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2020 is here, where Flutter beta came out just a year back, and it feels like it has been with us around ages. With Flutter app development, one can build a native application for iOS and Android devices from a single codebase. Currently, the mobile framework can multi-platform UI framework with supporting the web, mobile, desktop, and even embedded devices. Additionally, the mission of the Flutter is to expand building the best framework for developing a beautiful experience for any size and any screens.

Let’s begin with introducing the Flutter

Flutter was first announced by Google I/O in May 2017 with an alpha toolkit, and version 1.0 hit the future product in 2018 named HummingBird. In 2019, Google announced the availability of the Flutter for the Web preview version. Flutter, the Google cross-platform mobile app development, was developed for all developers to give fast development framework to users with an engaging experience. Flutter can render using standard web technologies for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The flutter code is written in Dart language and can embed in the browser with deploying it on any web server.

How to install Flutter

If you’re looking to develop Flutter for the web, you need flutter 1.5 and above. It helps to enable and support targeting the web, including the art compilation to JavaScript. For using Flutter SDK, use flutter_web preview and make sure you have upgraded Flutter to at least v1.5.4, which runs smoothly with a flutter upgrade from your machine.

$ flutter upgrade

Install webdev package that provides built-in tools for flutter web just like

$ flutter packages pub global activate webdev

Ensure using the directory path such as $HOME/.pub-cache/bin

Later you can use webdev command directly from your terminal. Open above path file with running this below-mentioned command $ touch ~/.bash_profile; open ~/.bash_profile

File in the TextEdit; make sure you add all components in your path and save it. Your edit will look like:

flutter SDK:

export PATH=$PATH:[Path to your flutter directory]/flutter/bindart SDK:

export PATH=$PATH:[Path to your flutter directory]/flutter/bin/cache/dart-SDK/binwebdev:

 mac: export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.pub-cache/bin

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Pub\Cache\bin

Linux: $HOME/flutter/.pub-cache/bin

flutter packages pub global run webdev [command]

Let’s move on to know Flutter better with Benefits of using Flutter App Development

Benefits of using Flutter App Development

  • Small UI and Business Logic UI in All platforms

Any cross-platform know that basically, any cross-platform framework provides the best way to share codebase between target platforms. Moreover, Flutter does not need platform-specific UI components to render UI; the only thing it needs is its canvas to draw on.

  • Reduced Code Development Time

Any mid-size Android app test can take 40 sec on average, and sometimes it takes forever to adjust a small change in the layout. Flutter comes with a hot-reload feature that allows seeing the applied changes almost instantly.

  • Increased Time to market speed

Flutter app requires two times fewer men when compared to the same app developed separately for Android and iOS. The reason behind this is you don’t have to waste time writing platform-specific code to achieve the desired visual in your application.

  • Similar to Native App Development

Having excellent UX application performance is crucial, and application build with Flutter in most cases will have better in complex UI animation scenarios. It is built directly into machine code, which eliminates any performance bugs of the clarification process.

Here’s the quick summary of the reasons for the use of Flutter for the Next Project

  • Reduction in number of workflow and tools
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Faster, Near Native App Development
  • High-Fidelity Experience
  • Great UIs
  • Greater Control over Release Cycles
  • Single Efforts to build apps for iOS and Android
  • Stateful Hot Reload

Pros and cons of the Flutter App Development

Pros of Flutter App Development

  • Less Code
  • Suitable for MVP
  • Faster Prototyping
  • Developing Android and iOS Apps Parallelly
  • Widgets

Cons of Flutter App Development

  • An application cannot be minor than 4MB
  • Only used with Mobile usage and not support web browsers
  • New and Unstable Tool
  • Limitation in Libraries

Some of the popular apps build with Flutter Cross-Platform Development

  • Flutter- Google Cross-Platform Mobile App Development has helped to create a lot of apps and has helped start-ups to grow globally. Have a look at a few of the most popular mobile development flutter apps.
  • Alibaba: One of the popular eCommerce app flutter websites is Alibaba, but still, the company hires Flutter Developers to increase user satisfaction and help to make changes into a mobile app to facilitate global transactions.
  • Google Ads: Using Flutter a bunch of application was created by Google, which completely changed the old version of Google Ads Platform. The new app provides real-time alerts and adds several new features due to the flutter framework.
  • Hamilton Musical: This Hamilton Musical is an official mobile development flutter app used to upload daily videos, information, daily news, and more.
  • Birch Finance: This flutter android development helps to manage your credit cards and from which you can earn rewards points. The flutter app development is an application that analyzes user rewards points and spending, along with making it understand how it can utilize better.
  • Reflectly: The application power by AI, ensure that it helps users to decide everyday task by asking them about what they can do each day. The app does not have an insight dashboard which provides detail statics into user’s personal life.

The mystery behind Flutter success in developing cross between platforms

Flutter app development services help users to build a two-dimensional mobile app. Users can develop full-featured apps that support cameras, networks, Geo-location, and more. If you’re looking to launch an impressive design, then you require a cross-platform framework like Flutter. Flutter, a reputed app developing services, helps to offer streamline development processes according to the requirements.

How to hire Flutter App Developers?

After studying the Flutter and its basic features & functionality, it’s pretty much clear that hiring flutter developers can help in developing eCommerce app flutter, taxi app flutter development, and growing business with ease. We are one of the best Flutter cross-platform development company offers genuine developers on all platforms.

Ending Thoughts

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app for your company, Flutter is a great option to develop apps using cross-platform, high-performance apps, and easy to create apps using Flutter. Flutter comes with easy to build an application with carefully hire Flutter developers. Moreover, Flutter will bring great opportunity for all smaller to a larger organization with having visibility for both iOS and Android devices without hurting their pockets much.


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