What is Difference Between React JS and React Native?

What is the Difference Between React JS and React Native?

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What is the Difference Between React JS and React Native?

ReactJS vs React Native are two outstanding tools in the developer’s toolbox for creating appealing user interfaces for web and mobile applications. These frameworks apply various methodologies and cater to several platforms, even with a similar foundation.

With various versions of React, such as ReactJS vs React Native, it becomes confusing for users to differentiate them and choose the one.

This blog will help you understand the overview of the development technologies and assist you in making an informed decision regarding which technology to choose and regarding React Native web development company.

What is React JS?

What is React JS?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library package created to develop web applications. This JavaScript library is used for creating the user interface of mobile apps and web applications.

ReactJS helps in fast, flexible and logical mobile and web application development. It is possible to automate the design process efficiently.

Looking at the advantages, ReactJS developers can create anything they wish without following any guidelines.

ReactJS Developers can quickly add libraries or plugins to their applications. They also create quick, scalable and straightforward web applications.

Advantages of working with React.JS

  • During the React JS Development, a developer can reuse the code that saves a lot of time of development.
  • It improves the speed of debugging.
  • Rendering of pages from the server to the browser can improve the SEO of web applications.
  • You can get all the benefits of each expansion in the Java language. It is fully supported in React.JS
  • Even who are not familiar with React, they can easily learn it because React is simply a readable JavaScript library. Many frameworks require learning the detailed concept of a framework which is very time-consuming while React is fully opposite.

What is React Native?

What is React Native?

React Native is defined as a cross-platform mobile framework used to develop unique web applications and websites. Developers can develop mobile applications by compiling native app components into JavaScript, with the ability to execute on several platforms such as Android, Windows, etc.

React Native helps to build ReactJS framework under its own framework and assists to build components using React Native.

Advantages of React Native

  • React native comes with all the benefits that you get in React.JS. Thus, you will get benefits for better UI as well.
  • React native allows you to reuse the same logic on a different platform so you don’t need to write separate code for iOS and Android when they share the same logic.
  • By knowing about JavaScript, platform API’s and some native UI elements, many front-end developers can be a mobile application developer.
  • React native comes with a native module and native components that help to improve the performance.
  • Whenever you want to implement React native in your current application, you don’t need to change the whole code. You can simply add React native UI components into an existing application.

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What is the Difference Between ReactJS vs React Native?

The difference between React Native and React JS are mentioned below:

Comparison Factor  ReactJS React Native 
Purpose Developing Web Apps Developing Native Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Efficiency ReactJS is more efficient during app development and code reusability. React native is more effective in performance and memory usage.
Components ReactJS components are in HTML. These components are imported in the app before using it.  React Native components are written in JSX, and are compiled directly into native code. 
Community assistance Large and established community Growing community with Facebook support
Debugging Easy and Simple Difficult because of native code integration
Target Platform Web  Android or iOS
Syntax React uses HTML and its syntax flow React Native use its own syntax. 
Architecture Virtual DOM Native components and APIs
Navigation ReactJS use traditional browser approach Better option for developing native mobile apps and depends on native platform navigational component.
Cross-platform development Only Cross-Browser Yes, for Android and iOS
Customization High level of customization Limited customization options available
Rendering Browser code renders through the Virtual DOM Uses Native APIs to render every component on mobile
Feasibility More feasible for web app development More feasible for mobile app development
Language JavaScript JavaScript

What to Choose- React JS or React Native?

You must now know React JS and React Native. For platforms of the finished products, they are pretty different, but for the development process, they are similar in various ways.

Learning another framework becomes relatively easy if you know React JS or React Native. Because of the restricted support of React Native, we must understand and explore its details.

Hence you can think about employing React or React Native to develop a mobile or web application. They will enhance future development in just a few ways.

Still, worrying about what to choose?

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1. Why use React Native and React?

React is a UI library for developing attractive and engaging user experiences. In summary, the users can prefer to use React to develop web applications that are quick and effective. So, React Native is the best option if you are looking to develop cross-platform applications.

2. What is the purpose of React Native?

Due to the capacity of React Native to deliver a native appearance and feel, cost reduction, quick and effective performance and shorter development time, React Native is used to create various apps for Android, iOS, Windows and web. Hence, one can say that React Native is the most effective framework to develop mobile applications.

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