How To Overcome The Main Challenges In Software Testing

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How To Overcome The Main Challenges In Software Testing

Summary: In the whole software development process, software testing has its own unique space. The main aim of software testing is to ensure that developed software is bug-free and meets business requirements. It is a must for QA engineers to understand each project and what needs to be accomplished. However, it is natural to face Software testing challenges in day-to-day tasks. That is why we are here with a list of challenges in the software testing process and how they can be resolved.

Why is It Needed to Run Software Testing on Newly Created Software?

To know about the challenges of testing, let’s first gain knowledge about its importance and its advantages.

  • Increase the trust value of customers: Testing confirms delivering a well-functioning, convenient, and secure application. It improves the brand’s image and professionalism.
  • High Performance: Quick response time, high load speed, and well-enhanced media quickly show up on the screen as your convenient solution for end users. And software testing covers everything.
  • Time and cost-effectiveness: Testing helps you save time and money by avoiding spending extra resources on unexpected bug fixes and maintenance services.
  • Improved development quality: Due to software testing, you will be able to know which features need to be optimized. Also, at any stage of development, it can be analyzed. By doing this, we can prevent issues and bugs from affecting the system.
  • High data safety: Software testing helps you detect software engineering problems in the security system and data leaks.

We at Concetto Labs understand the importance of software testing. That’s why we recommend testing every product before releasing it. However, it is impossible to verify everything 100% because the testers themselves confront various difficulties. We have gathered the most important ones in this article. Let’s go over the main issues that testers have when testing software and how to handle such challenges in software testing without difficulty.

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Here, We Have Divided the Testing Process Into Three Different Terms Where They Face Problems.

Divided the Testing Process Into Three Different Terms Where They Face Problems.

1. Pre-launch: It is possible that while working on the initial stages, testers may lack communication or a well-structured strategy among the team. Soon, this will create problems in software engineering, and because of the communication gap, testers may have to face unwanted situations. To improve this, one must have an understanding of the main goal, allocate responsibilities, and perform the required testing.

2. Pre-release: Before the release, you prepare a new version of your product. Here, you can experience new issues while working on bug fixes. You can match the testing results with the requirements and send them for further improvement. However, you should be prepared in advance of the release.

3. Post-launch: After product release, maintenance, and support are the two main software quality challenges. New issues can get raised, the support team may not perform their assigned task properly, or the user may discover functional flows that you missed before release. All of these end up resulting in extra costs for the company.

Let’s Learn About Challenges in testing web-based Software and Their Solutions.

About Challenges in testing web-based Software and Their Solutions.

1. Unstable Environment

Generally, the QA team faces unstable environment setup issues. This led them to restart the system multiple times, or the server would get stuck while doing testing. To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that the environment you are testing is ready for testing.

2. Tight Deadlines

Most of the time, QA individuals receive requests for testing during the last few minutes. The main reason behind this is that developers take more time to develop the application. Due to the increase in development time, they reduced testing time. However, testing and debugging take almost 50% of development time. Due to a lack of time, testers cannot cover all the test scenarios, which leads to missing a few functional flows. To reduce such problems, testing should start at least three days before release.

3. Forcefully Used Tools

Due to paid subscriptions, companies suggest using tools for the testing process. But tools are not the right choice. By using the same tool, we do not get the opportunity to look for another alternative on the market.

We should always look for other alternatives and upcoming tools. It can help us save time and money, both with quality results.

4. Manual Testing Challenges

The manual testing process is quite popular, but it is very costly and time-consuming. Testers need to perform repetitive tasks. On the other hand, automation testing is the best alternative to reduce the overall testing process’s time. Thus, if you can’t hire more employees for the company, you can choose an Automation Testing Service.

However, there are many challenges in Automation Software Testing as well. Tools are built for a very specific reason. They cannot be as flexible as humans. Manual testing responds better than automation testing during the change in build.

To resolve such , challenges in software testing, one needs both manual and automated test engineers in their company. They should utilize the selected resources as per the needs of the project. If you would like to work with our engineer, then Hire QA Engineer from Concetto Labs for your upcoming project.

5. Friday Releases

All the employees working on the project always look forward to the successful release of the project. From the tester’s point of view, it is almost impossible to release software on the first go. With new issues, it takes time for the developer to resolve them and for the tester to do regression testing. Thus, the best time to release the software is at the start of the week rather than the end (Friday). It will give testers and developers time to manage whatever comes.

6. Wrong Time Estimation for Testing

While making an estimation, sometimes the prediction goes completely wrong, and it takes longer than expected. It should be understandable for everyone that, as developers, QA also doesn’t have 100% assurance about unexpected issues.

7. Testing Documents Created by Others

For testers, it is much easier to create testing documents from scratch rather than using one created by anyone else. Using test cases created by others takes more time to understand and verify.

8. Fixing Issues While Testing in the Process

The testing process cannot be maintained properly if development and testing work simultaneously. It can lead to missing out on important functional flows. Thus, testing should be performed once the first phase of development is completed, and vice versa. It helps in managing test cases and bug reports.

9. Different Time Zone

Communication gaps occur due to time-zone differences. There is no particular solution to this problem. However, to practice it perfectly, one needs to practice time zones consciously.

10. Team Coordination Issues

After COVID, many companies follow full or partial remote work. For companies, it is a bigger challenge in the software development industry to keep everyone on the same page with the same efficiency. While any company works on a specific corporate model, it is very common to have a communication gap. However, by doing one-on-one meetings and using bug tracking tool, one can manage to reduce the communication gap.

11. Last-minute Requirement Changes

It is very common to change the requirements during the mid-sprint of software testing projects. However, this can be frustrating for team members at times. They may need to do regression testing for the whole functionality or project due to minor or major changes. And this can increase the time for testing and the cost for the company.

To reduce this, you can make that change for the next release, or you should have a mutual understanding with the client regarding the extended time for regression testing.


Software Testing should be considered as important as development. It helps in detecting bugs before any release, which improves the quality of both the software and the company. Moreover, it can increase the trust of your client and the targeted audience. Resolving the above challenges in software engineering will not only help testers but also streamline the software development process of any company.

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