What’s new with 2020 Flutter Spring Update

Reading Time: 9 minutes Flutter is an opensource Google’s UI toolkit. Flutter craft beautiful and natively compiled applications for web, mobile, and desktop. It uses a single codebase. Flutter does work with existing code used by developers and organizations. Firebase is a web and mobile… Continue Reading →

Why Comply GDPR With App Development?

Reading Time: 15 minutes We all know the increasing number of mobile apps, which are going to make an entrance or already has made entrance into the app market, but the survival rate of the most of the app is not praiseworthy and needs… Continue Reading →

Integrating PowerApps with Power BI

Reading Time: 6 minutes A few months ago, Microsoft announced an update for Power BI which allowed us to use applications which are created using PowerApps with Power Bi. It gives us lots of new possibilities to work with Power BI. The biggest advantage… Continue Reading →

What’s new in laravel 6.0

Reading Time: 8 minutes Laravel 6.0 is here! Laravel is a popular PHP framework that aims to make the development process easy for developers. Previously, Laravel 5.0 was introduced to create a new wave of excitement among the developers and offered great features such… Continue Reading →