Top 7 Best Document Scanning Apps Of 2024

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Document Scanning

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1. Adobe Scan

2. FineReader PDF

3. CamScanner

4. SwiftScan

5. Genius Scan

6. TurboScan Free

7. Microsoft Lens

With the best document scanning apps of 2024, you can easily digitally save papers on your smartphone. Electronic records are often more environmentally friendly. Physical paperwork is only rarely required in today’s world. The finest document scanning apps can help you migrate to a remote workforce by transforming the material into PDFs that can be stored digitally or online.

However, instead of investing in OCR software and gear, you may just use apps that are easily useful for Android devices to scan documents. This implies you can scan everything from business bills to reimbursements, and the benefit of android document scanning apps would be that they not only make a PDF version but also enable you to modify the document before storing it, ensuring that you only have a duplicate of your papers and the data you require.

Some apps charge a small price for additional services that let you do much more with your scanned files. To assist you in better managing your digital archives, this may involve document editing and management as well as cloud storage.

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1. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

When scanning papers for data information, you’ll almost certainly want to save them in a portable PDF viewer, such as a PDF file. Adobe Scan is a specialized scanning tool from Adobe, the company that invented the PDF file, thus expectations are so high that it will meet the needs of the majority of users.

Adobe Scan is a mobile software that uses your camera to capture a paper check to transform into a PDF file. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

You may rotate, trim, and alter the colors as needed, and there’s a preview option for minimizing the file dimensions. The closest integration with Adobe’s other products, including Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Fill & Sign, is perhaps the biggest benefit of using Adobe Scan.

This implies that the papers you scan can be edited, commented on, acknowledged, and collaborated on in addition to being scanned into PDF format. Even better, Adobe Scan is the best free app for scanning documents to download and use, however, an in-app subscription is required for using additional features of the app.

2. FineReader PDF – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR

FineReader PDF - PDF Document Scanner App + OCR
FineReader PDF – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR

If you’re searching for something more technical, Abbyy’s FineReader PDF is a good option. The software scans text in 193 languages using optical character recognition.

The app, which is available for Android and iOS, allows you to scan both printed and handwritten content using your mobile phone. FineReader supports 12 different file types, including DOCX, PDF, and TXT. The app’s best feature is that it keeps the original document layout.

You also have access to a collection of simple capabilities for adding initials and notes to text. The iOS version of the software also comes with a feature called BookScan, which allows you to quickly convert books. It separates opposing book pages into independent images, eliminating any flaws.

3. CamScanner – Scanner to scan PDF

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF
CamScanner – Scanner to scan PDF

Cam Scanner is an app that turns your smartphone’s camera into a document scanner, as the name suggests. You may scan anything from bills to receipts with it.

Scanned documents are converted to Word documents, which are then immediately posted to cloud services like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive. The software, which is aimed squarely at corporate customers, allows you to contact peers to view and report on scans.

They must, however, have a user account in the first place to do so. An advanced editing function allows you to add comments and tags to papers, letting them appear more presentable. Passcodes can be added to documents for added security.

You can pay monthly or yearly for the Premium Account, and the same is true for the business edition, which offers more choices for team communication.

4. SwiftScan – PDF Document Scanner

SwiftScan - PDF Document Scanner
SwiftScan – PDF Document Scanner

SwiftScan is marketed as a simple and quick solution to create massive scans on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

According to the app’s creator, it is capable of making “hundreds of judgments to correctly capture the document. You can save papers as PDF or JPG files, which you can then upload to a variety of popular cloud services.

iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Amazon Drive, Slack, Todolist, OneDrive, OneNote, and Box are all supported by the software. SwiftScan is available for free on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases available, as is the case with most similar apps.

5. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner
Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

PDF ScannerGenius Scan app is one of the best document scanning apps. It uses intelligent algorithms to detect documents and apply perspective corrections from any angle. The app offers excellent scanning options.

After one scans the doc, they can remove the background, do distortion correction, and share through email. According to privacy concerns, user can protect their files with inbuilt encryption and passwords.

Genius Scan app is free and comes with lots of unique features and advanced security and integrations. To use this service, pay for one time or to get unlimited cloud storage access pay based on monthly charges.

6. TurboScan Free: PDF scanner

TurboScan Free: PDF scanner
TurboScan Free: PDF scanner

Apart from regular scanning, TurboScan PDF scanner is one of the best app available for free. The scanner comes with a helpful utility and enables users to scan things very precisely.

The app scans documents within a few seconds using its elegant features. It’s an ultimate fast scanner that offers accurate straightening documents, eliminates shadows, and detects the edge by setting perfect contrast. Additionally, the app allows automatic document edge detection, one-tap editing, and the ultimate comfort of document scanning.

Convert and save scans as JPG, PNG, and PDF using automatic turbos can app with supporting Android from 4.0 and other iOS devices.

7. Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft Lens
Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is a widely used application that works excellent for scanning receipts, documents, business cards, and more for business and personal use. It allows to scan and upload notes documents and helps in increasing productivity in real-time.

The app is so powerful that it enhances business productivity, captures ideas, and shares with anyone you feel trusted. Additionally, it allows scanning whiteboards in meetings and classrooms with converting them into an editable document.

Microsoft lens scan app offers precise trims, crops, and adding necessary stuff for better understanding. Download and enjoy the fantastic scanning features with the Microsoft lens.

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