Integration of Apple’s HealthKit Data During the Development of a Health & Fitness App for iPhone

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Apple’s HealthKit

A healthkit framework designed by Apple that allows Healthcare and Fitness applications to access, work together and share health data by maintaining privacy and data control of users – is known as HEALTH KIT.

Apple Healthkit API works safely on Apple devices to store, collect, and organize all health-related data. Once the user gives permission, all healthcare apps can easily communicate with the HealthKit store to share and fetch their health data.

Apple Health integration framework gives access to iPhone app developers to utilize various health-related data so that they can create an iPhone app. However, a couple of data can only be shared by the user such as heart-pulse, blood pressure etc.

What are the benefits of Apple HealthKit?

It helps in easy integration with apps. This means users can integrate health-related data to running, cycling, exercise, etc into their fitness app. Healthkit developers can help in building graph-based health records for easy analysis. Several steps can be counted. User can log their data manually into the app.

If you would like to create an app for Healthkit, you can Hire an iPhone app developer. Now, Apple HealthKit focuses only on the iOS platform. So, what about Android users? They also require solutions for their healthcare, True? The good news is Google has introduced an Android Health kit that is known as ‘Google Fit’. Therefore, for Google Fit, you can contact our Health care app development company.

How effective it is to Integrate Healthkit Data while Developing Fitness Apps for iPhone:

Apple has made it easier for the iPhone app developers to Develop fitness apps for iPhone with the Healthkit framework. With some iOS versions, this framework could save information automatically using consistent Bluetooth LE heart rate screens.

To Create or Develop a complete individual health fitness app that includes a variety of tasks such as gathering health & fitness data, storing health & fitness data, enabling social interactions, and analyzing and visualizing the data.

Integrating a Healthkit with health and fitness apps for iPhone, iOS, and watchOS can create an absolute consumer experience. Whenever a user gives access to the app for reading and writing activity data & health towards their health app, the App becomes a valuable data source that can deliver powerful health and fitness solutions.

Apple’s HealthKit can handle unit conversations using the HK unit. In Apple’s Healthkit there are around 60 object types are there hence we can not create our own object type. Each object contains UID, Metadata, and Source data, and also each object type is recognized by the object identifier.

The HealthKit framework is used for storage and retrieving all health-related information with privacy and permission by authorization request with different roles or users.

An In-built Health app consists of 5 things as Medical ID, Dashboard, Manual entry as Datapoint, Health data privacy permissions, and export feature to export the health details. A health kit first filters the gathered data by all third-party health and fitness apps then transfers that data into Apple’s Health App and the app classifies them into above discussed five things.

How Apple Healthkit works?

Here, we have created one tutorial using Swift 4 programming language, IDE – Xcode 9 and iOS 12. Here we have created one fitness app using the Healthkit demo.

Two main features it includes are: How to request permission and fetch data from different devices & How to integrate and display Healthkit data into the iPhone application.

Step 1: Create one application with the name HealthApplication

Create one application with the name HealthApplication

Step 2: Now enable HealthKit by doing the following step.
Project Navigator > Capabilities > HealthKit turn on.

Now enable HealthKit

Step 3: Create an instance class to manage permission and other methods

Create an instance class to manage permission and other methods

Step 4: Need to create a permission block in the instance class for the permission to fetch data from HealthKit

Need to create a permission block

Step 5: Now create a call method from the instance

Now create a call method from the instance

After allowing the permission, we can fetch data. The same way for creating a steps function. We can fetch step data from the HealthKit.

Small requirements for iPhone Apps Developer for fitness app as what needs to build for the best apps:

The basic first thing is that an iPhone app developer must have a sound knowledge of Apple’s Health-oriented software development kits, Care kit, Healthkit, and Research kit. As the apps that share the API of the kits communicate with each other to help the users have relevant data in regards to their health and vice versa third-party APIs need to be integrated with the iPhone app.

Some detailed featured points that an iPhone app developer needs to keep in mind while developing health and fitness apps are the most common and attractive Visual representation of the exercises, Amount of water intake, Different fitness plans for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced, Guidance or communication options with Health and fitness experts, Diet charts, Tracking of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly progress, Calorie counter, Push notifications and Feedback option.

After reading this we all are aware now of what kind of data storage HealthKit stores or tracks in it. Now get brief about the object type and structure for how health data get tracked by user’s activities. All objects can be characteristics or category types or samples and samples further can be quantities.

Quality of data contained by HealthKit:

Apple’s HealthKit has a comprehensive data type, including the user’s gender, Sleep patterns, Body temperature, Blood type, Blood alcohol level, Blood glucose, Heart rate, Workout duration and intensity, Diet, Cycling, and walking activity, and more.

Healthkit encourages the development of apps and gadgets so that sharing all health-related information with each other becomes easy.

HealthKit does not allow sharing any information with other individuals like other applications. It all depends on the permission and privacy of the users. HealthKit permits users to share health information among healthcare providers and other individuals.

Apple’s HealthKit apps give a collaborative approach to building up amazing experiences among users and to build this kind of app hire an iPhone app developer from us:

Health and fitness apps for iPhone

Hire iPhone app developer from us gives you more benefits as below:

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From the time Apple Healthkit data was released, it is very easy to monitor day-to-day health data. By using Healthkit for iPhone devices, we can recover and integrate data with already saved data in the Healthkit store and create a fitness app of our own which saves a lot of time for fetching records.

If you have any ideas or want to know more about react native healthkit, you can contact us to hire healthkit developers. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly with the proper solution.

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