The Trend Of Laravel Application Development Will Never End!

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The Trend Of Laravel Application Development Will Never End!

We all can say that PHP is considered a “Low-barrier-to-entry” programming language. Though there are many arguments against it. But it is still among the list of top 10 most used programming languages all over the world. Also, it is the most popular language for making clean, fast, and reliable Laravel application development. And, we are the ones who can be a great partner as a PHP development company.

Nowadays, people don’t start working with any software development quickly. Only by knowing the core of the programming language, they don’t start. They took part in gaining some frameworks and library work. Because they are designed as the more basic structure of any app development. If we talk about the web project built on PHP. Then, Laravel is the most preferable framework for web app development. Through this article, we will get some detailed knowledge. And, know how Laravel development services work. and trends. Added, we will check out the key features as well.

What are the key features of Laravel?

In 2020, Laravel came up with a new recognition which can be said as the entire ecosystem developed on PHP. Yes, it is not only a simple, reliable, and popular PHP framework. We can consider it as a whole ecosystem. It was developed in 2011 and declared as open-source. Also, considerably established with the consideration of MVC architecture. It is known for authentication, routing, caching, and many other tasks. One can create different layouts, unit testing, and Bcrypt hashing using Laravel.

Let’s have some insights into the salient features of Laravel

Let’s have some insights on the salient features of Laravel:

  • You get MVC support
  • High-security level
  • Object-oriented library
  • It is a Simple Restful routing process
  • Async queue existence for performing long-term tasks
  • Consistent updates
  • Flawless database migration
  • Effective third-party integration

Laravel Development Trends

We all know that web app development is shaped in a smooth and complete process. The syntax of the Laravel framework comes out as an elegant and expressive one. Now, let’s see where our hire Laravel development services can be used.

1. Businesses Requiring Enterprise-Level Apps: This includes healthcare, media, eCommerce, and others. All get heavy traffic on their web pages. They need high data processing. Here, Laravel fulfills this need effectively in comparison with other PHP frameworks. It has been possible due to service containers, backed-in systems, even broadcasting, and much more.

2. Growing Business: Laravel has microservices architecture. Thus, it is good for small and medium-sized businesses’ scalability. Thus, it is possible to create a website pursuing immediate amendments.

3. IoT infrastructure: Yes, PHP and IoT have a future together. Many PHP development companies are aware of this potential framework. And, in the upcoming years, it is going to happen for sure.

4. Pre-Built Apps: Currently, time and money both matter the most when you create web apps. So, the good news is, Laravel has introduced many pre-built apps. If you are in need to create a very similar kind of app. Use the templated from the Laravel website.

5. Outsourcing and Outstanding: We have seen many companies be outsourced. And, PHP development is not an exception. We all know that the global outsourcing market is developing. Thus, we cannot deny that Laravel is going to get a huge attraction.

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6. Backend Data management: This includes content-oriented app development and CRM platforms. There are two paths: either create one from the base and ensure scalability. And, the other is to use the Laravel framework integration with existing CMS.

7. Start-ups and Beginners: Being a young web application developer. Laravel seems to be an accessible, quick, powerful, and comprehensible framework. It has a huge development community. You can get free tutorials and handy tools to educate and get comfortable with Laravel. Let’s say, Vapor, Spark, Valet, Lumen, etc.

8. Apps Presupposing Microservice Architecture: When it comes to eCommerce, We mention Microservice architecture. It generally includes several functioning modules. Later, make up a single app with high performance and scalability. All can reach through the built-in Lumen Framework.

9. High-Level Security App: As we discussed, Laravel is a highly secure framework. It does what it claims. We all are aware of the predominant feature of any app, which is security. And, with help of secret words, arranged SQL, and Bcrypt hashing calculation we can do it.

10. Serverless Deployment: Laravel is the platform that allows serverless deployment. By using Vapor, it is possible to create, manage, scale, and restore databases. All happens from the in-built dashboard.

Does it provide any extra support for the Testing environment?

Yes, it enables an automated testing environment. To get highly accurate results compared to manual testing. Every developer wants to ensure the standards of the application they have developed. They want it to be glitch and bug-free. Here, the ultimate goal is to deliver the best.

Now, Laravel is built in a way to support testing. It helps with testing with PHPUnit and phpunit.xml files for your application. This framework also supports several important helper methods. It is aimed at testing your web applications.


Laravel is a simple framework to create an application with Laravel. The code is very easily stable and straightforward. Don’t forget to consider Laravel for your next PHP application development. For more detailed information and to start with your app, do connect with us at Concetto Labs. Hire PHP developer from the topmost Laravel development company.

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