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5 best meditation app for iPhone in 2023

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5 best Meditation app for iPhone

Don’t you think your mental health is as important as your physical health? In fact, it is more necessary to be mentally happy and healthy to overcome all physical stress. Well, meditation plays a very important role in keeping you mentally powerful. Your breathing techniques, your surroundings, and your aura all can be kept clean and powerful with one simple health regime – The meditation app!

Nowadays with busy schedules, it might be a little less easy to meditate, but do not forget with the best meditation apps it can be made possible anywhere even while you are traveling. In this article, we have come up with the best meditation apps of 2023 for beginners as well as the best meditation app for kids.

But before that let me share a very few benefits of meditation.

  • It helps in reducing stress
  • Controls high blood pressure & variability in heart rate
  • Reduces insomnia
  • For kids helps in increasing the attention span & also creates self-awareness
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Can also help with memory loss issues & reduce physical pain
  • It helps in fighting against addiction.

There are many more advantages of meditation apart from the ones mentioned above. For some, individuals focusing on an ordinary practice like meditation is troublesome. With a little assistance from the best meditation apps, just like many other people, even you can get advantages.

Attempt these best meditation apps for iOS, practice meditation, and let us know your thoughts.

5 best meditation Benefits

1. Headspace – Guided Meditation (Ratings: 4.7)

I opted for this meditation app as it has been the best meditation app of the year on the app store.
It is a guide to happiness & health. It has different tasks/techniques to meditate, a mindfulness app, breathe & focus. If you are a beginner at meditation you need not worry. Headspace is the best iPhone meditation app for beginners as it provides a free basic course of meditation for beginners.

Another wonderful experience about this app is its Sleep by headspace. This part of the app helps you overcome the issues related to sleep. For a better user experience, they have the dark screen mode for users using it to sleep at night. Amazing right?

There is also a special section for kids in this app that provides sessions on calm, kindness & focus. It is a one-stop solution.

Cost: Free basic course

2. Breathe – Sleep & Meditation (Ratings: 4.6)

I incorporated this application since it’s much more advantageous for occupied in a hurry people. Breathe in the care application for Apple Watch that permits you to press in a brisk contemplation while never hauling out your mobile phone.

It has music content carefully chosen for you to meditate, relax, sleep sound & focus. The main part of the application is it has a 12 weeks program/challenge which helps you improve your meditation skills. It also has hypnotherapy sessions.

Includes programs for teenagers & kids to make them more attentive & get less distracted. Compatible with all the devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and syncs the data automatically. Breathe app is integrated with the Apple health kit.

Cost: Free
Paid Premium Membership.

3. Calm – Meditation & Sleep (Ratings: 4.6)

Calm has a wide scope of guided meditations. It is most importantly designed & developed to help individuals for unwinding & relaxation, in contrast with certain reflections that are intended to motivate profound ideas or inventiveness.

It has various meditations varying from 3-mins to 25-minutes. In case you’re enthused about building up a day-by-day practice, attempt Daily Calm, the application’s 10-minute program that you can rehearse before the start or end of your hectic day.

Calm likewise offers breathing activities, rest stories, and mitigating foundation tracks to enable you to improve your rest. The top-notch membership incorporates all that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Much more from it awaits like – Music according to meditation mood, masterclasses, etc.

Cost: Free
Paid Premium Membership.

4. Oak – Meditation & Breathing (Ratings: 4.8)

Oak is purposely designed to transform your meditation experiments into a daily habit. It incorporated tasks for meditation, sleep & breathing. Ranging from a 5 min session to 30 mins session you can choose anyone according to your need.

This app comes with a meditation timer for all those who wish to meditate on their own with their convenient meditation duration, that too with ample music options available.

Another amazing thing about this app is it tracks your progress. Not only this but also suggest new tasks to be accomplished keeping in mind your previous records. It is also integrated with the Apple health kit for tracking mindful minutes.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases.

5. Stop Breathe & Think kids (Ratings: 5)

This app has been mainly designed & developed for kids to help them be calm, resolve conflicts, have proper sleep & learn to meditate. This is the best meditation app for kids we have come across.

It has wonderfully animated videos for kids, mindful bedtime stories, and More than 25 premium missions for meditations to overcome disappointment, stress & excitement. It also has different activities & catchy stickers to reward the progress of the kids & make it more exciting for them.

This app is a perfect combo of Fun + Learning for your kids.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases.

Hope this article will help you choose the best meditation app for beginners. Also if you are a parent and looking for the best meditation app for kids, we have a couple of options mentioned above. Keep Calm & Meditate!

5 best meditation app for iPhone in 2023

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