • For startups making a space for themselves could take a little while.
  • Strange threats and abuse from competitors
  • Loading issues occasionally

2. Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live

Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live

To become a celebrity or well-known social media influencer, you need more than just interactive video creations on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and others. You must engage with your audience in addition to all of this to gain new followers and increase engagement. 

And now there’s GO Live, which enables you to broadcast live and share your experiences with your followers on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Approximately 7000 of its 1 million registered members are active every day. What’s novel is that you may now broadcast the captured video to several social networks live. It is available in many other languages, including Thai, English, Hindi, and many others.


  • Among the many languages that are supported are English, Hindi, Thai, and many more.
  • A simple user interface.
  • It has a feature for live multi-platform broadcasting.


  • Real-time interaction, play, and conversation
  • The live videos feature attractive, alluring anchors who dance, sing, and converse
  • Send your favorite people virtual gifts.

3. Instagram 


One of the top live streaming apps on iOS and Android devices is Instagram. The world’s most popular social media platform is now Instagram. Instagram Live is one of the many tools on the network that keep its users engaged. In a very short time after its late 2016 launch, the Live Stories feature gained widespread attention. Instagram’s Live-streaming functionality allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers or other users via this social media platform.

Instagram is on the level with other live platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, thanks to its capacity to arrange Instagram Live videos. Instagram is revamping its video approach by fusing long-form video with the feed video in addition to improving live video audiences


  • An hour time frame
  • Filter assistance
  • Hiding the truth from certain people
  • Friends can be added to Instagram Live.
  • As the show concludes, keep the video as your story.


  • To begin the video, simply tap the “live” button.
  • Several filters and artistic tools
  • Combine many videos into a single one.


  • After the Live-streaming has finished, the video cannot be played again.
  • The videos cannot be seen in a browser because the website is exclusively a mobile app.

4. Facebook Live 

Facebook Live 

One of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook has more than 2.45 billion active users per month. One of the key factors contributing to Facebook Live’s global success is the service itself. Furthermore, one out of every four videos submitted to Facebook is a live video. The best characteristic of this social network is that all of its features are free to use.

Facebook Live streaming app contrast to Instagram, is accessible both online and through the official app. Although the UI is not drastically different from Instagram, Facebook live has a wider audience and more visibility

Tap the camera symbol in the top left corner of the app and swipe right to access the Live option to broadcast live on Facebook. Like with any other post, you can choose visibility and provide a description. You can also add a friend, add mystery masks, etc., similarly to Instagram live. When you’re finished, click “Start Live Video” to broadcast your video live.


  • The time limit of four hours
  • Filter assistance
  • Option to omit particular people from stories
  • Detailed statistics on video views
  • Until the broadcast is over, keep the video up on your page.


  • Watch live video viewers and engage with them.
  • Facebook feeds continue to show videos
  • 90 minutes of Live-streaming are permitted.


  • Interactional, but only if viewers provide comments on your live video

5. Periscope Lite Video Chat

Periscope Lite Video Chat

A popular and well-known Live-streaming app for Android is called Periscope. Users can list out the live broadcasts on a map to quickly browse the popular live streams on Periscope. You can even view the highlights of Live-streaming videos on Periscope. One of the simple and completely free Live-streaming apps on the market. It offers thorough statistics for viewers of live events, replays, total time watched, and more. You can make a link using this Live-streaming and post it on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


  • No time constraints
  • The capability of geotagging and locating live feeds on a map
  • Videos only hang around for 24 hours on the app.
  • You have the option to link Twitter for the website’s live stream.
  • Choice of moderators
  • You immediately learn more about the live stream.


  • Provide a link to other social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • View the Live-streaming highlights
  • Obtain complete data on viewers of replays, live viewers, total time watched, and more.
  • There is also access to the web-based interface.
  • Simple and cost-free


  • If you want to restrict access to your live video broadcasts, you can either share a secret link with certain audiences or block users one by one.
  • Only a few partners have access to live 360-degree videos.
  • Videos cannot be saved and are only available for 24 hours.
  • Limited audio and video quality are available.
  • Reduces the battery life by 20% for 10-15 minutes of live video

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6. Livestream


Max Haot, Dayananda Nanjundappa, Phil Worthington, and Mark Kornfilt launched Livestream in 2007. It had the moniker “Mogulus.” It is a tool that must be purchased and costs a lot of money. It might work for you if you’re an event planner, but for individual broadcasters, this might be incredibly expensive. Numerous other platforms, like Tango and Facebook Live, are integrated into the free version. Now owned by Vimeo, it goes under the name of Vimeo Livestream.


  • Mobile and desktop devices both have streaming possibilities.
  • Stream to numerous Live-streaming providers at once.
  • Innovative tools, such as multi-bitrate streaming and white labeling.


  • It has a variety of cutting-edge features, including multi-bitrate streaming and white-labeling.
  • The incorporation of well-known social networking platforms can be used by users.


  • Costs for advanced features can add up quickly.
  • Due to bugs, the navigation voice occasionally omits directions

7. YouTube TV: Live TV & more

YouTube TV: Live TV & more

 YouTube needs no introduction and also ranks as the top live-streaming app in the globe. Without a doubt, YouTube is a fantastic social media platform for monetizing producers or artists through adverts, but only once they have achieved sufficient fame. Only users who have at least 10,000 more subscribers on their YouTube channel can use the YouTube Live tool to broadcast their ideas or video content in real-time. You may organize charitable events, communicate with niche markets, and create a much better community in real time. One of the greatest Live-streaming tools for YouTube, it is completely free to use.


  • No time limits
  • Supports 4K and 1080p Live-streaming
  • Supports Super Chat, Sponsors, and video monetization
  • Links for instant sharing
  • A loudness indicator bar for audio


  • The use of the YouTube app is free.
  • Users determine what is published.


  • Available only to users with 10,000+ subscribers
  • If it’s not well-known, users won’t be able to monetize it.


Find the best Live-streaming app that meets your demands and enables you to generate your content with minimum difficulty and disruption, whether you decide to use one that connects to another Live-streaming platform or one that creates and shares your video on its own.

Live video streaming apps are unquestionably a fantastic technique to increase the amount of money that your event generates. And for a company’s video content strategies, the best app that streams video live includes conferences, event coverage, and releases are essential. You must use the appropriate equipment to assist you to produce your live broadcasts on location if you want to provide your audience with the highest-quality Live-streaming video.

We hope the list of the top Live-streaming apps for Android and iPhone offered above will assist you in selecting the best option for your needs and enable you to easily generate video content.

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