What is ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

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What is ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework - Its Features and Benefits

Summary : In this blog, we will explore the power and scalability of this open-source DotNET framework. You will check how ASP.NET Boilerplate framework will simplify web app development process and enable developers to create robust and versatile applications.

In this growing world of web development, developing robust and scalable applications is a challenging task. Developers often face difficulties in designing apps, data access strategies, and deciding other factors for app development. But, using ASP.NET Boilerplate framework can easily streamline the app development process resulting in focusing more on boosting business.

.NET Boilerplate framework is defined as an open-source application framework developed on Microsoft .NET platform. It delivers a strong foundation and guidelines for creating full-stack web apps.  Hire .NET Developers will give you the best practices, design structures, and ideas to promote code consistency, testability and modularity.

In this blog, we will check the key features and advantages of the DotNET Boilerplate framework. Also, we will see how it simplifies the app development process and enhances productivity.

What is .NET Boilerplate Framework?

.NET, generally referred to as ABP, was initially developed to ease the app development process. However, it has now evolved as an ever growing framework and is now more popular among developers for its scalability and robustness.

.NET is a combination of several high-end technologies and various design patterns like .NET core, Entity framework Core, Domain-Driven Design, Dependency Injection, etc. The integration of technologies helps developers to develop highly modular, versatile and scalable applications that meet the industry standards.

Which are the Modules of .NET Boilerplate?

To Understand the modules of .NET in detail, check out the server-side and client-side individually:


  • It avails project templates for multi-page Applications and Single-page applications.
  • The javascript libraries that are used often are configured and included by default.
  • It also has distinct APIs for certain common tasks like showing notifications and alerts, making AJAX requests, blocking UI, etc.
  • By using a dynamic Web API layer it creates dynamics Javascript proxies. The same eventually call applications services with ease.

Server Side

  • It is based on the new Web API and .NET MVC.
  • Flawlessly implements Domain-Driven Design and layered architecture.
  • It also provides you space to develop compostable & reusable modules.
  • It implements & supports database migrations3

What are the Unique Features of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

Unique Features of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

Check out the features of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework that makes it a unique framework in the market.

1. Modular Infrastructure

.NET Boilerplate empowers a modular infrastructure that allows developers to divide their application in several modules. Every module will possess several features and can be independently developed, tested and deployed. Also, it will be easy for developers to expand the framework by developing customized modules. Here, the developers can prefer to use the Domain driven design (DDD) architecture model to deliver a robust and scalable model to every web application.

2. Entity Framework Integration

The .NET Boilerplate framework will effortlessly integrate with the Entity framework core, delivering efficient and simple ways of interaction with databases and managing data models. Being a robust object-relational mapping (ORM) framework, it makes it easier for web developers to perform with several databases and get common database operations.

3. Authentication and Authorization

Security is the main concern in any web application development process. Hence, .NET Boilerplate framework delivers robust built-in authentication and authorization techniques that enables developers to secure their application seamlessly.

4. Automating Software Development Tools

.NET Boilerplate is not a rapid web app development framework. Hence, the developers cannot use it as an alternative to convention code tools. However, .NET Boilerplate accelerates optimized web app development services by software automation development tools. The developers can prefer a general purpose framework to develop custom web apps by allowing various development tasks. The automation process of web development tasks allows programmers to enhance the quality and maintainability of code.

5. Supports Various Tools and Libraries

The Version 2 of the .NET Boilerplate Framework allows developers to design several modern websites and applications using DotNET Core. Also, it allows developers to work with various web development tools and multiple libraries like JQuery, Redis, Identity Server, AngularJS, and Bower. So, the .NET developers can extend the framework as per their need and integrate the tools widely. They can even accelerate the client-side and server-side app development process using third-party development tools.

What are the Benefits of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

There are various benefits of Boilerplate Framework but the most important benefits are mentioned below:

1. Rapid Application Development

Having the unique pre-built features and integrated tools, .NET Boilerplate framework empowers the development process which results in decreasing the time and effort to build complex web applications.

2. Code Reusability

As the framework follows a modular approach and leveraging existing functionalities, developers can now reuse code across several projects, enhancing productivity and maintaining equal code quality.

3. Performance and Scalability

The DotNET framework promotes the best practices allowing better performance and scalability that makes it suitable for small-scale and large-scale level applications.


ASP.NET Boilerplate framework is a game-changer for web app developers that offers a robust and a well-defined architecture for creating sophisticated web applications. By using this framework, developers can deliver value-added features, resulting in an easy development process. ConcettoLabs is one of the leading .NET development Firm that can help you get customized applications satisfying all your requirements.

Explore the Features of .NET Boilerplate Framework For New Level of Productivity

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