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In Today’s Article, we went to discuss in detail how Flutter is providing uncountable advantages to build native iOS and Android applications. If you are reading this first time than the most common questionaries is that What is Flutter? No worries, I have discussed this in-depth into my earlier blog

An introduction to Flutter app development with expertise flutter developers

Let me give you a short brief about Flutter. An Open Source From Google which is developed to enable a mobile UI framework that helps to build native iOS and Android applications with a single codebase known as Flutter.

The best Selling point of Flutter is a single codebase for both iOS and Android applications. In Flutter app development developer need to write code only once for both apps and fresher mobile developer who doesn’t have prior experience in mobile app development can also start building iOS and Android app with Flutter.

The Aim behind Flutter creation is to help developers, more improvements towards the application’s quality, speed, attractive design in order to connect more users. Flutter is supported by different IDEs like VS Code, Android Studio, and IntelliJ.

Why Flutter is best for Mobile APP Development?

Flutter provides Flexible UI, Modern, reactive Framework, Native performance, and Fast Development and another important thing is that Flutter is highly customizable which help developer to make customized applications.

1. Flexible UI:

Flutter developer can provide UI experience that majorly focuses on native and ends user experience.

2. Modern, reactive Framework:

Flutter includes a rich set of platforms, foundation widgets, layouts, powerful and flexible APIs for animations, gestures, effects and a lot more.

3. Native Performance:

Flutter integrates the difference between iOS and Android platforms such as fonts, navigation, icons to make sure that the user can get the full native experience on both iOS and Android platforms.

4. Fast Development:

Hot Reload feature by Flutter helps to design UIs faster, build features quickly and also enable swift bug fixes.
With some super helpful tool, an application can be built within recorded time.

5. Highly Customisable:

Without the limitation of OEM widget sets, highly customizable and brand-driven UIs can be developed.

High-Speed App on each platform with the Dart development language:

A Client-optimised language with flexible tooling and powerful framework is Dart. Dart is known as Flutter’s programming language which is used to create critical and high-quality applications for iOS, Android and the Web. By the introduction of the Flutter framework, Dart language gained popularity in the IT market.

Dart is well suited to reactive programming and also supports serial programming through Powerful APIs and language features. To learn the Dart Dev Tool.

Flutter – The Game Changer for cross-platform Application for iOS and Android:


A new game-changer that has taken place in the market is Google’s Flutter which is a google cross-platform mobile app development framework. Flutter increases the developer’s productivity as if any change occurs than any developer has to re-build the app again to cross-check the behavior in the simulator as well as in the device.

For example, if developers trying to develop Quiz App for Android and IOS with Flutter or Mobile Apps With Flutter and Google Maps than the developer must need to cross-verify Quiz App and Map feature multiple times into simulator and device both to deliver the best app.

The key advantage of the Flutter framework is that it has a shorter testing phase which means in-built testing support. Flutter doesn’t require any testing plug-ins or tools. App development is tiring and stressful. An app developer has to make many versions of the product to deliver it across different platforms.

An advantage with Flutter is that the app developer has to write the code only once as Flutter is an Ahead of Time compiled compare to other native app frameworks as they are just-in-time compiled.

Building an app in a short time is now possible with Flutter, which is a fast app builder, provides smart UI, has customization features and is less costly within a limited budget.