Top 10 Best Prank Apps to Fool Your Friends

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10 Best Prank Apps to Fool Your Friends

You might have downloaded games to have some pastime with your friends. We always try to find entertainment sources to do something different and pranking someone is one of the funniest ways to spend your pastime while also enjoying that time with your friends. With the development of more prank apps, some of the top ways to do mischievous jokes include sending prank messages for friends, online prank calling, etc.

With the latest generation, your best prank apps/prank texting & prank calling apps should also catch up with the times. Thus, to give you a new idea on how to prank people and make a fool of your friends easily, we are here! Yes, throughout a different kind of application, these pranking friend’s ideas mobile apps can help you to enjoy the moment of jokes.

Funny Prank Apps: What are They?

Think of some prank you would do with your friends or cousins. It might require a lot of effort to put the prank together by yourself. Hence, prank apps come into the picture. You can now do pranks with the help of technology. There are hundreds of funny prank apps to download in a matter of seconds. You can create fake calls, fake photos, and more with these apps. Let’s look at what apps have pulled the best phone pranks.

Here are a few of the best prank applications to help you pull off some great stunts.

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1. Crack up at a cracked phone

2. Dude, your Car!

3. PRANK DIAL – Prank Call App

4. The Prank App

5. Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises

6. Crack & Break It!

7. Voice Changer – Voice Editor autotune audio effect

8. The Modern Prank Dial

9. Litstick – Best Stickers App

10. Ifart, You fart, It’s funny

1. Crack up at a cracked phone

Crack up at a cracked phone

Download: Crackup at a cracked phone Android | iOS App Now!

How much it is terrifying if you see your phone is plugged into the concrete? What will be your reaction? And, think how much you can scar people by doing such kinds of pranks. To make it possible, we provide an application through which, people can edit any image and dd scratches and cracks to fool people into believing them the screen is trashed.

2. “Dude, your Car!”

Dude, your Car!


Download: Dude, your Car! Android | iOS App Now!

This is one of the best prank apps for android and iOS that allows you to edit the image of your friend’s car. You can scare them by making scratches and crashes over the image and sharing it with them, it will force them to believe in trashes and you can enjoy the moment of making them fool.

3. PRANK DIAL – Prank Call App

Prank Dial

Download: PrankDial Android | iOS App Now!

It is the best prank-calling apps that would never get old. It is an app that is used to prank your friends by making a prank call. The free pranking apps prerecord the script and make the prank call to your friends. The app makes to record 150 scripts, and you get to use prank pre recorded. You can record 2 scripts a day. Save the friend’s reaction when you use this prank dial app and have fun storing it for future memories.

4. The Prank App

The Prank App

Download: The Prank iOS App Now!

The prank phone apps offer all-in-one solutions for your pranking requirements. Users can make more than 10 prank calls using inbuilt features. If we look into different fake calling applications, then it adds up sound noises and more. Moving on with the best free prank call app

it’s one best replicate apps that adds noises like an air horn, police siren, and electric razor whenever you need to play. Furthermore, it adds up a lie detector feature, where a person puts a figure on the screen and detects the lie. It’s one best prank apps for Android 2023.

5. Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises

Fart Sounds App

Download: Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises iOS App Now!

It’s one best iPhone prank apps consisting of a soundboard comprising fart sounds and annoying noises. The user needs to play the sound by tapping the button. It also adds motion detection sound where the app uses an accelerometer to detect when someone moves, and it plays sound. Select the sound and delay the trigger, place your device near your friend, and walk away. In 30 seconds, the sound will play. It’s one of the best apps to mess with friends and have fun.

6. Crack & Break It!

Crack & Break It!

Download: Crack & Break It! iOS App Now!

It is one best prankster app that plays a soundboard with a sound like glass shattering, glass blocks, bottles, bulbs, balloons, and more. The application comes with an interface that adds a tap-in button. Users have to tap to break and shatter along with adding realistic audio. If you’re using an iPhone, then tap on the prank app to tease your friend. The window-breaking or glass-dropped sound will make your friend think it was their mistake.

7. Voice Changer – Voice Editor autotune audio effect

Voice Changer App

Download: Voice Changer Android App Now!

The voice changer app is one of the good pranks apps that allows modifying the voice. By using the voice changer app, users can record themselves saying anything and then apply any filter they want to the add-in. The app makes your voice sound more masculine and feminine, customizing from low fast, low slow, or higher voice change. The recording can be saved in the application and can be accessed anytime.

8. The Modern Prank Dial

If you want to make fun through the fake call then you don’t need to do it through the called directory you have on your phone. Get the best prank call ideas with such apps and you will not have to spend hours thinking on your pranking plans. This is the prank calling app. You can fool your friends through the “ PrankDial” application which allows you to make an automatic call through the application with more than 150 scenarios. You just have to sit and listen to the whole process. If you want to create the prank phone call app for Android and the Prank phone call app for iOS then we can help you the best. 

9. Litstick – Best Stickers App

Text Replacement

Download: Litstick – Best Stickers App iOS App Now!

You don’t need any application to learn how to prank text someone. It can be possible through the phone setting. If you get your friend’s phone then go to the Settings > General > Keyboard > Text replacement. You will find here the words that your friend generally uses during the conversation. So do some changes wisely and enjoy the hilarious conversation after it.

10. Ifart, You fart, It’s funny

Ifart, You fart, It’s funny

Download: Ifart, You fart, It’s funny iOS App Now!

To make fun of the fart is very common and everyone enjoys it well also. Here, we will do something unique. We will do it through just a mobile application. Download “ifart” and there you can find the best feature ever is “sneak attack” fart timer. You can schedule a sweet fart and hide your phone by someone’s chair and then go with the flow 😀

Wrapping UP:

If you are also one of them to make your friend fool or you want to create your own best prank apps then we will be the right choice for you. Prank app development can be tricky as the boundaries have to be made for users or the pranks might hurt someone too. 

Contact Concetto Labs today to have some unique ideas for your prank apps. We have the best prank app developers on our team who can implement the customization you want in your prank app development.

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