Which are the Top 5 Flutter Payment Gateways?

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Summary: Flutter payment gateways integrations play an important role in online shopping or doing any kind of online payment. To build Flutter app payment gateway you will need to know the top 5 Flutter payment gateway integrations mentioned in the blog below:

An integrated secure Flutter payment gateway is a sign of a solid online shopping app. Your business may succeed or fail depending on how well your online shopping app is coupled with a Flutter in-app payment gateway. The reliability, dependability, and loyalty of users can all be improved with the usage of the proper payment site. Online retailers, service providers, and all types of businesses involved in online financial transactions need to integrate mobile apps with payment gateways.

Additionally, it can greatly increase one’s exposure and popularity among both customers and vendors. For Flutter web payment apps, many payment gateways can address all of your issues with online buying. We are here to go into more detail about the top Indian payment gateways for Flutter apps:

The procedure for sending money typically entails:

  • Businesses that support and conduct transactions for the benefit of other parties;
  • Processing facilities that offer merchants services. They can move money between banks;
  • Banks that coordinate card acceptance sites with retailers;
  • Banks that target customers by issuing debit and credit cards.

Paying special attention to payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. They assist in facilitating transactions between customers, businesses, processing facilities, and banks while withholding fees from the financial institutions taking part in the transaction.

Types of Flutter Mobile App Payment Gateways

1. Braintree – Payment gateway integration in Flutter

Braintree - Payment gateway integration in Flutter

Some people believe that Braintree is the world’s best payment gateway. Well-known applications like Airbnb, Uber, and Hotel Tonight utilize the Braintree platform. In 2013 saw PayPal acquire Braintree for around $800 million. In actuality, Braintree has covered practically the entire globe. Its payment gateway services are available in Europe, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, and even farther away from Hong Kong! In other words, you have to reside in one of these places.

Features of the Braintree Application

  • 3D Data security
  • Data Protection from all fraud types
  • PCI Conformity
  • Reports in real-time
  • In-Store Payment Assistance
  • White-Glove assistance
  • Integrations with third parties



Accepts credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal and Venmo. Web Development is necessary.
Web and mobile-friendly checkout screen that is straightforward.
With Braintree, you can open your merchant account, but you can also utilize another one.

Technical Information

  • Let’s now talk about the technical difficulties in mobile app integration with the Braintree payment gateway.

Platforms for supported client SDKs:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web/JavaScript
  • Guides for SDK/Integration (Android platform)
  • Free API

2. Stripe Payment In Flutter

Stripe Payment In Flutter

Global payment gateway platform Stripe makes it simple for businesses and individuals to send and receive payments online. Because it was designed exclusively with developers in mind, utilizing it requires highly developed programming abilities. Because of this, buyers and sellers prefer Stripe as their preferred payment processor. It guarantees several features, including dispute resolution, multiple currency payments, embeddable checkouts, and a proprietary UI toolkit.

In actuality, Stripe wallet API is a part of the world’s payment gateway suppliers. You can see for yourself that it accepts clients from the Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Denmark, Germany, and Spain in addition to the United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, and Canada.

Features of Flutter Stripe:

  • Embeddable Flutter Stripe Checkout
  • Multi-Currency Payments
  • Handling disputes
  • Time of Payment
  • The Custom Stripe UI Toolkit



User-Friendly design  The best aspects of Stripe need to be completely implemented by a developer.
The checkout process can be tailored to match the brand of your website.

Technical Data:

  • It’s time to discuss this payment gateway provider representative’s technical specifics.

Platforms for supported client SDKs:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Guides for SDK/Integration (Android platform)
  • Free API

3. Paypal Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

Paypal Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

Without needing to exchange currencies, PayPal enables you to pay for your preferred goods at millions of online retailers in the US and many other countries. It’s just as simple to keep track of your spending as it is to earn money. The quickest and safest option to consistently pay all of your monthly fees and subscriptions appears to be through PayPal.

Features of PayPal

  • Don’t worry if you forget your wallet; just pay with a password.
  • Multiple payment methods are easily linked
  • By attaching your credit card, choose rewards.

Technical Details:

  • Available on iOS and Android Platforms



PayPal creates many payment methods for customers, such as Venmo and its service for “buy now, pay later.” The breadth of PayPal’s offers makes it challenging to understand them fast.
Accepts various currencies Processing payments can be pricey for little purchases. For instance, using PayPal would cost 74 cents whereas using Stripe might cost 59 cents for a $10 purchase.
Can serve as a payment gateway Flutter or a payment processor.

4. Square Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

Square Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

It can be challenging to choose the best mobile app flutter payment gateway occasionally because there are so many options available. The only viable option, according to other users, is Square Capital. A business plan is an essential part of launching a new company.

In Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, this service is available. The ease of setup is the primary factor in people choosing this option. It is one of the top online payment processors, and setting up an account and using the service only takes a few minutes. Additionally, they are concerned about security and provide comprehensive data encryption, and fraud protection, and alert consumers to any irregularities. The cost for each transaction is 2.9%.

Features of Square Payment Method:

  • Embedded POS software.
  • Recurring billing, card-on-file, and invoicing.
  • Free e-commerce and virtual terminal software
  • Processing of payments offline.
  • The magstripe card reader is free.
  • Several integrations for company management.
  • Chargeback defense.
  • Program CBD.

Technical Details:

  • Available on iOS and Android Platforms



Having the option to create a website using Square from scratch or to use Square Checkout as the payment page for an already-existing website. A lack of international payment choices.
A clear price structure without commitment or cancellation costs. Square probably won’t function for you if you don’t use it or other supported e-commerce websites to host your website.
Selling across channels seamlessly Issues with account stability; reports of cash being frozen
Uncomplicated pricing Only available to Square POS users
POS system that is adaptable and expands with your business Unsuitable for the majority of high-risk industries
Square’s capable POS system facilitates offline sales as well.

5. Authorize.net payment gateway integration

Authorize.net payment gateway integration

One cannot avoid mentioning Authorize.Net when searching for the best online payment gateway Flutter for both small enterprises and ambitious initiatives. You can pay for IT goods, website services, and online purchases via the electronic platform known as Authorize.Net.

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest payment systems with a sizable clientele (more than 250 thousand users). The business accepts customers from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and European nations.

One of the most widely used e-commerce payment systems in North America is Authorize.Net. It is genuinely regarded as the greatest online payment gateway integration in Flutter here.

Features of Authorize.net

  • A hundred or more built-in features: These so-called “features out of the box” are frequently sufficient to meet the most fundamental requirements for a payment process.
  • Billing and Subscriptions: The feature is targeted toward businesses that are growing quickly and require more than just the basic capability. A programmable terminal that adds a physical presence to your online one.
  • The design of business cards and models: The company offers a unique API to make it true.
  • Tackling fraud: The radar feature would be suitable for your fraud prevention efforts.
  • Sigma: The function offers the quickest access possible to your company’s data, which is practically always everywhere at your fingertips!
  • Premium Level Assistance:  Businesses may require more sophisticated, individually tailored Flutter web payment gateway solutions, as well as specialized assistance. And Stripe can provide such a range of services and assistance.



Authorize.net works with a variety of merchant account providers. No matter how much you use it, you’ll pay $25 each month.
A contract is not necessary, and pricing is open and clear. For in-person transactions, Authorize.net doesn’t offer a reliable point-of-sale system.

Technical Information

  • Available for iOS and Android Platforms.

6. Paytm payment gateway integration in Flutter

Paytm payment gateway integration in Flutter

Paytm is one of the most widely used and popular payment gateways. The application runs on an aggregator model enabling multiple merchants to register on the platform. Paytm is highly versatile and is easy to integrate with Flutter apps. The platform supports diverse payment sources and offers high security. Popular brands like Adani Services, Reliance Jio, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, and more use Paytm as a payment gateway. 

Features of Paytm payment gateway

  • Paytm Wallet
  • Payments anywhere
  • Pay Bills
  • Financial Calculators
  • Currency ConverterInternational & Domestic Credit Cards supported: Visa, Master, Maestro, Amex, Discover, and Diners. 
  • Great Customer support
  • Supports 72 currencies
  • Supports multiple eCommerce CMS 

7. CCAvenue Payment Gateway in Flutter

CCAvenue Payment Gateway in Flutter

Another top flutter payment gateway is CCAvenue. CCavenue supports 200+ payment options and 6 credit cards including Amex, JCB, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, and eZeClick. The platform is merchant-centric and supports the native Indian SME industries. Ccavenue payment gateway integration in Flutter is easy with iFrame. 

Features of CCAvenue:

  • Supports 27 major currencies for international transactions.
  • Supports 18 languages, including Indian & international languages
  • PCI DSS-certified security
  • Smart, dynamic routing.
  • Zero-cost digital KYC
  • Multi-network tokenization solution
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows

8. Razorpay Payment In Flutter

Razorpay Payment In Flutter

Founded in 2014, Razorpay is another widely popular payment gateway. The Fintech company received over $200 million in funding. The Razorpay payment gateway integration in Flutter apps is easier as it comes like a plugin. 

Users can make payments in various modes, including net banking, digital wallets, debit/credit cards, etc. It is also one of the most preferred payment gateways for Flutter apps.

Razorpay offers easy integration with instant activation. Users get a dashboard where they can see real-time data. 

Razorpay supports websites like WooCommerce, Magento, CS-Cart, OpenCart, and more. 

Big businesses like Unacademy, UrbanClap, Zoomcar, Groffers, and BookMyShow use the Razorpay payment gateway.

Features of Razorpay:

  • 100+ Payment Methods
  • Superior Checkout Experience
  • Easy Flutter Integrate
  • Instant Settlements
  • In-depth Reporting 
  • UPI AutoPay
  • API Driven
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Security

9. EaseBuzz integrates a Payment Gateway in a Flutter

EaseBuzz integrates a Payment Gateway in a Flutter

The next on our list of top Flutter payment gateways is EaseBuzz. The platform offers an exhaustive cloud-based dashboard with built-in analytical and development tools. The platform is growing rapidly, and it helps people handle complex payment issues. 

Features of EaseBuzz

  • Supports all Domestic Debit cards (Visa, Master, Rupay, and Maestro)
  • Start transactions within 24 hours. 
  • Supports Vendor Payments B2B, Split Payments, Recurring payments for subscription-based business, Application form (CMS) for collection of fees/bills/invoicing amount, and smart payment link solution.

10. Google Pay payment gateway integration in Flutter

Google Pay payment gateway integration in Flutter

One of the most widely used payment gateways currently is Google Pay. NFC-powered GPay is highly versatile and extremely easy to use. With Google Wallet, sending and receiving money using Google Pay is quick and highly secure. The payment app also lets users store gift cards, event tickets, access loyalty programs, etc. 

Google Pay is best for Android users as it comes preinstalled on certain Google-powered phones. GPay is also available for other Android phones and iPhones. 


  • Easy payments with NFC
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Web
  • Highly Secure- substitutes actual card numbers with virtual ones.
  • Cashbacks & rewards
  • Transactions directly through bank accounts.
  • Easy Google Pay integration in Flutter apps 

11. Apple Pay Integration in Flutter Apps

Apple Pay Integration in Flutter Apps

Apple Pay is a convenient and secure payment app for Apple users. The payment app is ideal for hardcore Apple users as it offers Apple Cash (virtual cash) card to send and receive money and an Apple Card for credit purchases. However, Apple Pay allows sending cash to other Apple users only. 


  • Easy NFC-payment system
  • Single-use token system for credit card data security
  • High-reward credit card 
  • Allows Apple Pay integration in Flutter apps.

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As a business, you would want to make sure that your Flutter online shopping app gives users the greatest possible experience so they will keep using it. By integrating a secure and reliable payment gateway platform with your app, you can improve the unique experience by making the checkout process simple.

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1. How many platforms is Flutter compatible with?

Google developed the open-source UI software development kit Flutter. Cross-platform software can be created from a single codebase for Google Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the web.

2. What is needed for the integration of a payment gateway?

Several steps are necessary to create a unique payment gateway: Registration of payment gateway providers. Through your acquiring bank, sign up as a payment gateway provider with one or more credit card companies. banking agreements.

3. Who regulates payment gateways in India?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates the payment gateways, sets policies, and decides the fund transfer limits, offers, and others.

4. Can multiple websites use the same payment gateway?

Yes. It helps to forecast market movement, manage proceeds, and compare more easily by managing all internal accounts with a single user.

5. What are the different types of Payment Gateways?

There are three main types of payment gateways: Redirect: The payment gateway takes customers to a payment processor, like PayPal or Stripe. Hosted (off-site payment): The customer purchases on your website or at your retail location, and the payment information is processed on the provider’s servers. For example, Square POS Self-hosted (on-site payment): The payment transaction happens on local servers.

6. How to add a payment gateway to the website?

First, select a payment gateway provider. Next, sign up for a merchant account and get your API key. Then, add the code to your website.

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