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In the digital world, several people now only accept cashless payments. Creating an app like PayZapp benefits everyone, from hotels to ice cream trucks. It becomes feasible to carry a lot of money and perform transactions of any value. You can pay anywhere and at any time using these apps

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About PayZapp

To adapt to the shifting banking landscape and fulfill client expectations, HDFC Bank introduced its e-wallet service in 2015.HDFC PayZapp for business is the name of HDFC's electronic wallet. The bank also launched PayZapp to support the Government of India's objective to digitize the economy and guarantee that this app's advantages may be used by people in even the nation's most rural areas. Using this e-wallet, customers may do various tasks, including fund transfers, online and offline shopping, recharges, bill payments, and much more. Both current HDFC customers and customers of other banks can use this application from HDFC.

The finest feature of payzapp's online app development is how simple it is to send and receive money internationally. PayZapp charges minimum fees for international transfers of money. Nowadays, after the success of online payment apps, various companies are investing in the financial sector by developing payment gateway applications.

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How Will You Perform Transactions Using PayZapp?

Before using PayZapp, you must register for the app and complete the KYC process by entering the mobile number associated with your HDFC Bank account. Then, load your PayZappCard with cash using your bank account or credit card.

A rewarding payment method, the PayZappCard offers numerous discounts, sign-up bonuses, loyalty points, and cash back. Use a smartphone app to save cash, including internet shopping, recharges, and automobile orders.

  • To begin, all you have to do is:
  • You can download the PayZapp app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • You must enter your mobile number associated with your HDFC bank account.
  • Complete the basic KYC process and registration.
  • Connect your bank or credit card to the PayZappCard
  • Use your credit card or bank account to load as much money as you need onto your PayZappCard.
  • You can now use your PayZappCard.

PayZapp allows for the payment of numerous things. One can accomplish this in three easy ways:

Scan to pay:

PayZappallows for the payment of numerous things. One can accomplish this in three easy ways:

Utilize the Pay/Send Money tool:

To send money from one PayZappaccount to another or directly to a bank account.

Online Payment:

Customers can make payments online by selecting the "Pay with PayZapp" option. In addition, a person can utilize the PayZappwallet to pay with cards linked to PayZapp.

Salient Features of PayZapp


Funds Transfer


Safety and Security


Cashbacks and Attractive Offers




Movie and Travel bookings


Grocery Shopping


Recharge mobile number


PayZapp - UPI & Bill Payments


Book a taxi


Allows Online Shopping


Family and friends can send and request money


Monitor the transactions

PayZapp card is an appealing app that combines incentives, convenience, and safety.

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How Much Will It Cost to Create an App Like PayZapp?

Due to the significant buzz this app has generated, many business owners prefer to create money transfer apps. If you are interested in designing an app like PayZappfor iPhone or developing an app like PayZapp for Android, list your requirements for building an app similar to PayZapp.

You can identify the type of app you require and engage a top mobile app development company.

Payment applications also require sophisticated security knowledge; therefore, employ our top-rated mobile app developers to get a secure and cutting-edge application

PayZapp online app development costs between $20k and $35k.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about employing our developers that may help you.

Everyone with a debit or credit card and an account with HDFC Bank is eligible to sign up for the HDFC PayZapp e-wallet app.

You will be able to regulate and view your costs more easily and comfortably: A rewarding method of payment, the PayZapp Card offers numerous discounts, sign-up bonuses, loyalty points, and cash back. Via a mobile app, you may save money on everything from online shopping to phone recharges to car orders.

Registering for PayZapp UPI allows you to send money directly from your bank accounts for free transfers or payments.

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