Untold Tips For Fitness Application Development in 2023

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Untold Tips For Fitness Application Development in 2022

Google Health service was initiated by Google in 2008. It was so unpopular that the company abandoned the project. Health wasn’t a popular topic back then, but today Fitness apps are all the rage. People are paying better attention to their well-being. Fitness and gym app has become almost a staple in every smartphone. And Covid has accelerated the trend further. With lesser access to gyms, people are relying more on digital mediums.

The fitness app market has the potential to grow by $3.5 billion by 2025. An application for fitness is a great startup idea for people having expertise in the field. So, if you are also pondering, “how to create a fitness app?” Look no further, and learn about fitness application development today.

How Do We Develop Fitness Applications For You

Develop Fitness Applications

Let’s start with these basic steps to create a fitness app

1. Market Research

Start with the market research on the kind of fitness product you want to build. Try knowing your target audience and the devices that users are most likely to use. Decide the platforms you need to cover.

2. Prototyping & User Testing

This means bringing an agency with UX/UI expertise. This step aims to turn your Fitness app ideas into the first meaningful form. A prototype can be a functional version of the application. Later, it is tested with users to check that app is working the way it should work.

3. Selection Of Tech Stack

You can select from various, for example, cross-platform, native apps, and many more. Tech stack affects the cost of application development and may impose limitations on your product’s capabilities.

4. Build, Test And Repeat

Finally comes the coding part preparing sprints with tasks, testing, reporting, and sharing feedback.

5. Release And Maintain

This step seems like sitting back and relaxing, right? No, to grow your product, you need to continuously watch user reviews and feedback. Keep adjusting existing features according to feedback and introduce new ones.

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If you’re already thinking to build a fitness app, let’s get familiar with the types of apps you can build. There are a plethora of smartphone apps out there to address every issue. It’s up to you what kind of application you want to build.

Types Of Fitness Apps That Can Help Your Business

Types Of Fitness Apps That Can Help Your Business

There are many types of fitness applications that we can develop for you. Some of the top applications are,

1. Exercise And Workout Apps

Workout apps are massively popular among novices as well as experienced. These apps account for 73 percent of fitness applications. It’s good to focus on ease of use in these apps. Categorizing exercise apps according to type is a good idea. You can provide video demonstrations and audio guidance for exercises. Some are giving freedom to people to choose from various plans, instructions, and duration. At the same time, others like Fitmo are the right choice for the ones looking for more individual approaches. Bringing personal trainers at the touch of your hands.

2. Fitness Tracking App

These are used by users to collect data on their daily activities. These include steps taken, distances traveled, pace maintained, and stairs taken. This also helps in keeping track of your exercise routine. Some apps also provide features to calculate calories burned. Synchronization with wearables is must needed feature for these tracking applications.

3. Nutrition And Diet Apps

Statistica survey shows that 26 percent of people aged between 18 to 29 years use apps to track nutrition. These apps are generally used by users to lose or gain weight through special diet plans. Core features of nutrition apps include calorie counting, food logging, and providing a database of nutrition information. These also give recommendations to users accordingly. Applications like HealthifyMe also connect their users with professionals for a more personalized touch.

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Latest Technologies Which You Must Have In Your Fitness Application

Moving on to the latest and upcoming technologies in trend in fitness application development. Some of these trends are.

1. Virtual Reality(VR) And Augmented Reality(AR)

With the advent of AI and VR/AR technologies, the possibilities are seamless. Fitness apps can also take advantage of these. AR can integrate digital content with real surroundings, enhancing the personal experience.

2. Streaming Services

Digital trainer apps are ready to take our lives by storm with the integration of in-app streaming services. Users can watch the training at their convenience rather than fix schedules.

3. Social Sharing And Geolocation

You can make use of social sharing with geolocation as a feature in your app. It will improve the user experience.

Now, we will find out basic Fitness app features necessary for any app to make it popular-

4. User Profile

This is one of the most important fitness app features. Here users personalize their experience by adding weight, age, activity level, and other parameters. Some profile-related things to take into account while creating a wellness app.

  • Dietary preferences
  • Before and after photos for tracking progress
  • Dashboard for achievements
  • Ability to track goals

5. Settings

This is needed to make your app customizable. The settings menu should be consistent and simple but comprehensive. It makes your app easy to use for the customer.

6. Notifications

You need to remind users about their training sessions or simply about water intake. Notifications are also used to users about new services, discounts, and offers. Use these tips for your notifications:

  • Allow users to micromanage notifications
  • Keep a log with notifications in the settings to track achievements
  • Enable users to start the activity from notifications
  • Think out of the box like daily motivational quotes

7. Integration With Other Devices

Your app should be able to connect to as many trackers as possible to support wearables. You can use Google kit or Apple’s Healthkit for storage. These days smartwatches are becoming an important device for fitness enthusiasts.

8. Setting Targets

All fitness applications need a feature of setting targets. Exercise apps need to have targets for workouts. While “tracking apps” need to have targets like the number of steps or hours of sleep. For diet apps, it can be calorie limits or kilograms lost.

The global fitness app market is growing, but so is the competition to provide the best service. Are you looking for the answer to the question “How to develop a fitness app?” Look no further. Here are some tips and ideas-

9. Show Your Expertise

Upload content that educates users and also helps build trust. You can share your experience. Add some health-related news and recommendations. Think about the interests of your target audience and the questions they have. In-app blogs with articles and videos help to show your expertise.

10. Make Your App Fun To Use

To develop a fitness app that users find interesting, gamification can be the key. Elements like leaderboards and quests can help you with it. Gamification gives users motivation to exercise through competition and rewards. It helps to retain and engage the audience. You can get inspiration from Zombies, Run!

11. Create A Community

Put in a feature for users to add friends and family. Support from fellow users will motivate them. Community features let people share their experiences with the ones with the same interests and goals.

12. Let’s Not Forget The Beginners

Though many people interested in fitness apps are complete beginners, still, some of the applications don’t provide videos to show how to perform exercises. Beginners need proper guidance on how to exercise properly.


Maybe you are looking to build a new business with a fitness app. It might be an idea for your final year project. Health and fitness mobile app development in both cases follows the same difficult process. This article is curated to answer all your questions related to “how to make a fitness app.” We at Concetto labs will provide you assistance at each step of your fitness app development. With our extensive experience in web app development, you will always have the edge over your competitors.

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