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The mobile app development paradigm is seeing a radical shift in recent times. From the masterclass Javascript universe to ultimate frontier Kotlin, everything has been evolving and enlightening. But, a new piece on the board has changed the game of mobile app development for many businesses- “Flutter”

According to Google Trends, there has been a sharp rift between Flutter Vs React Native Vs Xamarin for the cross-platform app development that is functional over different platforms.

So, if you are a startup trying to set up a digital platform for your business with a mobile app or an established business looking to scale up your business process than the first question that comes to mind is what type of app to choose for development.

There are a plethora of app types to choose from if you want a completely native experience for your audiences, you can choose native app development to create OS-specific apps.

If you have a website and want to extend its functionality to mobile devices, you can go for web-apps and if you don’t want to go for android or iOS development separately, you can choose cross-platform app development. Though you can create a hybrid mobile application by combining the web-apps and native apps.

Now then you have selected the type of app you want to develop, let’s concentrate on the technology that you should choose for the development process. Flutter is an amazing framework to build faster cross-platform mobile applications for your business.

What is Flutter?

If you are thinking about flutter mobile app development, then you are on the right track, because it is an open-source Software Development Kit that helps businesses develop native apps with a single codebase. With flutter cross-platform development, you can create dynamic apps for your business.

Backed up by Google and developed through the state-of-the-art innovative developers of Google, it has several integrated widgets for faster app development. Its layered structure helps developers build customized app solutions for businesses with specific requirements.

So, let’s discover ten reasons why you should choose flutter app development for your business?

why you should choose flutter app development for your business?

1. The Langauge Bliss:

Consider a development framework on the merits of programming language. A language that is actually quite familiar among your developers can help reduce coding complexity and make rapid app development come true.

The fact that language familiarity and ease of use among Flutter Vs React Native Vs Xamarin makes the choice better for your app development plan.

2. Reusability:

When you are considering a flutter android development and iOS development separately, the costing, time and other parameters make app development a difficult task. The biggest challenge being the reusability of code across platforms.

With flutter app development, you can create a single code base that can work across platforms without major changes, making it an ideal framework for developing highly portable codebase for cross-platform apps. Another benefit is the programming language of Flutter which is based on Google’s very own programming language called “Dart”.

Flutter leverages the flexible compiler technology of Dart. There are two basic compiler technologies offered by Dart used in flutter app development.

Dart Native:

It helps developers target different devices like mobile, tablets with Dart VM and JIT(Just In Time) compilation through AOT(Ahead Of Time) compile creating machine codes.

Dart Web:

For developers targeting the web, Dart Web helps them with a development time compiler(dartdevc) and a production time compiler.

3. The Web View:

Across all frameworks, flutter is a framework, where every developer was eager to see a web view control. During the 2020 Google IO, it finally launched a web preview version of flutter. Though it is a trial based web view, there are functions of standard flutter app development that you can use for a browser-based development.

Take for example the “Hot Reload” feature that can only be used in the web view through the following code.

webdev serve –auto restart

4. Faster App Development:

With flutter cross-platform development, the coding for different platforms is minimized with a single reusable codebase. Then there is this facility of reusing the single codebase with different plugins to make coding more rapid and easier.

Further, a hot reloading facility from Dart makes flutter a powerful framework for all your rapid coding needs.

5. Testing & Maintenance:

Testing of the app becomes relatively easy with just simple quality assurance, that can help verify all the required functions, features, and codes for a mobile application.

While maintenance of a mobile app over a long time needs extensive programming support from the framework itself and there is no denying to the fact that flutter being a product of Google’s efforts makes it a worthy framework to choose.

Signing Off:

Flutter has seen rapid acceptance among businesses and corporates trying to upscale their business through excellent mobile apps. Apart from the fact that Google has backed flutter app development, the framework itself has gained a reputation of sorts among developers.

So, if you are thinking of flutter cross-platform development for your business, to increase audience reach with excellent feature-rich apps, then you are in the right direction!