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People are often heard nowadays talking about the back end and front end or sometimes the server-side and the client-side. The proper presentation of the data to the users is included in the frontends. The users mainly access the web through the normal browser. So, to target the end users, various technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are used. The full stack web developer and full-stack programmer is mainly involved in the overall task of development, and so, it may be considered as the proper answer to the question, “What is full stack developer?”

The backend generally, on the other hand, is much more concerned with the data aspect of a web application and also with the business logic.

The 3-tier architecture

Full Stack Developer

For web development, there is mainly three-tier architecture which proves very much useful. Common client-server software architecture is implemented in this particular approach. Due to its huge demand, it is imperative to learn full stack web development. Full-stack developer skills are generally multi-faced. There are three important layers of the entire development:

  • First is the presentation layer which is mainly concerned with various issues related to UI. It also relates to the proper way of presentation of the data to the end-users.
  • The second is the business logic layer which to generate particular information for the users is much more concerned with the data processing and also data validation.
  • The third layer is the data access layer which is involved in dealing with data storage and data persistence behind the scenes.

Sometimes, for developing a full stack web application, we should try essential to hire a full stack javascript developer. Also, we can find the best quality of full stack developer Microsoft as well as full stack developer front end for hire in the current market.

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We should also look mainly what is implemented in each of these layers. We mainly use languages such as, Java, C++, Python or Ruby in the implementation of the business logic layer. Mainly, to exchange data, the server talks to the entire system of the back-end database management system. So, by the server-side rendering of the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, The front-end display of data is generated to the user.

Need Of A Specialist For Each Of The Three Layers

There is a successful implementation of this traditional approach in web development. And so, these three layers are mostly taken into consideration before hiring a full stack developer. A specialist is always needed who possesses the knowledge of all the three layers. So, the hired front-end specialist should be well versed in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Data specialist is mainly required who is concerned with both the data persistence and also data basis aspect of the web development.

Hiring backend specialists are also essentially required who is well versed in server-side implementation. The examples include undoubtedly one of the important languages used for the server-side implementation.

The Growing Market Of Full Stack Development

Towards the full stack development, the trend is gradually growing. It is generally used for the implementation of the overall stack. AngularJS is mainly considered as the most important JavaScript frameworks. The technologies such as Node.js also could be implemented by the server side and so, it gains depends on the JavaScript.

Important Characteristics To Look In A Full-Stack Developer

  • The full stack developer should have an area of expertise.
  • They should know one language but not all.
  • They should possess the ability to irons out the kinks.
  • The hired developer should be an important part of the developer
  • Last but not least, the developer should be experienced.


Full stack development

The market of full-stack development is gradually increasing in recent days, and so, the experienced developers in the same field are in great demand. The above characteristics should be taken into consideration while hiring a full stack development. As a full-stack expert, it’s all about creating great functionality, easy to use user experience and also a good quality product. It takes much time to become a full-stack developer as it is not only about learning different back end and front end technologies. Becoming a full stack developer is a much easier process for a person who enjoys web development videos and reading software. The thing most needed in the full stack developers is to keep patience.