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We have come a long way in AI and deep learning technology and face recognition apps systems are no longer a novelty.  A big thanks to the “selfie culture”, it still tends to be a feature of the major technology products. Right from unlocking a device to identifying criminals, this biometric technology is always in discussion in both – Research and industry.

Though big-shot companies like Google are doing a tremendous job to bring aboard this technology into mainstream applications, it is still restrained as a normal feature of Android devices. However, with applications like Google photos – A face scanner app to identify relative faces, advancement has been brought in this field apart from the security angle. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Chris are truly enjoying old age filters with app-to-age faces and posting pictures to make the face app popular.

Although facial recognition for security purposes is a standard feature found in the majority of the flagship Android phones, still there are innumerable applications available to take this feature to another level. This blog post talks about a list of the best face recognition apps one should consider to be included in their Android app.

What is a facial recognition system?

Facial recognition is a way of recognizing the human face and features through technology. It uses biometric features for mapping facial features from photos or videos. It checks out information with the database of the known and stored faces and finds the match. Face identifier app helps to verify the person’s identity.

What is a facial mapping app used for?

Facial recognition apps have many implementations. Companies can make use of such technology for marketing and sending targeted ads to consumers. Tech companies incorporate such features to help smartphone users easily unlock devices. Law enforcement agencies use it to identify or keep track of the missing personalities.

Which are the best face recognition apps to be used in multiple fields?

Face recognition apps

Below are few Google facial recognition apps to be used in various fields:

1. Face App


Launched back in 2017, the Face app is a face detection Android and iOS app used by the majority of celebrities for their face recognition globally. Known as the best ancestry face recognition app, this app started the trend of letting people post photos of their old selves. Actors like Justin Bieber to Jennifer Lopez engage in the app.

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  • Tech-savvy AI-based styling features to hook users
  • The facial recognition app engages the audience globally by incorporating Hollywood Filter selfie
  • It allows users to share their old and new photographs just like other social media apps.
  • Replacement of background with a single tap.
  • Application of color filters and lens blur using Face app.
  • Filters available in Face App are smile, hairstyle, Genderswap, age, and skin tone lightening.

2. Luxand


Luxand Face recognition is not just a simple app. Albeit, it’s a top-notch hi-tech company with a bundle of multiple services and apps registered under the head Luxand. It consists of biometric identification, Face SDK idea for surveillance, and other purposes used by brands and organizations globally.

The company has a list of premium portfolio brands like Ford, Badoo, LG, Philips, Universal Pictures, Samsung, P&G, Unilever, and more. Apart from this, the US Department of Defence cybercrime center, Korea National Forensic service, Singapore ministry of home affairs are on the list of its clientele.

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  • The Facial recognition app memorizes faces to recognize them for now and future references. 
  • The software is capable enough to detect 70 unique facial features.
  • Be it a live video stream or footage, it can recognize faces and authenticate profile identification.
  • It leverages the Face SDK feature publicly with privacy concerns and scrutiny for multiple face detection APIs.

3. AppLock


App Lock is one of the best facial recognition apps that ensures that users are only able to access their personal information, financial accounts, and social media apps.

Apart from being restricted to mobile face recognition, the app leverages voice recognition. Here, the face and voice assistance acts as a password key for the phone to unlock the apps.

How does this facial mapping app work?

  • Choose any of the pre-selected options: voice unlock phrase, face recognition or create your own unlock phrase.
  • Here, you can enroll in both alternatives, face and voice lock by keeping your face in front of the phone along with a speaking passphrase.
  • Select the apps you’d like to lock.
  • Select the security level as a password to use for every app.


  • Leverages seamless and secure experience by the combination of face recognition and voice assistant technology.
  • It will work in offline mode in case of Internet disconnection or failure.
  • In addition, it creates a backup authentication option with a password that can be used in conditions when face or voice-enabled services aren’t operative.

4. Face2Gene


This facial recognition system is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Hence, it is restricted to public use. If there’s a lack of medical training, it is not viable to make use of this app. The nest-gen phenotyping is used to evaluate enhanced patient evaluation. Such facial app development boosts clinicians and bioinformatics confidence by prioritizing genetic disorders and variants in lab and clinic. It is one of the best apps in the healthcare app genre.

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  • It detects genetic disorders and dysmorphic features.
  • Allows doctors to directly share patient use cases in secured group forums.
  • Special communities and groups are created for healthcare professionals to discuss disorders and use cases in depth.
  • Users are constantly kept in the loop with feedback and comments on ongoing cases.

5. Blippar


One of the latest additions to the list of face identifier apps is the Blippar app. This app lets the user learn from their surroundings by scanning the objects, places, or anything they would want to learn about. The app will simply scan the objects and display the information.

Being an object recognition application, it helps users to unlock augmented reality experienced from everyday objects and places. For instance: If the app scans a dog, it will display information about its breed. On the other hand, it scans places, objects, animals, plants, and human faces.

Apart from this, It is also a face scanner app since it also detects human faces which helps further insecurity, cybercrime, and national forensics.

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Towards Ending:

So, that’s all from my end. The above are a few of the best face recognition apps for android. Most of them are free to use. However, some might have additional in-app purchases which you can use to unlock advanced features. Do you have any questions? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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