Developing On-Demand ‘Mover n Packers’ App like Uber Movers

5 Must to be Taken Care Features while Developing On-Demand ‘Mover n Packers’ App like Uber Movers

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5 Must to be Taken Care Features while Developing On-Demand ‘Mover n Packers’ App like Uber Movers

Peeping into a few years back, though there were mobiles trending, mobile apps were more limited towards messaging and gaming, but a year or two year back scenario depicts a different story in all. on-demand apps that can be for Food or say Cab Booking or for Salon or for the Guard booking app for the event, anything, and everything can be covered in the app itself.

UBER is considered more of a BRAND instead of just an app to book the cab. It has widespread its scope beyond the app in various fields across the globe. Along with the services of moving humans from one destination to another, not just limiting to that, Uber is even into Movers and Packers, namely Uber Movers.

According to the report, “UberMovers provides free and professional moving services for up to ½ an hour for students in Atlanta between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays only”. Similar moving services, it provides in Nashville even. Eventually, it is spreading its wings further too. Are you the one providing similar on-demand services and wish to have an on demand app like UBER Movers, then let me help you out to conclude Uber Movers feature listing, that is to be a must in your app.

Top 5 Must-Have Features in Movers and Packers Mobile App

Top 5 Must-Have Features in Movers and Packers Mobile App

Referring few of the best on-demand clone apps and brainstorming to their business, below is the list mentioned of the app features, that are undoubted to be added in the app, more are that can be there are even suggested further. May there be a house switching in the lane or a nearer area, movers and packers are these days a quick pick for moving services.

1. List of Service Providers

Let many of the movers and packers add to the list, or else if you are the firm add all the names of the employees in the list and let the service seeker pick the one based on the ratings, reviews, or recommendations. Any can be the best pick, the choice is the end-users should be satisfied.

2. Scheduling or Booking

Mention the requirements and entering the location and picking up the service provider, all that, and the booking or scheduling of the service. Future booking in layman’s terms helps to get rid of the worry at times of hurry.


3. Live Location Tracking

The feature that is way advantageous to monitor the position of the vehicle traveling along with the goods. The real-time location tracker lets the user/customer and admin keep an eye on the moment and know how long it will take to reach the destination, away helpful for security purposes.

4. Fare Calculator

Moving Services company focuses on this as a core, as while payment or invoice generation, it needs to take care of each aspect. The fare inclusive of the type of vehicle, distance, the weight of goods, tariff, and other aspects are summed and then it needs to generate, while this all are covered in the app, it eases the woes of service providers as well as the customer.  

5. Payment Management

This includes the payroll of movers and packers and even that of the customer payment, so the digital wallets and QR code scans lead helpful for quick payment and even management of all the transaction history so far.

The above list can be considered as not to be missed feature listing, further are optional.

Add-ons or Suggested Features

  • Communication or chat with the driver in case of need
  • Multilingual support
  • Payment gateway integration for digital money transfer
  • Time tracker that tends in helping the service quality

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Ending Up

In the rage of blockchain and bitcoin, on-demand app services withstand their individual spaces in the digital and technology era. Being an On-Demand App Development Company, we have come forth many of the challenging on-demand apps concepts and have successfully accomplished them by deep-diving into the concept and understanding the objectives. Our tech entrepreneurs make sure to craft an app that suits the services with the best of the features integrated to serve the max to the end-users.


5 Must to be Taken Care Features while Developing On-Demand ‘Mover n Packers’ App like Uber Movers

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