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Undoubtedly, technology makes education and learning more meaningful yet fun. It not only plays a vital role in thriving students and teachers but access to the multiple online tools encourages the creativity of the students. And amidst the coronavirus pandemic where remote teaching was the only source for educating students, these tools act as blessings. Earlier, a lot of people use Microsoft office 365 as a tool for email but they fail to get the most out of office 365.

The Microsoft office 365 education helps you to achieve better learning outcomes for students and allows teachers more time to engage with students. With the tool combined with Microsoft’s attractive licensing option; you can save up to 70% of your institution’s cost compared to other education products.

This blog focuses to walk through some key benefits of how ms 365 solution and cloud can empower education seamlessly.

Why should you use Microsoft office 365 for education?

Whether it’s a small school or a large university, office 365 benefits students of all age groups in a range of different educational environments. Let’s find out some key benefits of m365 that transform the way students learn and engage.

Cloud-based access and storage

Since office 365 education is a cloud-based app, teachers and students don’t need to own it rather they subscribe to it. With this, students and educators can afford to scale up the app as and when needed. Cloud-storage makes it easier for educators and students to access data remotely and get unlimited space for storing essential data. This eliminates the need to have an in-house server for educators and thus makes it easier to store, retrieve and access data.

Furthermore, data stored in the cloud is protected by advanced encryption which ensures the safety of the stored data.

Improved classroom experience and student’s outcome

Empowered with a huge range of features, Microsoft office 365 is equipped with smart features, tools, and resources. It not only help educators to deliver immersive learning experience but also motivates and engage students at the highest level. Withholding innovative and creative tools including 3D design, data visualization, and more allow students to be more creative and use their artistic flair in learning. This unlocked creativity helps them to be more immersed in learning.

In a busy going life where collaboration is the key, Microsoft 365 makes it simple through its intelligent Microsoft team feature. It helps students to stay connected with the teachers and collaborate to enhance the classroom experience. It also invites multiple users and teams to collaborate on the same work, share their ideas and work together effectively and practically. 

Streamlines process for your staff and keeps all your users secure

Microsoft office 365 includes a universal toolkit that aids your staff by simplifying the process and work more smoothly and strategically. Microsoft 365 allow staff members to monitor and manage all students, their device and data from a single dashboard. The suite also provides you with multiple tools needed to keep your data and network safe and secured and avoids unwanted guests, threats, and attacks.

Bundled with Windows 10, it offers exceptional speed and thus scales up your class productivity apart from security and usability benefits.


Though there are multiple Microsoft learning apps available in the market, some task calls for individual work while some for collaboration. And, this is easy with office 365. Office 365 education in India allows information to be stored and shared in the cloud. It simply means that multiple students from the different devices would be able to access the document simultaneously.

Though there are multiple alternative products to office 365 available in the market still it remains a constant choice for the education sector. The reason behind this is it offers all the necessary solutions and options a school or university may need to enhance the learning experience. After all, why settle down for a standard presentation format when office 365 education has soo much to offer?

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Saves your organization money

Microsoft not only saves the money of your teaching staff by improving the processes but also saves time in the implementation process. With abundant amazing features, products, and functionalities tied together in easy-to-implement packages, it saves the time of your IT staff in negotiating for the software licensing multiple times. So, instead of purchasing the license for every service, they can focus on their task.

Security and Data control

Another benefit of using Office 365 for education is its strong built-in security and data control system that help students and teachers to keep their data safe and secured. Microsoft monitors their software 24/7 by using anti-malware so that any threats or bugs cannot compromise with the user data.

It also enables teachers to organize educational material and distribute it amongst the students by setting up control features for the material. Thus, the access is secured and restricted to limited people.

For instance:

If a teacher is creating a test for the students using SharePoint, they can set-up the data control or the privacy features of the file where students can just read the content and cannot share it.

So, what’s next?

So, if your school or university is considering moving towards cloud-based services with Microsoft office 365, then the team at Concetto labs is here to top support you with this change by implementing a solution that will back your vision. Contact us now to know more.

Why moving to Microsoft office 365 for Education is the Smart Move for Universities?

Microsoft office 365 education helps you to achieve better learning outcomes for students and allows teachers more time to engage with students.

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