Steps To Bulk – Install Multiple Plug-ins In WordPress Using WP-CLI

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Steps To Bulk – Install Multiple Plug-ins In WordPress Using WP-CLI

If you are willing to know or keen to learn on how to update or bulk-install multiple WordPress plugins than not need to worry as I have prepared a stepwise detail using WP-CLI plugins that help to install multiple plugins from the command-line interface.

Not just this, you will also learn to manage your plugins using WP-CLI, like activate/deactivate plugins, uninstall plugin and update plugin in bulk – all these without login into your WordPress site!

Sounds Amazing Right…!!! Let’s Get Started Than…

WP-CLI In WordPress :

A free open-source project that enables users to manage WordPress site using CLI – Command Line Interface.

WordPress Command Line Interface extremely simplifies a lot of WordPress tasks that include installing WordPress, updating WordPress core, installing WordPress plugin, updating WordPress plugins, and themes and backing up the database.

All these can be done just by typing a few commands in the terminal without even login into your WordPress site. These save a lot of time, and number of errors and increase productivity as well.

Let’s Have A Look At Installation Of WP-CLI In A Cloud Server Or WordPress VPS :

For the users who have already installed WordPress in a VPS – Virtual Private Server, cloud hosting providers like Google cloud and amazon web services or managed cloud hosts like CloudWays can install WP-CLI in their server.

Step 01: With the root server login into your server.

Step 02: Using wget or cURL download the wp-cli. phar .

curl -O

Step 03: Verify the Phar file is working or not and type the following command
PHP wp-cli.phar –info

Step 04: To execute WP-CLI from the command line, only require to type wp.
chmod +x wp-cli.phar

Before that make the WP-CLI file executable and move the same to the bin directory.
sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp

Step 05: Test if WP-CLI is properly executable :

  • Change the working directory to the WordPress installation directory :
    cd /var/www/html
  • Now, run the following command to view the output :
    wp –info

Steps To Bulk Install Multiple Plugins In WordPress Using WP-CLI :

This helps you to learn the bulk installation of multiple plugins in WordPress from the command line interface with WP-CLI.

Basic Plugin Command :

wp plugin install PLUGIN_NAME

Code for Installing Multiple Plugins :


Now, all you have to do is to figure out the correct name of the plugin. Just go through the plugin’s URL and copy the URL slug:

  • Jetpack Plugin URL:
  • Yoast SEO Plugin URL:
  • Single Plugin Installation Code: wp plugin install jetpack
  • For both JetPack and Yoast SEO: wp plugin install jetpack WordPress-SEO

Now, Let’s Move on to the next step for installing and activating multiple plugins in WordPress using WP-CLI :

The plugins installed by WP-CLI are not activated by default. Hence to activate the same plugin after installation appends -activate the command.

Plugins that do not require onboarding configuration like Insert Headers and Footers can be activated from the command line mentioned as below :

wp plugin install insert-headers-and-footers –activate

Management of Bulk-Plugin in WP-CLI WordPress :

WP-CLI can be used for a number of plugin management tasks such as multiple plugin activation, multiple plugin deactivation, updating and delete plugins in bulk, and listing the number of installed plugins.

To view the installed plugins in your WordPress site that include vital information like the current version, plugin’s activation status, and updates if any.

wp plugin list

Multiple Plugins Bulk Update using WP-CLI :

The beneficial application of WP-CLI can bulk-update all installed plugins under the WordPress site and the command for the same is:

wp plugin update –all

Wrap Up:

WordPress WP-CLI

WP-CLI is a great tool that enables the user to execute a huge number of maintenance tasks very efficiently from the command line that saving a lot of valuable time.

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Steps To Bulk – Install Multiple Plug-ins In WordPress Using WP-CLI

Steps To Bulk – Install Multiple Plug-ins In WordPress Using WP-CLI

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