Top Trending Route Optimization Software of 2023

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Top Trending Route Optimization Software of 2023

Quick Summary: Big delivery businesses use route optimization to get your parcel to you in time. Build your own route optimization software as it is preferred by most businesses because it provides you to integrate custom functionalities and provide custom solutions to customers. A route optimization software benefits by providing both time and cost-efficiency with a detailed analysis of the data and automatically planning optimal routes.

In the world of Amazon, delivery businesses have to be more efficient to meet the competition. Customers have high expectations for delivery. They need same-day delivery and are now highly dependent on home-delivery businesses than going out and buying in person.

The route optimization software is a foolproof solution to this. It helps organizations to plan the fastest route for delivery. The software tells you about the distance, stops, shortcut routes, etc. It also offers live GPS tracking for customers and businesses both.

We have curated a list of the top 6 route optimization software for you to make a better decision for your business. Keep reading ahead…

What is Route Optimization?

Route Optimization refers to the process of mapping the best possible route in terms of both cost and speed.

However, with the shortest route, the method also tells about the route’s stops, weather conditions, safety, delivery windows, preferable vehicles on the route, etc. Hence, you get the best route but according to your convenience.

Top 6 Route Optimization Softwares In 2023

Top 6 Route Optimization Softwares In 2023

Here is a list of top route optimizers to look for in 2023. We have aggregated features of route optimization software that are trending as valuable ones:

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  • Import data in form of spreadsheets in one go
  • Create multiple routes easily 
  • Auto-optimize route with Upper planner
  • Take customer signatures digitally 
  • Custom reports for everything
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  • Voice-assisted navigation in the app
  • Real-time route synchronization with delivery data
  • Integrated with Google Maps, Waze, etc. 
  • Plans route for every country in the world 
  • Categorize customers for future use
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  • Schedule routes with drag and drop
  • Employee performance tracking
  • GPS tracking and automated route planning 
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WorkWave Route Manager

  • Adjust route schedules whenever needed 
  • Send routes to drives online and manage everything digitally
  • Drivers can access all the package information on the app for up to 3 days
  • Real-time tracking of drivers
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My RouteOnline
  • Save routes online 
  • Check routes with route animation 
  • Import and export lists from the system as well as cloud storage
  • Plan 1000 deliveries for every run 
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Team RoadWarrior
  • Voice Recognition
  • Access anywhere with internet availability
  • Optimize up to 500 stops every day
  • Create and Assign the fastest routes to drivers 
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What are The Pros and Cons of this Route Optimization Software

Upper Route Planner
  • Easy to use
  • Time is saved for planning routes 
  • Can add multiple stops and still optimize routes
  • Slower optimization
  • App has bugs 
  • Longer routes suggested
  • Gives incorrect driving directions sometimes
  • Cannot adjust planned routes 
  • No integrated navigation
  • Can add multiple locations and seamlessly integrate third-party apps 
  • Available at affordable price 
  • Reporting can be improved 
  • Doesn’t provide a customer database
  • Gives incorrect addresses many a time
  • Can edit or adjust stops
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers customization in routes 
  • Helps to generate ROI quickly
  • Not all the reports can be accessed 
  • It is difficult to configure due to heavy functionalities 
  • Difficult to add new stops to the map
WorkWave Route Manager
  • Automated invoices, fleet and driver management
  • Track everything in one place
  • Customers get real-time updates 
  • There is a separate app for drivers
  • The app lags and hangs sometimes 
  • Users find the premium versions pricey
  • Reports are not 100% analytical, they need to be worked on manually
My RouteOnline
  • Can customize each stop for a better indication
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Great customer support
  • Faulty Google Maps integration
  • Improper optimization of routes 
  • The guides don’t give proper instructions 
Team RoadWarrior
  • Available at reasonable rates
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • A navigation system is good
  • The app gets stuck at times 
  • Routes cannot be changed once sent to mobile 
  • The number of stops is limited to 200 only

Why is Route Optimization Software Important? (Benefits)

Why is Route Optimization Software Important?

1. Reduced Costs

Using Route Optimization Software builds your savings on so many factors. It provides you with optimized routes which save fuel costs. As vehicles do not spend more time on the road, it cuts down on maintenance costs as well.

Without frequent service, the vehicles run for a longer time and you don’t need to replace the vehicles. Also, this software provides you with automated route optimization, monitoring and assigning routes. This saves a lot of manpower hours and investment in employees.

Thus, optimizing the route becomes a cost-effective solution when you are mapping routes through this software.

2. Ensures Safe Routes

A route optimizing software is not only meant to suggest the shortest route but also the safest routes. The software maps the routes that have the least number of turns as driving on multiple turns includes a higher risk of accidents among the drivers.

Additionally, it creates the route by analyzing the weather of the place and the accident history on the road. A driver gets the most optimized route for every address they need to deliver on. Hence, drivers can complete their run safely and quickly.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

With route optimization software, the customer/receiver gets live tracking of their parcel’s location. When a customer can do this, it keeps them relaxed and trusts the delivery service provider.

Also, the software ensures that the parcel is delivered by another driver when one driver faces any issue. For example, if a driver’s vehicle breaks down on the road, the software informs the nearby driver and maps the route for re-routing the delivery by another driver.

4. Boost Drivers’ Confidence

With such software, routes are optimized in such as way that a driver can avoid risks and delays for their deliveries. The software also chips in lunch breaks and rest stops for the drivers so that they can get enough time to freshen up and drive again.

This makes drivers’ work come out to be efficient and boosts their morale. A satisfied driver sticks around in the organization longer giving the business a good reputation.

5. Better Productivity

Route optimization software comes with real-time tracking functionality. With this, the managers and heads of the company track activities of drivers. The software also gives detailed reports for performance analysis.

This gives managers a better reference for informed decision-making. Hence, they can take corrective measures and increase productivity among drivers.

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How to Choose Route Optimization Software?

1. Accessibility

Routing software must be easily accessible anywhere and on multiple devices. Drivers only have access to smartphones on the road. Hence, software that is available on iOS, Android and Web to is preferable.

2. Easy Integration

A routing software contains a lot of data regarding customers, drivers, routes, and deliveries as well. This data helps a lot for future business and marketing decisions. Therefore, software that can be easily integrated with CRM is essential to choose from.

3. Flexibility

A route planning software that gives you the option to map multiple routes as well as make adjustments after that with easy becomes a plus point. This helps to make strategic changes and optimize delivery when any challenges come up in the plan.

4. Pricing Plans

An obvious point is that the price of the software must go with your budget. Costly plans can affect your ROI. You can get affordable software with great features with a little research. Another option is to build your own route optimization software/mobile app by hiring the best app development company. This way, you will invest just once in the software.

5. Data points

Your route-optimizing software should be capable of choosing the best route based on multiple data points including the distance, weather, traffic conditions, number of locations, turns on the road, etc.

6. Reviews

What other users think about the app does matter a lot. Someone who has already used the software can give true reviews. Hence, you must read as many reviews as you can and authorize sources before buying vehicle route planning software.

7. Support

Customer support is vital for such software as they might face technical issues at times. Mostly, this software does not provide support to customers living in different cities, states or countries. This makes the idea of creating your software more attractive.

8. Adaptability

The route-optimizing software you choose must allow managers to customize and categorize their data and routes. They should be able to mark important stops and routes in different colors for their reference and analysis.

9. Accuracy

Information accuracy becomes essential as the software includes a huge amount of data to optimize. Inaccuracy in directions in addresses, timings, or any other data can cause a loss of money to the business. It is advisable to check these things on trial before buying the software.

10. Historic Data Survey

The software should store data and provide multiple numbers based on this historic data. This includes data about drivers, customers, and delivery details. The data tells you about drivers’ performance and decides on the appraisal, it tells you what to market to which customer, who is a frequent buyer, and which routes are the best for cost-reduction and ROI.

Thinking of Build Your Own Route Optimization Software?

Having your own route optimization software gives you an edge over your competitors using third-party software. If you are planning to create a route planning app or software, then we will be the right choice as our team of mobile app developers is well-versed in travel and logistics app development.

Also, if you want to develop third-party apps that can be integrated with routing software, our team has adequate experience in developing tracking apps for both Android and iOS. For any further queries and discussion, you can contact our expert consultant at or here.


1. How is route planning and route optimization different?

The basic difference between route planning and route optimization is that route planning involves listing out top routes according to locations while route optimization includes creating the most cost-effective routes.

2. What are the disadvantages of route optimization?

The main disadvantage of routing optimization is the changing situations in field operations. Weather and traffic conditions as specified might change causing delays and other problems in deliveries.

3. What technology is used in route optimization?

Route optimization softwares use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on a large scale for generating the most effective routes.

4. Which is the easiest route planner?

The most simple route planner is Google Maps. However, it is a route planner app and not a route optimizer.

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