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In Today’s era, we live online shopping, online stores all become integral and competition becomes more tough day by day hence the e-commerce business owners are moving to opt for other methods to succeed.

1. Payment Gateway Integration:

To make things easier for buyers and sellers both all you need is to apply payment Gateway integration into your application.

These help to consumers as they can avail of different types of services that include online payment by just a single click, online booking tickets, and do all other stuff online. 

For the users who want to sell their products online internationally for these kinds of businesses, mobile app payment is fundamental.

Hence every mobile application has integrated with some or other payment gateway.

2. Payment Gateway Software:

To integrate any merchant’s mobile application or an e-commerce website with electronic transactions is known as Payment Gateway Software.

As we are all aware that without payment processing software any online transaction is not possible.

These payment gateway software supports many popular and common financial systems which include American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, and also able to verify user’s data accurately and quickly.

So by reading this, you must be aware that what a payment gateway integration is for, now let’s discuss how to integrate payment gateway with any mobile application for a better understanding we will take an example of Flutter App.

How To Integrate Payment Gateway In Flutter App?

To do integration of payment gateway the knowledge of basic Java and to write platform-specific code require knowledge of swift and user have to do the same task twice as once for iOS and once for Android.

If we take Flutter than to build an application using flutter is easy so to integrate payment gateway will be also easy hence we will take another approach for Instamojo integration. The question is what is Instamojo?

A free payment gateway in India that is 100% secure, does not require maintenance cost and setup cost and trusted by 600000+ Indian businesses.

But Instamojo does not provide a plugin for flutter hence to integrate Instamojo in flutter app need to use any alternative method or platform channel.

To integrate payment gateway in flutter app all you need is Instamojo API doc that helps you to get answers to the following questions:

Payment Gateway Integration

  1. A payment request gets complete by creating an HTTP request which includes basic details of the user. 
  2. As the request gets successful that means the Email address and Phone number valid than after it redirects to the URL for taking payment.
  3. Once it takes to URL need to open it in webview and just select the payment method and the rest of the things get managed by the payment gateway server.

As we are now aware that to integrate payment gateway some or other plugins are required to complete the integration.

Here, I want you all to know about one of the most amazing plugins of flutter known as the Flutter webview plugin.

If you need an application that has a secure payment flow in your website and you don’t want to implement the same payment functionality for mobile view or an app that can display a web page without opening a device’s browser than all you need is a cool plugin by flutter that allows incorporating with web views into flutter app that makes all the functionalities possible.

As a flutter webview plugin is just like any other widget that can easily incorporate the web view plugin into the app and makes it extremely simple.

WebView(initialUrl: ‘‘)

With javascriptMode parameter you can enable or disable JavaScript in your web view as webview is default disable hence to enable user need to construct webview like:

initialUrl: ‘’,
javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,

A bit of coding is required to integrate payment gateway into the flutter app and it’s done.

Once the payment gets the success it redirects to Thank You screen or anything that is set from the user’s end.

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